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CDRAMA REVIEW: Till the End of the Moon (2023)

I know...I know....CAITLIN ACTUALLY WATCHED A CDRAMA IN THE SAME YEAR THAT IT AIRED!!? I know that is what you are saying right now. I will say, I was not expecting to watch this drama but I was invited onto a podcast to review this drama. This meant I had to binge watch the drama in like 2 weeks to record the episode.

If you are interested in hearing more of my thoughts about this drama, check out Daebak K-Rambles Podcast. You can find it anywhere you listen to your podcasts. We talked so much that it had to split into 2 episodes. SHOUT TO DAEBAK PODCAST FOR GETTING ME TO WATCH THIS CDRAMA AND LETTING ME BE A GUEST ON THE PODCAST! Also, SHOUTOUT TO TEA AND SOJU ASIAN DRAMA PODCAST FOR BEING A GUEST WITH ME ON THOSE TWO EPISODES! If you are looking for Asian Drama podcasts to listen to- check out both of these podcasts because they are WONDERFUL! It was a lot of fun talking about Till The End of the Moon with you both and can't wait to do it again with another drama.😊

*Now as per usual with any review I write, I will not be including any spoilers in this review.*

A QUICK SYNOPSIS OF TILL THE END OF THE MOON - Li Su Su (played by Bai Lu) is sent back in time to discover the origin of the demon lord and stop him from becoming the demon lord. She goes back in time and finds Tan Tai Jin who is supposed to become the Demon Lord in the future. She is determined to destroy and kill him but that is easier said than done. Unexpected events happen which complicates her quest and steers these two towards each other.

I have not watched a Xianxia drama IN A WHILE and this was the perfect Xianxia drama to bring me back to the genre and back into cdramaland. Unless you have been living under a rock, you know Till the End of the Moon took the world by storm. I will say this now because it will just give you insight into what the rest of this review is going to say but Till the End of the Moon is ONE OF MY FAVORITE XIANXIA DRAMAS I HAVE EVER WATCHED! There, now you know what to expect in the rest of this review.


THE LEADS - Come on, you knew Bai Lu and Luo Yun Xi as leads was going to be a positive highlight in my review. This was the first drama I have seen with them together. I had heard they had AMAZING chemistry together. MAN, THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT WITH THIS DRAMA! Individually, Both Bai Lu and Luo Yun Xi also acted SO WELL in these roles. As I have mentioned in other reviews, I love when actors/actresses can show emotions through micro expressions and acting through their eyes. Both of them had to play multiple characters throughout this drama and each character was special and different. These two actors made each character their own person and made each character shine individually. There were a lot of emotions in this drama so, these two had to act their BUTTS OFF and they pulled it off SO WELL! I really can't imagine anyone else playing these characters at this point.

THE CGI - One thing I love about Xianxia is the magic and the fantasy of it all. CGI is a big part of Xianxia dramas and if a Xianxia drama has good CGI, it allows me to be brought in more into the story and world that the drama is creating. Till the End of the Moon has some GORGEOUS CGI! I just loved every scene with CGI and loved seeing what the drama could do with CGI. CGI just put this drama at another level.

THE STORY - The story for Till the End of the Moon was just beautiful! The main couple just went through so much together and overcame so many obstacles both with each other but also individually. I will say, this story will put you through the ringer. It will make you cry and feel all of the emotions. This story is a wild ride and I loved being on this ride from start to finish. I was VERY invested in this story and the outcome of everyone involved in this story. That speaks to how good this story was told and how well it unfolded in the drama. This story was just beautifully put together.

THE COSTUMES - THE COSTUMES ARE GORGEOUS AND A SIGHT TO SEE IN THIS DRAMA! I really can't choose a favorite because there are so many memorable costumes with Till the End of the Moon. There was a lot of planning and thought that went into the costumes. The production wanted to tell a story with the costumes. The costumes represented where the characters were in their story. The costumes had elements woven in throughout the lifetimes to connect them to each other. The costumes were just brilliant and I am just so impressed that so much thought was behind the costumes.

THE OSTS - I love when the OSTs supports the scenes they are in or even adds more emotions to the scenes where the OSTs are used. Till the End of the Moon has some AMAZING OSTs. I think the OSTs added so much to the drama. It just made me as the viewer to be even more invested in what I was watching. So, SHOUTOUT to the beautiful OSTs and soundtrack to this drama.

THE OTHER COUPLE - I have to give a shoutout to my other favorite couple in this drama and that is the couple of Pian Ran and Ye Qing Yu. Even though they were the third couple, what screen time they got in this drama was special for me. It says a lot when a couple has a small number of scenes BUT HAVE SO MUCH CHEMISTRY TOGETHER WHEN THEY WERE ON SCREEN! I loved seeing their relationship progress. I loved watching Pian Ran flirt with Ye Qing Yu. I was very invested in this couple. I am not going to reveal what happens with this couple but I am just going to say, I need these two actors to be together as a couple in another drama PRONTO!


THE ENDING - I did not mind the ending but some people might not like the ending. I still view the ending as a happy one but it is really up to the audience's interpretation. I know some people don't like those types of endings. So, if you don't like those types of endings, you might not like the ending of Till the End of the Moon. I also went into Till the End of the Moon expecting to be devastated at the end given the internet's reaction to it (I watched Till the End of the Moon when it had completed airing) so, maybe since I was expecting something VERY different than what I got, that is why I am okay with the ending.

CUTTING IN THE EDITING ROOM - In the last 10 episodes, especially the last 5 episodes, you can really see the cuts that the production had to make to meet the government standards to air the drama. Overall, I don't think it affected the drama GREATLY but you do notice it. I just have to point that out because I did finish this drama with a couple of questions that were never answered by the end. I am assuming I never got those answers due to the cuts. The pacing also seemed off a bit in the last few episodes as well, also due to the cuts the production had to make.

YOU WILL CRY - If you don't like crying, I will still say give this drama a chance BUT BRING TISSUES! I hate crying but I also LOVED this drama. I SOBBED at some scenes. We all know how much I hate to cry. So, just be warned, if you cry easily, you will cry with some scenes in this drama.


I really don't think I did this drama justice in this review. You just need to watch this drama and witness it for yourself. SERIOUSLY, if you are hesitant of clicking play on this drama, just give it a chance!

Did you watch Till the End of the Moon?

What did you think of the drama?

Is it on your list to watch?

Will you watch this drama now after reading my review?

Do you agree with my review?

Again as I mentioned above: If you want to hear more of my thoughts on this drama or just listen to some fantastic Asian Drama podcasts, you can listen to the episode I did with Tea and Soju Asian Drama Podcasts and Daebak K-Rambles Podcast on Till the End of the Moon.




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