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HELLO! Am I the only one who loves these types of lists? Maybe I just love making them. If you know me whether in person or on the internet, you know I LOVE LISTS!! I keep lists for EVERYTHING! That includes what is premiering and ending. I am constantly updating and making new lists. So, this week and next week, I am going to give you the list for some of the dramas I am looking forward to in 2022. This week will be every country except for Korea and next week will be Kdramas.

Now for the list of the Non-Korean Dramas of 2022 that I am looking forward too, there are two things about this list. ONE, if I mentioned the drama here on my anticipated non-Korean dramas for the 2nd half of 2021 and it did not premiere in 2021, I am not going to mention it again on this list. I am still looking forward to those dramas, but I don't want to repeat it. You can look at that list and know which ones premiered before the end of 2021 and which ones did not. TWO, this list needs to end at some point. Just know I am looking forward to WAY MORE than what is on this list. I just had to cut it off at some point. This list is in no particular order. Some dramas will have posters and teasers, and some will not. All of the dramas on this list are rumored to air in 2022 but as you can see from the list linked on this page YOU JUST NEVER KNOW! Maybe I should start a post for the new year and look back on these lists...ANYWAY.


I think a lot of people are looking forward to this Chinese drama. I mean just look at the 2 leads. Ni Ni and Deng Lun are both GREAT actors, so I am excited to see them work together. I am also looking forward to the story. You got a little bit of modern and of course republican era. You got time travel. You got a romance that could make the viewers invested in it. The puzzle pieces could be put together to create one EPIC drama and I am excited for it. You have the makings of something really special with this drama.

What is drawing me to this drama is the cast. I am a fan of both leads, Hou Ming Hao and Zhou Ye but I am also a fan of a lot of the supporting cast as well. I haven't seen Hou Ming Hao in a Xianxia drama in a LONG TIME, so I am excited to see him in historical costume and not modern clothes. I think this could be just a fun and easy drama to watch.

One of my favorite romance tropes in drama land is older woman/younger man romance. This one caught my eye because I never pictured Angelababy and Lai Juan Lin together as a couple. So, now that I see that they play a couple together in a drama, I am intrigued. There are a couple of other Older Woman/Younger Man romances I am looking forward to in 2022 as well. I still need to watch some from 2021 that are on my list. 😂

There are two things that caught my eye with this drama. One is the cast. I love so many actors/actresses from this cast. It just looks SO GOOD! I am so excited to see this cast together in a drama. Two are the drama screen stills I have seen from this drama. THE STILLS LOOK SO GOOD!! They look so dramatic, and the lighting looks so nice, so those pictures alone make me even more excited to watch this drama. I am also a sucker for these historical mystery dramas.

This is another couple pairing I did not see ever happening so I am intrigued by that alone. I never pictured Angelababy and Ma Tian Yu together in a drama as leads.

That is the biggest thing drawing me to this drama. I also am a sucker for some good Xianxia dramas. I love magic and some epic romance. Now, I can't predict if this drama will be good or not but I am going to check it out FOR SURE!

This drama looks like a funny concept, so I am excited to check it out. I am also a BIG fan of Xing Zhao Lin. Since he is in the cast, that is a MAJOR draw for me to this drama. I do wish he would do other genres and types of dramas, but I still enjoy him in the dramas I have seen him in, so I plan to check this drama out when it premieres.

I have been excited for this drama since IT WAS ANNOUNCED! I hope it airs in 2022. Give me all the Republican era, time travel dramas. I will watch them all. I love the republican era dramas and you don't get a lot of time travel in Chinese dramas these days. I mean the synopsis mentions reincarnation too and I am a SUCKER for reincarnation stories as well. Also, if I get to see Hu Yi Tian in more republican era costumes, I AM HERE FOR IT!


This was recently announced in a Netflix Japanese content special. So, I checked out the synopsis and it is like this drama WAS MADE FOR ME! The synopsis sounds like this drama could turn into quite the crazy, drama filled drama AND I LOVE THOSE TYPES OF DRAMAS! Also, the posters for this drama are quite beautiful. I love them. This drama also looks like it could be the romance trope of older woman/younger man which as I said above is one of my favorites. I am so excited that this is airing soon.

THE CONCEPT FOR THIS DRAMA IS EVERYTHING! I have had my eye on this drama FOR A LONG TIME! 😂 I hope it airs in 2022. I think this drama could examine a lot of society issues and concepts that I always enjoy in my Japanese dramas. I am also just curious How they portray the relationships in this drama because the roles are reversed. I also like Saitoh Takumi as an actor, so he is another reason why I want to watch this drama.


We all know HOW MUCH I LOVED SEASON 1. If you don't know how much I love The Victims Game, JUST KNOW I DO! I swear if you have not watched The Victim's Game Season 1, YOU NEED TOO! I have been looking forward to season 2 ever since I finished Season 1 so I hope we get Season 2 in 2022. We will have to see if it actually happens. THIS SECOND THIS DROPS I AM CLICKING PLAY!!


I mean who doesn't want to see Zee in a suit? On a more serious note, I like the concept for this drama. I am excited to see Zee in a new drama. The screen stills from this drama look good. I also get the idea that this might be a multiple couple drama which I always love in any drama. So, I am looking forward to this drama.

I don't know any of the cast in this drama, but I am excited about that. I want to discover more actors/actresses. I heard from other people that they like the lead actress to I am excited to watch her for the first time. I need to watch more lakorns so I am keeping a list of ones I want to watch. This one caught my eye. I want lakorns that will get crazy. The crazier, the better for me and this one sounds like it could get REAL CRAZY! I hope I get access to this one on a legal site.

I saw the trailer for this drama late last year AND IT WAS NUTS!! It looked exactly like the type of crazy drama that I need in my life for 2022. I have not seen any of the cast in any other drama I don't think so, that is exciting for me to discover new actors/actresses I like. I am intrigued that this takes place in India. I have never heard of that happening before in a Thai drama. I am very new to Thai dramas though. I hope I get access to this one on a legal site somewhere.

I don't know much about this drama. I have only seen a few posters and drama stills. Both piqued my interested because I always love a drama with nice costumes. I know nothing about the synopsis yet. We will see if I get to watch this one, but I am FOR SURE interested. I also have not seen any of these actors/actresses in a drama before.


This list doesn't even cover like a fraction of what I am interested in. The list had to end somewhere. I don't even know if these will air in 2022. I am positive I have left some off and I am sure more dramas will pop up. What Non-Korean dramas are you excited for in 2022? Did you discover any dramas off my list that you are now excited for?



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