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I have been listening to my Male Kpop Soloist Playlist A LOT lately so this month's playlist will be all about the male soloists!! What male soloists have you been listening too?

HANA - XIA - This song was such a surprise to me. I am still listening to it religiously and I LOVE IT! I mean it is not a surprise that I love it but I just was not expecting to still be listening it. IT IS CATCHY! I mean I do love a good club instrumental. If you give me that type of song, I WILL ALWAYS APPRECIATE IT. I love his vocals on this song and the mv is fun to watch.

DICE - ONEW - IT IS ONEW! I mean are we surprised that I am listening to him or to ANY of the SHINEE members on repeat? We have been waiting FOREVER for a ONEW comeback and we FINALLY got it. I have missed his voice AND I LOVE THE ENTIRE ALBUM! His voice is just magical. I love that the mv is quirky. I love the dancing and it matches his personality so much!

PHASE ME - WOOSUNG - I did not know that he was releasing another solo album BUT I'LL TAKE IT!! I love his solo stuff and Phase Me is NO DIFFERENT! His voice is just so special and so unique. I love how this mv is both sinister but also sexy. I love how the chorus builds and then gets quiet. I LOVE THE DRUMS IN THIS SONG! His new album just gets me excited for THE ROSE to come back which is SOON!

SELFISH - KIM YO HAN - This song came on shuffle recently. I had forgotten how much I loved this album of his. I loved all the songs on this album but Selfish was one of my favorites. I thought it really showed his range. I loved how loud the chorus got and how his voice sounded in the chorus. He was able to show off his singing talent but also threw in some rapping too.

DEVIL - MAX CHANGMIN - THE WAY WE WEREN'T READY WHEN THIS SONG AND MUSIC VIDEO WAS RELEASED! I was just BLOWN AWAY!! I love everything about this song and album. I mean Max is an AMAZING vocalist. I loved that we got to hear his lower range in this song. We know he can hit those high notes of course! I love how sinister this song sounds in the verses. Devil is a very good title for this song. ALL THE SONGS ARE GREAT ON THIS ALBUM!

WHO ARE YOU (FEAT. SEULGI) - BAM BAM - We love to see the Got7 boys thriving once they left their company. I can't wait for this comeback today but in the meantime, it has been great seeing them do their Individual activities. I loved how chill this song is. It is experimental and sexy. I liked that Bam Bam has such variety on his album. This was such a cool collab and I need more of it.

HEARTBREAK - MINHO - I have been listening to this song ON REPEAT since it was released. I am OBSESSED with it! I need him to release more music ASAP! I love how sexy it sounds. I love how it has a little R&B in it but also a chill club song. IT IS JUST SEXY! I love the chorus and his vocals sounds AMAZING!

RUBY - WOOZI - You can't talk about male soloists without bringing up Ruby by Woozi. THE WAY THIS SONG SURPRISED ME WHEN I FIRST HEARD IT THIS YEAR!😂 I just want not expecting Woozi to release a song like this but I also could not picture what he would release. I LOVE THE GUITAR IN THIS SONG!

WILDFIRE - ERIC NAM - I can't even tell you how many times I have listened to this song since it was released. It is one of my favorites of his on this album. I LOVE THE CHORUS! I am addicted to it. I literally click repeat just to listen to the chorus. I love the harmonization in the chorus with the instrumental and vocals. I also love how this song explodes eventually - just like the title WILDFIRE. IT IS JUST AN AMAZING SONG! I need to see Eric Nam in concert soon.

STAY ALIVE - JUNG KOOK - I am VERY late to this song. I think his voice sounds great in it. I like the easy going flow it has. It is just an easy fun to listen too. I love how the chorus swells. There is a lot of emotion in this song.

BLOW - JACKSON WANG - THIS SONG!! I mean what can I say about it? I AM ADDICTED! I love the mv. I love the instrumental. I love Jackson's voice. I love the creativity. I love the theme. I love the message. THIS SONG IS JUST SO GOOD!! I have not stopped listening to it AT ALL! The only thing I don't like is that IT IS TOO SHORT!!

What have you been listening to recently? Do you listen to certain artists or playlists on repeat like me? What have been your favorite releases recently? Are you excited for new releases coming soon?





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