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I figured I would take the opportunity to remind or inform where you can find this blog if you want to talk about dramas. Yes, I know that twitter is not going anywhere right now but maybe you didn't know we had a twitter account or you don't know this blog has other social media accounts.

1) Twitter: The twitter account is still alive and kicking. You can find it here under the User name NoSleep4Dramas2. We aren't going anywhere for now but in case you didn't know we were on twitter, NOW YOU DO!

2) Instagram: The blog has an Instagram account on which we are quite active on. You can find it here.

3) TIKTOK: Yes, this blog has a TIKTOK account. Am I good at it? NO, NOT AT ALL! It is still fun though 😂. You can find it here.

4) Google: Good old Google works too. You can find the blog by searching for it or even a certain blog post.

5) Discord: Yes, this blog has a discord. Is it very active? No but that is my fault. I plan to be more active on it in the future and would love to have more people join in! You can find the link to the discord at the bottom of mostly every blogpost but also here as well.

6) MyDramalist: If you are a user of MyDramalist, you can find me on there as well. I keep track of everything I am watching on it. I post all the blog posts there too. Maybe I will get more active in that as well. Find me here.

7) Mastodon: Just recently opened this account. I plan to post the blog posts here too. I hope to find a community and interact on this platform too. I am still trying to figure it out but so far, I like it. I can't link it here for some reason but if you just search for NoSleep4Dramas, you should be able to find me. I am just trying it out and seeing what happens.


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