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The blog is back with another month of Kdrama news for you guys. Here is all the news I collected in the month of August, 2023. Just a reminder, most of the news posts will be about casting news. I might add a couple of other news tidbits if I find it interesting. This post is just things that I have collected over the last month or so. All of the news will be confirmed - I don't want to post anything about rumors or anything. I AM SURE I WILL MISS SOMETHING - especially the amount of news that is announced every month in drama land.


BREAKING: BLACKPINK's Jisoo And Actor Ahn Bo Hyun confirmed to be dating [Soompi]

Kdrama "Death's Game" announces PACKED cast [Soompi]

Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun confirmed to be expecting their 2nd child [Soompi]

Shin Ha Kyun, Kim Young Kwang and Shin Jae Ha confirmed for new kdrama [Soompi]

Kim Tae Ri, Shin Ye Eun, Ra Mi Ran and Moon So Ri confirmed for new kdrama [Soompi]

Jun So Min and Weki Meki's Kim Doyeon confirmed for new film [Soompi]

Lee Sun Kyun, Yoo Jae Myung, Kim Moo Yeol and Lee Kwang Soo confirmed for new mystery thriller kdrama [Soompi]

WJSN Exy confirmed for new film [Soompi]

Ji Chang Wook and Wi Ha Joon's upcoming drama confirms premiere date [Soompi]

Super Junior's Donghae and Lee Seol confirmed for romance kdrama [Soompi]

"Chief Inspector: The Beginning" confirms more of its cast [Soompi]

Upcoming Kdrama "Boyhood" confirms cast [Soompi]

Lee Jung Ha confirmed for upcoming school kdrama [Soompi]

Jung Kyung Ho confirmed as lead for new kdrama [Soompi]

Kim Myung Soo, Choi Ye Bin and more confirmed for new Kdrama [Soompi]

Jang Ki Yong and Chun Woo Hee confirmed for new Kdrama [Soompi]

Kang Dong Won Establishes his own one man agency [Soompi]

A New Fantasy BL Kdrama confirms their cast [Soompi]

That is all the Kdrama news I have gathered in the month of August.

Did you see something that interests you?

What casting/drama news are you excited about?

Is this kind of blogpost helpful to you?

Anything I missed?


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