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I don't know if people like looking at this blogpost series. I like looking at pretty posters so, I am going to continue it. If I find pretty posters that I like, I will make this POSTER COLLECTION post for that month. If I don't find any posters I like, then I will skip that month. We are in a new year and we have a lot of posters come out in January especially in China due to Lunar New Year. Here are all the posters that caught my eye in dramaland for the past month.

There is not much information available for this cdrama yet. I just know that it will be a historical romance drama and that is about it. I love these posters though. I loved the vibrant colors with the costumes and then the circular backgrounds. I love how the tree and plants seem to come off the bicircular backgrounds and surround the characters. I wonder what this drama is going to be about. If it is a historical mystery drama, then I am interested in this drama EVEN MORE!

I know a lot of people are not watching this drama. I think it is being aired on YouTube but I don't know if there are English subs or not. I am intrigued by these posters. I love how the fireworks from the bullet they are holding shows the characters in action sequences. I do like the historical setting too. Maybe I will check it out in the future.

I can't have a poster collection blog post for January 2023 without Full River Red being in the collection. I hope I eventually get access to this movie to watch it. It is a spy film that takes place in a historical setting. I am a SUCKER for historical mystery dramas/ movies. This movie looks like it can get quite suspenseful and exciting. I am sure it has a lot of action scenes in it. I love that the movie released a special Lunar New Year poster as well.

Another cdrama that is on my "Plan to Watch" list. I have heard good things about this one. I have not read the book. I love that these posters are so simple. I love the addition of that one color. A color representative of that certain character in that poster. I wonder if that happens in the drama as well. Anyone watching this one?

Fox Spirit Matchmaker released a special Lunar New Year poster. I always loved the drawn look that Chinese drama posters do all the time. This one is quite interesting and beautiful. I am sure it makes a lot of people happy to get new content for this drama. I know I love it.

I have The Blood of Youth on my list to watch and I guess now I should add Wulin Heroes as well. I like both the leads and I do love a good Wuxia drama. I like a lot of the cast in this drama too. I love the color palate of these posters. I keep thinking the reflection of the tree in the water is a dragon tail. Is anyone watching The Blood of Youth? Do you like it?

WE ALL KNOW I am watching this Kdrama that just premiered this past week. I LOVE KIM JUNG HYUN! I hear that this drama has a mix of genres like romance and comedy. Kim Jung Hyun does great with comedy so, I am excited for that. I also love that this drama has fantasy which I am a sucker for. I am excited to watch more. I love that this poster shows off a little of the comedy found in the drama.

I have been excited for this drama SINCE IT WAS ANNOUNCED! I am especially excited for the fact that it is based off of novel The Golden Hairpin. We all know the cdrama version of that is not going to see the light of day as least for now until something happens. So, I will take this. I have heard that this version has changed some things but that is ok. I like a lot of the cast in this drama but I am REALLY in for the story of this drama. I love how colorful these character posters are because I doubt that the drama will be this bright so, I like the contrast.

I LOVED Season 1 of Taxi Driver so, YES, I WILL TAKE MORE PLEASE! I love this poster. Everything from the background and that they stuck with the original color screen to Lee Je Hoon back in his iconic jacket. This poster has succeeded in ramping up excitement for Season 2.

There is the POSTER COLLECTION for the first month in 2023! We got a nice variety for you! There were a lot of posters that caught my eye. There were others I could have included but decided not to. I wonder what posters we will have next month.

Stay tuned for next month's Collection of Posters! Are you a collector of pretty posters for dramas? What ones have you seen that has caught your eyes recently? Any dramas coming out that you are excited for due to the poster you have seen?




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