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It is February! You know what that means - GALentine's Day! In honor of this holiday, February's MY PLAYLIST post will be dedicated to THE LADIES!! What female soloists or groups have you been listening to lately? Here are the ladies that I have been listening to on rotation recently. Maybe we have common songs or artists in our lists OR maybe I am introducing you to new artists/songs to check out.

TAEYEON - INVU - IM OBSESSED WITH THIS SONG AND VIDEO! Honestly, I am obsessed with this whole album. I AM SUCKER FOR ELECTRONIC POP SOUNDS! INVU is right up my alley. Taeyeon sounds amazing but I am not surprised, her voice is always powerful. THE RANGE THIS WOMAN HAS! The buildup to the chorus is GREAT and ADDICTIVE! I love the goddess concept in the video. Her looks and makeup in the music video is EVERYTHING! The choreography in the video is also eye catching and unique.

HYOLYN - LAYIN' LOW (FEAT. JOOYOUNG) - THIS SONG IS SO GOOD! It is so catchy. Jooyoung is a nice addition to the song. I love that it is a sexy R&B sound. I love that Hyolyn does the music she wants to do and has whatever image she wants. She is always such a sexy, confident woman with her music, and she is FANTASTIC!

YENA - SMILEY (FEAT. BIBI) - Now, I knew Yena from IZONE but not well. I like her solo debut. She looks fantastic and I love the concept. HAVING BIBI ON THIS SONG WAS AN AMAZING IDEA! I love the contrast between BiBi and Yena in the song. The chorus is VERY CATCHY, and I love that it has a more upbeat, fun feeling. I love the bridge in this song.

JAMIE - PITY PARTY - JAMIE'S VOICE IN THIS SONG IS JUST PERFECT! I mean I always have loved her voice and range. I love that she has a husky, deeper voice but also range and powerful voice. This song embodies Jamie. She is an independent woman who does what she wants. I also love the harmonies in this song. THE BRIDGE IN THIS SONG JUST SHOWS HOW AWESOME HER VOICE IS!!

DEVITA - BONNIE & CLYDE - DEVITA IS FINALLY BACK!! I have been waiting for new music from DeVita for a LONG TIME. IT IS FINALLY HERE! She did not disappoint either. I love that it is a slower R&B style. She also said that this isn't all she is going to release this year. I AM HERE FOR ALL HER MUSIC!! I love how this song flows. Her runs on this song are beautiful. Her music is always unique and just different, and I support that.

YUJU - PLAY - GIVE ME ALL THE GFRIEND DEBUTS AND RELEASES!! I am always sad to see groups disband but when I get to see the members go and do their own thing, I can't be upset with that. YUJU SURPRISED ME SO MUCH WITH THIS DEBUT! I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't this. I love that she did something new and it suited her SO WELL! I love the look of the mv with the traditional elements. I love that she got to show versatility in the entire album. I am excited to see what she releases next.

APINK - DILEMMA - APINK IS BACK AND I MISSED THEM!! I am so happy that they still give us music even though all the members are all doing their own thing. Dilemma sticks with their same style and sound especially over the last couple of comebacks but ALSO sounds new and different for them. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT IT HAS BEEN 10 YEARS!!? This whole special album is FANTASTIC!! I love the dancehall/electronic sound that Dilemma has and the girls SOUND HEAVENLY!! THE DANCE BREAK IS EVERYTHING!

ROCKING DOLL - HEART RIDER - I am new to Rocking Doll. I didn't check out their debut last year BUT DAMN IM ADDICTED TO THIS SONG! I have no idea what is making me so addicted to it BUT I AM!! The mv is pretty and I like all the colors. I need to learn more about this group because AFTER THIS SONG I AM FOLLOWING THEM FOR SURE!!

MAMADOL - WOOAH HIP - I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THIS WAS A THING!! Then it popped up on YouTube and I FREAKED OUT!! These women looked AMAZING in the mv, and the song is SO GOOD! Has anyone else check this music video out? Has anyone else had this song on repeat? I WISH THIS GROUP WOULD RELEASE MORE MUSIC, but I know it was like a one-time thing. A LEGENDARY ONE TIME THING!!

MOMOLAND - YUMMY YUMMY LOVE - I should not like this song as much as I do. Some of these collabs that kpop groups don't work for me BUT THIS ONE DOES! It has really grown on me. At first, I didn't like it but as I listened to it more, I started to love it and now I listen to it all the time. I love the feature and the girls do their thing. They look amazing in the mv. It is a simple concept and sound BUT MAN IT IS GOOD! At least, I like it. It might not be for anyone.

VIVIZ - BOP BOP! - HAVE TO BRING UP MORE GFRIEND GIRLS IN THIS POST! I love that we get seeing them thrive after leaving the group. I was not expecting this concept for them BUT IT WORKED SO WELL FOR THEM! It is so catchy, and I like the entire album. THEY LOOK SO HAPPY AND GOOD IN THE MV TOO! I also like that the album had variety and showed different sides of them. I am excited to see what they do next and how their discography develops in the future.

What have you been listening to recently? Do you listen to Girl Groups and/or Female artists? What have been your favorite releases recently? Are you excited for new releases coming soon? LOTS OF GIRL GROUP RELEASES COMING SOON!



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