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I have been ALL OVER THE PLACE with what I have been listening too lately. 😂 I sort of turn on something and see what interests me. Sometimes it works and sometimes I am just clicking to the next song and the next song until I find something I like. Anyone else been having this issue? NO, JUST ME!

REN JIALUN - 《三十二·立》 ALBUM - I HAVE BEEN OBSESSED WITH THIS ENTIRE ALBUM! If this album doesn't end up on my end of the year Spotify playlist - I WILL BE SO SURPRISED! I have been listening to it on repeat and LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT! I think Ren Jialun has a great voice and have loved all the OSTs that he has put out. So, I was so happy to see that he was releasing an album this year. IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! I love that he showed a new side of his talent through this album.

CIX - 'OK' PROLOGUE: BE OK ALBUM - THIS ALBUM IS FANATASTIC! CIX with every release just keeps exploring new genres and putting out FANTASTIC MUSIC! There is so much variety in this album. I am so happy that it is a full album because MORE MUSIC FOR ME! Bad Dream, Wave and Lost are some of my favorite songs off this album.

RED VELVET - BE BETTER - RED VELVET HAS FINALLY RELEASED SOME NEW MUSIC AS A FULL GROUP AFTER SO LONG!! I loved their B-side Be Better off their new album. I have had it on repeat since I first heard it. I liked the other songs as well but this song stood out to me.

BDC - MOON WALKER - I wish more people listened to BDC. They are so talented and I have loved all of their music. I hope they continue to release music. Moon Walker is their latest single that they have released but I also have been listening to all their other albums they have released so far this year. THEY HAVE BEEN WORKING HARD IN 2021!

HYOLYN & DASOM - SUMMER OR SUMMER - SISTAR will always be summer queens AND HYOLYN AND DASOM GAVE US NOSTALGIA WITH THIS SONG! I am so happy they released this song this summer because it was like Sistar was back. THE SONG AND MV JUST SCREAMS SUMMER! I personally needed this song because I feel like I have not had a summer or a vacation. I LIVED THROUGH THIS RELEASE!

SUNMI - 1/6 EP - Sunmi will always be A QUEEN to me. SHE IS MY FAVORITE FEMALE SOLOIST! 1/6 did not disappoint and I am so glad we finally got a physical album from her. You can't sit with us is SUCH A SUNMI SONG! It is quintessential l her AND I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT! Narcissism is probably my favorite b-side off the album but I also loved that she included her song Borderline on the album because IT IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SONG!

KINGDOM - HISTORY OF KINGDOM: PART II. CHIWOO - KINGDOM is different. Their discography is just something special. This new album keeps up that same special vibe. Their releases are just unique and I love their concept. I especially love to listen to the instrumentals of their songs. If you have not checked out KINGDOM whether it is their latest album or debut album, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND GO LISTEN TO IT! Oh, and also check out THEIR BEAUTIFUL MVS!

777 (TRIPLE SEVEN) - PRESENTE - I am oddly addicted to this song. It isn't something new or profound. It has been done before BUT I LOVE IT! It has been on constant replay. I am so happy to see these groups combine and make a song that both of their respective groups have not done. I hope they promote together more along in their respective groups as well. I hope more people check out this group but also the 2 groups this group is made of CUZ ALL ARE TALENTED!

DREAMCATCHER - [SUMMER HOLIDAY] - COME ON! It is Dreamcatcher. THEY BREATHE and I listen to it on repeat. It is no surprise that I love their new album. They kept their style but also released more songs to show other sides of them. I feel like this special album just was a collection of all the genres they love to do but also tried some new sounds. They still kept the creepy, dark aesthetic for their title track but experimented with their b-sides. I LOVE THE B-SIDE WHISTLE!!

JUSTB - DAMAGE - This song crept up on me. I LOVED THIS ENTIRE ALBUM when I first heard it. With Damage, I have been listening to this one song ON REPEAT! I should be sick of it by now but I am not AT ALL! It is JUST SO GOOD! Definitely one of my favorite debuts of the year so far. I mean I love the producer of the song so it is not a surprise that I have listened to this song A MILLION TIMES!

MY CHINESE DRAMA/TAIWANESE DRAMA OST PLAYLIST - Since this playlist is the one I listen to the most when I write for this blog, I LISTEN TO THIS PLAYLIST SO MUCH! It is just a collection of all the OSTs that are from the Chinese and Taiwanese dramas I have watched so far this year. I like writing to the instrumentals of these dramas ESPECIALLY HISTORICAL CDRAMAS! I don't know, there is just something about them. MY SPOTIFY PLAYLIST AT THE END OF THE YEAR IS GONNA BE FULL OF CDRAMA/TDRAMA OSTS FOR SURE!

What have you been listening too recently? Anything that I should check out or add to my playlists? Did you find any songs/albums from this post that you are going to check out?




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