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Spotify dropped their 2020 Wrap-Up playlists for everyone SO, I really have just been listening to that over and over again this month. This has allowed me to rediscover some of my favorite songs of 2020. I also have been listening to a couple of albums that were released this month. So, this post will be a mix of both of these things.


CHANMINA - note - book - u EP and Angel EP

I found Chanmina a few years back and I have loved all of releases since then. I think she is a very versatile Japanese artist. She has a beautiful singing voice. It does not surprise me that both of her 2020 albums had songs that landed on my 2020 Spotify playlist because I definitely listened to both albums on repeat when they first were released in the year.


Hiroomi Tosaka's album "Who Are You" was released back in early 2020. I still listen to that album on repeat all the way through. I am a sucker for a good electronic sound. This album has it in spades. His voice just cuts through the instrumental and is very impactful. This album is JUST SO GOOD AND ADDICTIVE!

GOT7 - DYE Album

GOT7 has released multiple albums in 2020 but their DYE album is my favorite. I listened to this album A LOT when it was first released earlier in 2020. I keep coming back to this album. I like how all the songs fit together and flow from one song from the next. I can click play on the album and just listen to it all the way through. I never do that because I keep clicking repeat on the songs HAHA but it is just AN AMAZING ALBUM from this year!



When I am working or doing something that needs music in the background, 2PM is one of the artists I turn on. I just need to admit that 2PM is now an ULT group for me at this point because it is ridiculous that I haven't accepted that yet. I love all their discography and have listened to it SO MANY TIMES! No surprise AT ALL that multiple songs from 2PM are on my 2020 playlist.

Demian - Cassette

I can't believe that Demian just debuted in 2020. I have loved all his songs but Cassette is on my 2020 playlist. I listened to this song SO MUCH when it was released. I am glad I rediscovered it through my 2020 playlist because I have been listening to his most recent release more because it is the newest release. Cassette is so good! This blog's first "Music Monday - Spotlight" post was about Demian (check it out here) so you know how much I love this soloist. I can't wait to see what he does in 2021.


I am so glad I found this song again through my Spotify 2020 playlist because I honestly forgot about it. I listen to SO MUCH music over the year so this playlist has been nice. This song also makes me sad because I now remember the concert/meet and greet that I attended for ITZY which made me love them even more. I can't wait to see what this group releases next because I have loved everything, they have put out so far.


GHOST9 - Pre Episode 2: Wall

One of my top rookies from 2020 released a new album and I love it! It keeps with the vibe from their debut album but also shows us new sides of their talent. This group is just so talented! The title track is just so uniquely structured just like their debut title track which makes them stand out for me. I love Focus, the B-side off this album!

Kai - The 1st Mini Album

Kai - WHAT CAN I SAY ABOUT KAI!? I mean this was a LONG TIME coming so it is nice to see it finally happen. I did expect him to release something sexy but to have a versatile R&B sound is something I did not expect. He shows up his vocal talents so much through this album. He shows a new side of himself that he hasn't shown in EXO so it is refreshing. I am just so happy that he finally got to release a solo album because he has been wanting to do it FOR A LONG TIME!

IZ*ONE - Panorama

Anything that IZ*ONE releases I love! All of their songs are so catchy and they are very talented as a group. I am going to sad when they have to disband since they are a temporary group. Panorama sounds like their sound but also adds something new to their discography. It is on brand for their sound but is also refreshing. Of course, the MV for Panorama is beautiful like the rest of their mvs.


IT IS NOT SURPRISING THAT TAEMIN IS ALL OVER MY SPOTIFY 2020 PLAYLIST! He is one of my favorite artists ever. I have talked about him a lot on this blog so it should be no surprise to any of you guys, my readers as well HAHA. I just think he is so talented and I have just loved seeing him grow as an artist over the years since debut in SHINee. I can't wait to see what he does in 2021 (as well as SHINEE 😄)!

If you want to check out my TOP SONGS 2020 PLAYLIST from Spotify - you can listen to it RIGHT NOW⬇

What have you been listening too recently? Anything that I should check out or add to my playlists? Did you find any songs/albums from this post that you are going to check out?



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