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I have released a couple of lists of romance dramas over the years on the blog. You can check out a list of some of the Japanese romance dramas I would recommend here. I also released another list of just some more romance dramas I would recommend and you can read that here.

I figured I have not done a lot of blogposts about romance dramas and the fact that this blogpost is being released on Valentine's Day., Now is the perfect time to do another list of some romance dramas I would recommend you check out. This list can be for Valentine's Day if that is something you celebrate or you can just watch this list whenever. Sometimes you just need some romance in your life.

With this list I tried to do two things. I tried to name dramas that I have not talked about much on this blog. I also did not name any that are already on the other romance lists. I did not want to duplicate anything. I also tried to cover different countries and genres. I wanted to give variety in this list. lastly, this list is in no particular order. I have completed all of these dramas and enjoyed all of them.

Episodes: 2 (YouTube)

I don't think I have ever mentioned this drama on the blog. It is an older drama and also short. I love this short drama because it is an older romance but also has some fantasy involved. I will admit it is a bit slow at times but the reveals as the story unfold is great. There is one twist near the end of the drama that I did not predict in a million years. I loved the romance in it because even though it is only 2 episodes, you still feel the emotions and care for the leads. The story is nothing new, especially if you have been watching dramas for a while, but sometimes that is a good thing. The story may seem a little ridiculous but it is still a fun watch.

Episodes: 16 (IQIYI/NETFLIX)

If you want a drama where there is a mature romance where there is communication, you should try out this Kdrama. It does get a little crazy and makjang with the supporting characters but the lead couple's romance is a highlight in this drama. There are a lot of over-the-top scenes with the supporting cast. It was really refreshing to see this mature Noona romance. Yes, I said Noona romance and it is good one. If you are into office dramas, you will enjoy this one. There are a lot of swoon worthy moments. I will warn you; this was marketed as a rom-com - it is definitely a melodrama and you will get angry with side characters.

Episodes: 20 (VIKI)

This might be a controversial opinion. People either LOVE this drama or hate it. I am in the camp of loving this drama. I remember when I watched this drama, people could not understand why I was loving it so much. 😂 I liked this drama for many reasons. It showed a bit of history that wasn't shown in dramas all that much. It centered around a topic that was quite unique which made the story, to me, unique and interesting to pay attention too. The cinematography was GORGEOUS in this drama. It was such a treat watching this drama because it was visually stunning. I remember thinking that Kwon Yu Ri had chemistry with both her male leads in this drama which made it fun for me to watch but I can see why people found the romance triangle annoying. I thought the chemistry between her and the male lead jumped off my screen and I wanted more of it. It is a slow-burn romance drama FOR SURE! The acting, overall, in this drama was AMAZING! If you like sageuks, I would recommend you check this one out.

Episodes: 12 (NETFLIX)

I mean, this one needs no introduction. I am sure a lot of people have watched it. If you love rom-coms, this is a MUST WATCH! It is a witty and entertaining rom-com. You get multiple couples. You got great chemistry with every couple. You got hilarious scenes that will have you laughing all over the place. You have a tight plot that does not lag. The way this drama had all the tropes but turned the tropes on their heads and made the tropes refreshing and new is fantastic. I really can't recommend this drama enough for a romance watch because you will be HIGHLY entertained and love all the romance scenes.

Episodes: 11 (IQIYI)

If you love cinematography as much as I do, you NEED to watch this BL Kdrama. I don't think a lot of people have seen this one because it is still exclusively on IQIYI as far as I know. Which is a shame because it is a beautiful drama. They are also remaking it which is weird. The leads have a nice, comfortable chemistry. It is well acted. I was really surprised I loved this drama as much as I did when I watched it because it went under the radar so, I did not know what to expect. It is a simple and straight forward story but sometimes that is all you need.

Episodes: Season 1 - 12 & Season 2 - 10 (VIKI)

Now I will warn you guys that you have to watch both seasons to get a satisfying couple with this Kdrama. It is a slow-burn couple but I think they are adorable. I had a great time watching their relationship progress. I loved watching them fall slowly in love with each other. The lead couple definitely have chemistry. The acting was very good in this drama. It is also quite funny and made me laugh a lot. If you enjoy a healing drama, this drama is for you as well. The cinematography is quite pretty. I also love the found family and the support cast in this drama.

Episodes: Season 1 - 29 & Season 2 - 27 (VIKI)

If you are looking for an EPIC romance, this drama is for you. This drama takes you through ALL THE EMOTIONS! The acting in it is phenomenal. MY GOD, THE CHEMISTRY THESE TWO LEADS HAD WAS SIZZLING OFF THE SCREEN! I just could not wait to see them together on screen and every scene they had together, their chemistry was palpable. You have this couple up against everything in their path to be together which makes the ending so much more satisfying. You also have a couple who support each other through thick and thin. Just be ready for a Chinese drama with lots of angst and palace intrigue but with a powerhouse of a couple.

Episodes: One & Only - 24 & Forever & Ever - 30 (IQIYI/VIKI)

I had to put both of these Chinese dramas together because they are connected. You can watch them separately and don't need to watch One and Only to understand what is going on in Forever and Ever. I recommend this combo for the people who love a tragic ending romance which is then followed up by a healing modern romance drama. One and Only is the tragic ending drama which is beautiful to watch. The cinematography is gorgeous and the couple has great chemistry. Forever and Ever heals you from the tragedy that is all over One and Only. You get to see the same couple have a second chance at romance and it was just a nice low angst romance to enjoy. Allen Ren and Bai Lu together as a couple have a nice and comfortable chemistry about them. I enjoyed them together as a couple and I was really glad we got two dramas with them together.

Episodes: 30 (VIKI)

I know some people liked this drama and other people did not. I enjoyed this drama quite a bit. You got a couple who are quite capable by themselves but also learn to love each other and support each other after marriage. It is more on the lighter side so, a bit more of a rom-com. It is a fluffy romance which I think is perfect to watch on Valentine's Day. I thought the leads had sweet chemistry and played off of one another quite nicely. I enjoyed watching the female lead come into her own and her husband supporting her.

Episodes: 14 (IQIYI)

Now this drama I am recommending for the complete opposite reason for Valentine's Day. if you want a drama where you see a group of women getting revenge on their cheating husbands/partners. If you want a crime drama filled with women working together to get revenge but also some murder - THIS IS THE DRAMA FOR YOU! This is a drama centered around women and their relationships. This is the friendship drama where your friends will help you bury a body and help you get rid of the scumbag boyfriend/husband you have. This is an addicting drama to watch and an easy binge. This drama is perfect for Galentine's Day as well. *Trigger warning for Rape and domestic abuse.

So that is my list for the Romance dramas I would recommend you watch for Valentine's/Galentine's Day.

I hope you found some new dramas to pick up or maybe just see some of your favorites on this new list.

Did some of your favorite romance dramas make the list?

What are some of your favorites that are not on the list that I should check out?

What on the list have you seen?

What on the list have you not seen but are now going to check out?

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