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SUMMER AND WARMER WEATHER means I have changed my listening habits so summer sound songs. Do any of you switch your music choices with the seasons? This list is going to VERY GIRL GROUP HEAVY! The girl groups HAVE BEEN ON A ROLL LATELY!

Taemin - ADVICE - You ALL KNOW when Taemin breathes, he is going on this list because I am listening to him CONSTANTLY! Advice was both a new sound for Taemin in a title track BUT also somehow sounds a lot like him as well. CAN WE ALSO TALK ABOUT THE DANCING AND OUTFITS IN THIS MUSIC VIDEO! Advice probably has some of my FAVORITE outfits and choreo in it. I will be sad when Taemin enters the military at the end of the month but ALSO SO GRATEFUL FOR ALL HE HAS DONE SO FAR!

Oh My Girl - DUN DUN DANCE - Leave it to Oh My Girl to start the summer and the release of A BILLION KPOP SUMMER SONGS! I can picture myself by the pool, listening to this song. My bias GOES OFF WITH HER RAP AS ALWAYS! This song just makes me smile and just SCREAMS summer. The music video is bright and colorful too. I love the note that Seunghee sings in the chorus where she swings her voice from low to high (Sorry I don't know what the musical term that is).

Bling Bling - OH MAMA - THIS WAS SUCH A GREAT COMEBACK FOR BLING BLING! I loved their debut song but I think I love OH MAMA more! I love that it is loud just like their debut song but also shows off their BEAUTIFUL vocals. I immediately start to dance and sing when the song hits the chorus. Just like their debut song, THEIR RAPPING IS SO GOOD! The rappers in this group REALLY STAND OUT!

Aespa - NEXT LEVEL - Now at first, I did not know how I felt about this song. MAN DID IT GROW ON ME!! I wish the song had more vocal heavy parts BUT IT IS ADDICTIVE! Now, I don't mind the abrupt changes between genres in the song and THE RAPPING PARTS ARE SO GOOD! I just find myself singing along. Black Mamba introduced us to Aespa and Next Level just proved that these girls ARE SO TALENTED AND CAN DO ANYTHING!

Highlight - NOT THE END - 2021 is the 2nd Gen group COMEBACK YEAR and I AM HERE FOR IT!! I love Highlight so I WAS SO EXCITED to see them having a comeback. Man, Not the End DID NOT DISAPPOINT! It shows off their beautiful vocals. When the chorus hits and the instrumental comes in, THAT IS MY FAVORITE PART! The music video was beautiful as well with pretty outfits and lots of flowers. It gave MAJOR spring vibes.

Rocket Punch - RING RING - ROCKET PUNCH FINALLY HAD A COMEBACK!! It is catchy and SO RETRO and I LOVE IT! I am a sucker for synths and 80s sound in music and this song EMBRACED THAT! At first, I wasn't sure about the chorus because there are not a lot of vocals in it BUT MAN, I AM ADDICTED TO THIS SONG NOW! I also love the high notes in this song. You can't help but dance to this song every time it comes on.

Fromis_9 - WE GO - YOU WANT A SUMMER SONG AND SUMMER THEME MUSIC VIDEO, CHECK OUT FROMIS_9 AND THEIR SONG WE GO! IT SCREAMS SUMMER! It is bright and summery both in how it sounds and also the music video. I love the editing in this music video because it is so creative. I hope this song does well on the charts so we get more frequent comebacks from Fromis_9 because I love this girl group.

HOT ISSUE - GRATATA - HOT ISSUE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE DEBUTS OF 2021 ALONG WITH PIXY. Girl groups are just hitting different in 2021. THE INSTRUMENTAL IN THIS SONG IS SO INTERESTING! I love that the pace of this song speeds up and slows down throughout the song. I like songs that have movement. THE CHORUS IS SO ADDICTIVE! I just sing along every time I hear it.

PIXY - LET ME KNOW - Leave it to my favorite debut of 2021 TO RELEASE A NEW SONG THAT BLOWS ME AWAY! I loved that it was connected to their debut song. I loved the choreo in the music video. The girls look beautiful as well. I LOVE HOW LOUD THIS SONG'S CHORUS IS! This comeback just blew me away!

WJSN - UNNATURAL - THIS SONG WAS A CHANGE UP FOR THIS GROUP AND I LOVED IT! I like that this group tried something new. Don't get me wrong, I was VERY SURPRISED but it worked. I love that the instrumental gives off summer vibes. I love the vocals in this song too. THE RAPPING WAS SO GOOD, not that it is every bad because this group has some UNDERRATED RAPPER FOR SURE! The choreo has some memorable parts that you ABSOLUTELY copy whenever this song comes on.

WJSN THE BLACK - EASY - This song kept with sort of the theme of UNNATURAL so NATURALLY I LOVED IT! It is sexy and dark which is VERY NEW for this group. I love that they went the mature, sexy route because GOD THESE GIRLS ARE GORGEOUS! The rapping was SO GOOD and I am glad that she got a longer part in this song. I JUST LOVED THIS DEBUT AND RELEASE! I have been listening to it CONSTANTLY since it was released.

ACE - DOWN (feat. Grey) - Leave it to ACE to release a song that immediately is added to my summer playlist. I love that this is such a catchy song and the music video is just easy fun. I just smile when I watch the music video. The boys just seemed to have a fun time shooting the music video. I mean, YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH ACE VOCALS!

LUNARSOLAR - DADADA - I loved LUNARSOLAR's debut so this comeback was much appreciated. THE RAPPING IN THIS SONG IS MY FAVORITE PART! I love that the music video is very low-key and just shot around the house. The chorus IS SO ADDICTING! This song was immediately added to my summer playlist.

JAY B, SOLODOMO - Switch It Up - I am a SUCKER for R&B and YOU KNOW I LOVE THIS SONG! I am so happy for Jay B. He seems happy and gets to work on music he wants to make. I am excited to see how his solo career develops. If this song is any clue of what his sound is going to be like, HE WILL ALWAYS HAVE A FAN WITH ME! I love this sound and prefer it with my soloists. You get to hear his silky vocals and it shows his range. I can't wait to hear more whether it is more solo releases or MORE COLLABS!

What have you been listening too recently? Anything that I should check out or add to my playlists? Did you find any songs/albums from this post that you are going to check out?




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