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2022 seems to be FLYING BY to me. Is anyone else feel that way or is it just me? My current watchlist is still quite small and I think it will be staying like that for the rest of the year. It will be interesting to see what I will be watching for the rest of 2022. I still am looking forward to a ton of dramas and movies. Will I be watching everything? I don't know yet...


August was a slow month for me in terms of finishing dramas/movies. I still managed to finish a good amount but I also felt like I was always behind this month and watching dramas at a snail's pace this month for some unknown reason. Anyone else have this feeling? Are we struggling with watching dramas recently? Is it just me?

Alchemy of Souls (Kdrama)(NETFLIX): I had a lot of fun with Season 1 of this drama. It was EPIC and FANTASTICAL. I thought the cast had great chemistry. The CGI and magic in the drama was FANTASTIC! Sometimes the comedy didn't work for me and it did drag a bit in some of the middle episodes. I still am looking forward to Season 2 though.

Hunted (Kdrama)(KOCOWA): This is a short crime drama that has lots of twists and turns. I really liked that I could not predict what was going to happen next. I will say the beginning was a little slow and the end left some unanswered questions for me. The acting was great though.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo (Kdrama)(NETFLIX): THIS WAS A DELIGHT! I loved everything about it. It was a lot more than just another legal drama. I loved the various messages it had. The acting was AMAZING! The story was heartwarming and I looked forward to it EVERY WEEK! It did have some tropes in it that I thought weren't needed, especially romantic tropes, but it didn't take away from my enjoyment of this drama. This drama is DEFINITELY a HIGHLIGHT of the year for me.

Remarriage and Desires (Kdrama)(NETFLIX): This is a solid Kdrama. It has a great cast and great acting. It definitely had some twists and plot points I was not expecting. I think because I was expecting it to be MORE makjang and have more horrible people, when it turned out that it did not have these things, I was a little disappointed. I definitely did not expect the ending and I would watch a season 2 if there was one.

Carter (KMovie)(NETFLIX): This movie was a mixed bag for me. THE ACTION SCENES AND FIGHTS WERE BEAUTIFULLY SHOT! I loved watching all of them. They really shined in this movie and you could tell the production took great care and planning on shooting these scenes. If you like action scenes and fights, THIS MOVIE IS FOR YOU! The plot is where it became a problem for me. It became convoluted. They tried to put one to many things into the plot. If they had kept it more simple, it would have worked better.

Senpai, This Can't Be Love (Jdrama)(VIKI): This drama is sweet. I did find it a little underwhelming but I still enjoyed it. I thought, halfway through, the story took a turn tone wise which I did not like. I could have done without this tone switch. I did like the couple. I thought they had some fun chemistry and I liked how their relationship progressed both romantically and professionally. It did seem a little rushed at the end which affected the pacing too.

Seoul Vibe (KMovie)(NETFLIX): This is a fun movie. If you like heist movies, you will enjoy this one. Some of the stunts are over the top but I think that is part of its charm. The acting was great and the found family with the main group of people was nice. If you just want a movie to be entertained and you don't have to think to hard, check this one out.


Checkmate (Cdrama): I couldn't help but compare it to My Roommate is a Detective. Checkmate just isn't the same and it wasn't fair to Checkmate. If you have to choose between both dramas, go watch My Roommate is a Detective.

A Model Family (Kdrama): I realized that I really only liked 1 character in the entire series. I also found that I was avoiding it and not watching any more episodes. That means it was time for me to drop it.


September is another month where I am not looking forward to a TON of Korean dramas. Some don't even have premiere dates or streaming sites that they are airing on yet. I am still excited for some Kdramas so, I still have some to look forward too. Maybe, I will fill the month with other dramas now. I know there are some dramas from other countries that are rumored for September for a premiere. So, we will see if they actually premiere and what I end up starting and watching. I am also curious to see what dramas/movies I complete in September.


I am on the fence about this drama. It is only 6 episodes so, I think I am going to check it out. I don't know if I can handle an intense drama right now. I am interested in it because it says it is based off a true story. How crazy is this true story for them to make a drama out of it? The cast is stacked as well with talent so, that is another thing that is piquing my interest with this drama. We will see what happens with this one.


WE LOVE A GOOD TIME TRAVEL DRAMA! I am curious to see how time travel plays into this plot. I always love when BL drama get creative. I don't know any of the cast members which is always fun for me. I like keeping out for cast members and seeing them in other dramas once I am introduced to them in dramas I watch them in. I hope the couple has great chemistry and it is a mature drama.


THIS CAST IS WHAT IS MAKING ME INTERESTED IN THIS DRAMA! I am curious to see how these 3 leads (Ok Taec Yeon, Ha Seok Jin, Jung Eun Ji) work together and what their dynamic will be in this drama. I NEED A DARK AND CREEPY CRIME DRAMA IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW! The trailer makes me think that Blind will fill that slot for me. There are also a lot of supporting cast members that I love in this drama. I mean SERIAL KILLER DRAMAS ARE MY BREAD AND BUTTER!

The Golden Spoon (rumor is Disney +): [PREMIERES SEPTEMBER 23RD, 2022]

I am SO EXCITED to see Yook Sung Jae back in drama land. I am also excited to see him do another fantasy drama. This drama sounds like it is going to have some important messages being told with its story. I also love other cast members in this drama who I think will work great together with Yook Sung Jae. I also need another good fantasy drama to fill that slot for me since Alchemy of Souls has now ended for now. I hope there is some comedy in this one because Yook Sung Jae is great with comedy as well.

A Shoulder to Cry On: [PREMIERES IN SEPTEMBER, 2022]

I don't know when this will start in September or even if it will premiere in September right now. We are going to put it here anyway. Both lead actors are from the Korean boy group Omega X who I love. This is their debut into acting. We love versatile talent. This drama is on the shorter side. It might be a nice and easy drama to pick up and watch. We will see, I always will support gay love (no matter the gender) dramas in general.

THERE IS MY LIST FOR SEPTEMBER! We will see what I end up watching due to access. I hope I get access to everything I want to watch. I hope the dramas that are rumored to air in September actually air in the coming month. There are a few I am quite excited for.

What dramas did you start in August? Did you complete any dramas in August? What did you like that you completed? What are you looking forward to in September for dramas? Anything I missed and need to add to my list? Is your list short like mine?



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