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IT IS NOW 2023! Another year has ended. I know this blog post is a little late for 2023. I can't believe this is the 3rd "NEW YEAR" post I am writing on this blog. Starting this blog really changed my life and I honestly wouldn't change anything about the decisions that I have made. A lot has changed in my life recently but I think it is for the better and the blog is not going anywhere.

The blog was still a constant joy and was fun for me in 2022. I am just so grateful that I was pushed by you guys to take the leap and start this blog. It has allowed me to connect with people who like my same interests and give myself an outlet to talk about the things I love. At times I know that has felt like we were losing those spaces in 2022. I hope the blog always provides you a space to interact about dramas and also my socials allow you to have that space too. I always love talking about dramas with anyone.

WE, OF COURSE, STILL HAD DRAMAS IN 2022!! It seems like we had more dramas come out in 2022 than we ever had before. I know a lot of people tried out new genres and countries in 2022 which I LOVE TO SEE!! I write this blog to introduce you guys to all types of dramas from all genres and countries. I hope that 2022 dramaland provided you with some good entertainment and escape. You got to see some epic romances that were magical. There were some heavy social topics discussed. There were dark and creepy crimes to be solved. We got to laugh along with some characters as they navigated life just like us. We got to witness heartbreak and empathize with characters as they picked themselves up again and put themselves back together. We even got to see some dramas which we never thought would see the light of day. There were also some nice surprises in 2022 which no one saw coming.

I want to take the time to say THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!! I know I say it as much as I can but I am using this time to say it one more time. I enjoy writing about dramas/movies/music and you guys reading what I write allows me to keep doing what I love. This is nice and relaxing outlet for me. I like that I am providing entertainment to you. I am talking about the dramas and movies I watch and love and then maybe you find something new to watch or talk about. Maybe you see that someone else has watched this amazing drama that it doesn't seem like anyone else has watched. It always makes me happy thinking I am introducing you to a new drama or maybe even a country that you haven't tried yet. I JUST APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE FOUND MY BLOG OR JUST 1 BLOG POST OVER THE LAST YEAR! I hope you enjoyed what you read and WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY! As long as there are dramas and music, there will be content on this blog!

SO, 2023 DRAMALAND HERE WE ARE!! What do you guys want to see in the new year in dramaland? I wonder what dramas will be popular and what that landscape will look like in the new year. What characters will draw us in where we will root for their happy ending? What characters will we want a satisfying ending where they deserve all they have coming because they are horrible people. What dramas will we become invested in and won't be easy to let go of once they are done? What new actors/actresses will we meet in the new year and add to our long lists of actors/actresses to follow and check out. What actors/actresses will have breakout performances this year? What type of stories will blow our minds this year? I AM EXCITED TO FIND THE ANSWERS TO ALL THESE QUESTIONS AND MORE IN 2023!


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