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This is the final WRAP-UP of 2023. I actually completed quite a few dramas in the last month of 2023. I am surprised by this because usually November and December are my busiest months of the year and I usually don't get a lot of drama watching done in these months. I did accomplish what I set out to do in December and pretty much cleared my current watchlist. I only have 3 dramas on my current watchlist. Usually, I have a TON of ongoing dramas by the start of the new year but in 2023 I made an effort to not have that happen to me AND IT PAID OFF! I am not overwhelmed (currently) by my current watchlist.


I am quite proud at myself for clearing out my current watchlist. I completed a good number of dramas in the last month of 2023 and I am entering 2024 with an almost empty current watchlist WHICH IS WHAT I WANT!

Godzilla Minus One (JMovie): I might have not seen all of the Godzilla movies ever BUT This Godzilla movie is BY FAR my favorite Godzilla I have ever seen. It is also probably my favorite movie I have seen in 2023. Please do yourself a favor and watch this movie. I promise, you will not regret it. Godzilla in the movie is terrifying but it also delivers the emotional punches. You can read my full review of this movie here.

Perfect Marriage Revenge (Kdrama)(VIKI): I am not surprised I loved this drama. It has everything I usually love in a drama. It was a wild makjang ride. I will say I wasn't 100% satisfied with the ending but it is still one of my favorite Kdramas I watched in 2023.

While You Were Sleeping (Kdrama) (rewatch)(VIKI): This drama was a rewatch for me. I loved it in 2017 and I had fun rewatching it for a podcast episode. Rewatching it made me drop the original rating down a bit from where I had put it back in 2017 but I still loved this drama overall. Some of the comedy doesn't work for me and I still have SLS with this drama. It is still the only Kdrama to succeed in doing that.

Moon in the Day (Kdrama)(VIKI): I know my opinion might be different from others but I ABSOLUTELY ADORED this drama. I loved the main leads and their chemistry. I loved the story. I loved that it was TRUE enemies to lovers story. I even loved all the angst in it WHICH IS DIFFERENT FOR ME! I downrated it a bit because the kisses were not good except for maybe one. The comedy also didn't work for me and I was more invested in the past life story than the present-day story. This is still one of my favorite kdramas of 2023.

To Sir, With Love (Thai Drama)(YouTube): It took my WAY TO LONG to finish this drama BUT I guess I made sure to take advantage of my strategy for December and completed it before the new year. I am so happy it had a happy ending because I was afraid the entire time that it would have a sad ending. I loved the couples in this drama but I wish there was more of them. I think the horrible mothers overshadowed the other plot points and characters in this drama. It definitely is a crazy lakorn where some things don't make complete sense but I am glad I watched this one.

Night Has Come (Kdrama)(VIKI): This was VERY ENTERTAINING! The acting was phenomenal. It had a really unpredictable ending. I am not sure if I fully like or dislike the ending though. I am still undecided on that part. It was a little hard to follow who was who during the game of mafia so, you have to take notes or pay close attention. I wish it had longer episodes to give more context. If you like a school drama with violence and tension, I would check this one out.

The Escape of the Seven S1 (Kdrama)(VIKI): This was a wild makjang ride. At least it was fun to watch. If you try and watch this drama without trying to analyze it and you just watch it for the ride, you will enjoy it. If you try and understand anything that is going on, it will drive you crazy. The story made no sense and we all know it is getting a Season 2 this year. I will probably be watching Season 2 though.

Don't Call It Mystery Special (Jdrama Special)(VIKI): I wish there was more to this. I think I need to hunt down the movie at some point. The first hour was basically the first episode of the drama with a few extra scenes. At least the second half features a new mystery. The mystery was cute and heartwarming. I just wanted more of it.

My Happy Marriage (Anime) (NETFLIX): I binged this in 2 days. If that is any indication of how much I loved this anime, I don't know what does. I am a sucker for this type of couple. I loved the supernatural element in the story. It did leave some unanswered questions at the end but Season 2 is coming this year. I plan to watch more Anime this year so, we will see how that goes.


I swear January was supposed to EASE us into the new year BUT NO! We have a bunch of Korean Dramas coming out. I can't imagine all of the other countries and what they are releasing. We have some interesting Kdramas coming out in 2024 so, it is looking like an interesting year so far.

Marry My Husband (Kdrama) (AMAZON PRIME): [PREMIERES JANUARY 1ST, 2024]

I have 3 reasons to being excited for this drama. One reason is that I love this type of story and how makjang it can get. I am HERE for the makjang. This drama is inevitably going to be compared to Perfect Marriage Revenge from last year. Since I loved that drama, I am looking forward to loving this one. Last but not least, I love Na In Woo.

Love Song for Illusion (Kdrama) (VIKI): [PREMIERES JANUARY 2ND, 2024]

I have been looking forward to this Kdrama since it was announced. This just looks so different and an interesting concept/ I wonder if we will have split personalities as the theme of 2024? I am curious if it is a fantasy/supernatural reason for the split personality or not. I also like the cast quite a bit so I am excited to start this one tomorrow.

Death's Game Part 2 (Kdrama) (AMAZON PRIME): [PREMIERES JANUARY 5TH, 2024]

I waited for January 5th to start Death's Game so I could watch both parts back to back. People have loved Part 1 so; I am excited to watch part 1 and then go right into part 2. I am really curious about this entire concept with all of the cameos. I am also curious about the chemistry between all of these cameos and Park So Dam. This is a HUGE and stacked cast so I am excited to watch everyone in this drama.

Gyeongseong Creature Season 1 (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): [PREMIERES JANUARY 5TH, 2024]

This is another Kdrama where I waited to watch it. So, on January 5th, I will have 10 episodes to watch. Now, I have heard mixed reviews on this drama. Some people loved it. Some people thought it was just okay and some did not like it or even dropped it. That reaction makes me even more curious to check this drama out and see what I think.

A Shop for Killers (Kdrama) (HULU/DISNEY): [PREMIERES JANUARY 17TH, 2024]

I am SO EXCITED for this one. I had a lot of fun with the drama The Killer's Shopping List which apparently is the parent story of this drama according to MDL. This looks dark and action filled. I love a good potentially quirky crime drama. I also love the cast and I haven't seen them in a drama in while so, that is always fun getting some fav back in kdramaland.

The Bequeathed (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): [PREMIERES JANUARY 19TH, 2024]

I am curious about this one. I am intrigued because I can't really figure out what this drama is. It looks mysterious. It looks drama filled. It looks spooky and could potentially be a little scary. The cast is great! I just don't know what to make of this drama. The trailer didn't give us much.

Captivating The King (Kdrama): [PREMIERES JANUARY 21ST, 2024]

I don't usually go for dramas like this. This looks like it could rip my heart out and be SO ANGSTY! The trailers and posters look beautiful though. The synopsis sounds like this drama could get intense. It mentions revenge and someone becoming a spy. I am not 100% sure if I am going to click play on this yet. I might see if it lands anywhere, I have access to it and see what people are saying about it before I click play. We will see.

Flex X Cop (Kdrama): [PREMIERES JANUARY 26TH, 2024]

Ok, this drama looks like it could be a lot of fun. We got crime. We got comedy. I love a pair of cops where one is silly and over the top and other is serious. The cast looks good. This drama could be a lot of fun and break up a lot of the more intense and serious dramas that are coming out in January. We will see if it pops up somewhere on a streaming site.

That is all I watched in December and what I am looking forward to in January 2024. 2024 looks like it is starting off at full speed - at least in kdramaland. What did you complete in December? Did you enjoy those dramas? What dramas are you excited to watch in January?




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