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Now that you have read my "TOP 11 KDRAMAS OF 2022" blogpost last week, this week I have given you my list of my "TOP 11 NON-KOREAN DRAMAS OF 2022". If you have not yet read my blog post for my top kdramas of 2022, you can read it here.

Just like my top Kdramas of 2022 list, this list is also in no particular order and the dramas are not ranked. The dramas also did not have to air in 2022. I just had to watch them and complete the dramas in 2022 so, multiple dramas on this list are older dramas. JUST HAVE FUN WITH MY LIST! Let me know if you have seen these dramas, what you thought of them and if you added them to your plan to watch list. I created this list from all of the non-Korean dramas I watched in 2022 and that were ranked 8 -10 on MDL.


*Now, remember these are in NO PARTICULAR order and not ranked*

Movie Version: 2 hours (VIKI)

This was a short 4 episodes BL Jdrama that was released on VIKI. I watched the movie version of it. I LOVED the lead couples' chemistry. The acting was also top-notch. What was great about this movie/drama was how realistic it was. It was relatable. It spanned over a lifetime. It showed the ups and downs of a relationship and life. It was beautiful to watch this couple go through the years and deal with everything that they encountered.

Episodes: 13 (iQIYI)

I ABSOLUTELY adored this drama. The acting was PHENOMENAL! It had a really unique and special story. I loved learning about a culture through this drama. I am always a fan when a drama has a message that they try and deliver through the drama. This drama had multiple poignant messages. The OSTs are fantastic and I still listen to them. You do have to pay close attention to this one. You don't want to miss anything. You can read my more in depth review of this wonderful drama right here.

Episodes: 6 (NETFLIX)

This jdrama threw me for a loop because it was not what I was expecting it would be. This drama is DEFINITELY a slow burn so, if that is not your thing, this drama might not be for you. It does have FANTASTIC acting. I also loved that this drama was more of a character piece. It is a political thriller drama but I also liked that it portrayed aspects of normal life for these characters. It allows the audience to connect to the characters on multiple levels. The cinematography portraying the feelings of the characters I thought was a brilliant move that the drama did. You can read my more in-depth review of this drama here.

Episodes: 24 (VIKI)

Now, we all know I am a SUCKER for a good crime drama. One of my goals for 2023 is to watch more crime dramas that are not Kdramas because I watched a lot of crime Kdramas as it is. Stealth walker is a crime drama that I watched in 2022 THAT I LOVED! It was a fast paced, exciting drama. I ADORE the OSTs from this drama. The thing I loved the most from this drama was the leads' chemistry. I loved their chemistry so much; I was praying they would have MORE scenes together as I watched the drama. 😂 I just had a lot of fun with this drama and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone, especially if you enjoy crime dramas. You can read my more in-depth review of this drama here.

Episodes: 8 (NETFLIX)

What I have ALWAYS loved about jdramas that it might say one thing in a synopsis but usually the story has more depth and meaning to it. Fishbowl Wives, on the surface, was just supposed to be about an affair., In reality it was a beautiful story about all of these wives and couples in this apartment complex. The wives feel like they are in a fishbowl, trapped in their marriages and seek love/connection. Each episode is about one wife. These stories are BEAUTIFULLY written. I will say trigger warning for cheating, abuse and domestic violence. You can read my more in-depth review of this drama here.

Episodes: 15 (VIKI)

Another popular cdrama from 2022 that I am sure a TON of people have seen. If you have not seen Reset, do yourself a favor and watch it. Especially if you like crime dramas, you will like this one. You got an EXCITING ride with crime and time travel. It is a unique story. I really haven't seen anything else like it. It has FANTASTIC acting and the OSTs are great. This drama really kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat the entire time I was watching it. You can read my more in-depth review of this drama here.

Episodes: 8 (NETFLIX)

A drama that caught my eye because of the unique concept. I just HAD to check it out when it premiered. It was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. On the surface, it just seemed like this drama was going to be about a man who got pregnant. IT WAS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT! This drama used its platform to have a lot of social commentary in its story and character interactions. It had a lot of role reversal in the story which was interesting and made the drama stand out to me. Overall, a very heartwarming and well-acted drama. You can read my more in-depth review of this drama here.

Episodes: 5 (VIKI)

I am a SUCKER for a workplace drama, especially if it is a jdrama. I don't know what it is but for some reason I just love workplace jdramas. Old Fashion Cupcake is a BL workplace Jdrama and it is adorable. The two leads have GREAT chemistry. I advise you to not watch this drama on an empty stomach. THE FOOD SHOTS IN THIS DRAMA WERE AWESOME! I was hungry all the time watching this drama. I loved the progression of the story even though was only 5 episodes. I NEEDED MORE EPISODES! The acting was fantastic.

Episodes: 20 (VIKI)

Don't make the mistake that I did and wait to watch this drama. It premiered in 2022 and I waited MONTHS to watch it. I wish I had not waited so long. I loved how art was incorporated into this drama's plot. It was so interesting seeing how creative the writers got with incorporating the art into the cases. The leads had great chemistry together. I loved seeing them and the entire team work together. I would not be surprised if this drama got a season 2 at some point. You can read my more in-depth review of this drama here.

Episodes: 8 (VIKI)

I liked this jdrama A LOT more than I thought I would. I am sure I have said this in other places in my blog but sometime comedy does not work for me. The trailers for this Jdrama had comedy in it that I thought I would not like. It was true, some of the comedy was not my thing but I still enjoyed this drama. The relationship between the two leads was lovely. I loved how supportive all of the characters were of their relationship. I loved how this was an opposites attract situation.

Episodes: 12 (iQIYI)

Now, I will say you will need to watch Season 1 of this drama, which was in my top 11 non-Korean dramas for 2022 list, before you watch Season 2 of Danger Zone. I did like Season 1 more than Season 2 of this drama but Season 2 was still good. It still is a solid crime drama. Season 2 still has a great cast with AMAZING talent! The twists in this story are worth it as well. Taiwanese crime dramas are just something special and I always enjoy watching them.

What were your favorite non - Korean dramas of 2022? Did some of your favorite dramas make my list? What ones did that I miss that I should watch now?





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