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HIDE & SEEK? - The Uncanny Counter

Time to do ANOTHER Hide & Seek post! Who watched The Uncanny Counter? Did you fall in love with a lot of the characters/actors just like me? I even fell in love with some of the "villains" in the drama! THAT IS A SIGN THAT IT WAS A GREAT DRAMA!

Well, because I fell in love with A BUNCH of the characters/actors, here is where to watch your favorites next! If you can't let go of an actor, THEN pick one of their other dramas to watch.

If you have NOT watched this wonderful drama yet, YOU ARE REALLY MISSING OUT! You got found family, characters that you will fall in love with it and AWESOME FIGHTING SCENES! Plus, you will get to revisit these characters again because there will be a Season 2! There are a lot of actors/actresses covered in this post BECAUSE I fell in love and was introduced to many new actors/actresses SO, I didn't want to leave any out.

Jo Byung Kyoo as SO MOON

Jo Byung Kyoo has been around for quite some time but really has become an upcoming and rising star over the last couple of years. The first time I encountered him was in the dramas Time and He is Psychometric. Check out some of his more recent dramas Arthdal Chronicles, Sky Castle and Hot Stove League. These 3 dramas showcased his talents and really put him on the map. So excited to watch him in his future drama Tale of the Secret Royal Inspector and Jo Yi AND OF COURSE THE UNCANNY COUNTER SEASON 2!

Yoo Joon Sang as GA MO TAK

Yoo Joon Sang has been in the industry FOREVER! He has lots of dramas and movies under his belt. Honestly, my introduction to him was just last year with Graceful Friends. It is funny because his character IS SO DIFFERENT in that drama than this that I actually forgot that the character was him. I still can't believe that I have not seen him in anything else given HOW MUCH CONTENT HE HAS BEEN IN! Some of his other dramas are Heard it Through the Grapevine, Falsify and Pied Piper.

Kim Se Jeong as DO HA NA

Given that I am a Kpop fan, I was introduced to Kim Se Jeong through her music. She was in the groups I.O.I and Gugudan. The first drama I watched of hers was I Wanna Hear Your Song. She was good in it and I enjoyed that drama. Most people were introduced to her in her drama School 2017. The Uncanny Counter was her BREAKOUT role for me so I am excited to see what she does next. Her growth from one drama to the next has been quite impressive.

Yeom Hye Ran as CHU MAE OK

Yeom Hye Ran is another actress who has been in EVERYTHING! She has a lot of dramas and movies she has been in both as main roles and supporting roles. I was first introduced to her in Goblin which I am sure a lot of people had that same encounter since Goblin was so popular. She has been in dramas such as Live, Lawless Lawyer and When the Camellia Blooms. I loved her in her recently roles in SF8 miniseries and Mystic Pop-Up Bar.

Lee Hong Nae as JI CHUNG SHIN

You know a drama is good WHEN YOU EVEN FALL IN LOVE WITH A VILLAIN! This is DEFINITELY a STAND-OUT performance of Lee Hong Nae for me. It isn't my first time seeing him though. He also had great performances in Catch The Ghost and The King: Eternal Monarch. I am just so happy that he is getting noticed because of The Uncanny Counter and I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT HE DOES NEXT!

Lee Chan Hyung as KWON SOO HO

The Uncanny Counter was my introduction to Lee Chan Hyung. He has been in some really popular web-Kdramas such as Re-Feel and Fight Hard, Love Harder. He also has made a guest appearance in Hospital Playlist which I am sure a lot of people recognize him from. He is supposed to have season 2 of Re-Feel come out in the future. I am curious to see what roles he takes next because I am sure going to keep an eye on him!

Kim Eun Soo as KIM WOONG MIN

I first saw Kim Eun Soo in the Kdrama Player where he played a constable. He has been acting since 2018 and have been in dramas such as My ID is Gangnam Beauty and Live On, just to name a few. I hope he is back again for The Uncanny Counter Season 2. He will be in the upcoming drama Youth of May

Jung Won Chang as SHIN HYUK WOO

This is another scenario where you fall in love with a bad guy. I hope to see him in Season 2 FOR SURE! I first saw Jung Won Chang in the Kdrama Her Private Life. Hopefully, we get a lot of future roles and dramas from him because WE NEED HIM ON OUR SCREENS AGAIN!

Lee Ji Won as IM JOO YEON

You couldn't help but fall in love with the best friends in this Kdrama. I hope we get to see both of them in The Uncanny Counter Season 2 because their relationship with So Moon was one of my favorite things about season 1. The Uncanny Counter was my introduction to Lee Ji Won but she has been in a few other dramas before The Uncanny Counter. You can see her in Sky Castle and Romance is a Bonus Book. She is also supposed to be in the upcoming drama Racket Boys.

Lee Kyeong Min as KANG HAN WOOL

Lee Kyeong Min may have come in later in The Uncanny Counter BUT MAN HE MADE AN IMPACT ON ME! Now I remember him from last year's drama Search where he had a guest role for a couple of episodes. He has only been in 2 dramas apparently. The Uncanny Counter is his first REAL role so THERE IS A LOT OF POTENTIAL HERE! I hope he comes back in Season 2 and I am so excited to see him in future dramas!

Choi Yoon Young as KIM JUNG YOUNG

Choi Yoon Young has been acting for over 10 years in both supporting and lead roles. She has been in a lot of daily dramas such as Enemies From The Past and All is Well. You may recently remember her from the Kdrama Designated Survivor: 60 Days. I am really curious to see what she does next because she is talented.

Ok Ja Yeon as Baek Hyang Hee

LAST, but certainly NOT LEAST - Ok Ja Yeon was AMAZING in this drama. The Uncanny Counter REALLY picked their actors/actresses who were going to play villains well! All of the villains in this drama are so memorable and the acting WAS SUPERB! If you liked Ok Ja Yeon in this drama, check her out in other dramas such as Two Cops, Bad Guys: City of Evil and Wok of Love. She will also be in the upcoming Kdrama MINE WHICH I AM SO EXCITED FOR!

THERE YOU HAVE IT! I hope this helps you track down some other dramas to watch your favorites from The Uncanny Counter in. SERIOUSLY THOUGH, if you have not clicked play on The Uncanny Counter, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? I am jealous of you because you can binge it now and not wait for episodes week to week.

What actors/actresses in The Uncanny Counter will you miss the most? What projects would you recommend we watch next from these actors/actresses? Did you have a favorite that we did not cover? What drama should we feature next in our Hide & Seek series?




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