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I am sure if you have been reading this blog for ANY amount of time, you will have heard me say AT LEAST once that I do not watch a lot of romance dramas. Romance almost always has to be paired with another genre for me to watch it. I will say I have watched some romance dramas and loved some romance dramas. I swear I don't just watch crime or thriller dramas. You may also know because I have said this multiple times on my blog but for some reason, romance dramas from Japan are my favorite. I just seem to watch a lot of romance dramas from Japan. More than any other country that I watch dramas from. I literally said this in my first post ever on this blog that I did for Japanese dramas. You can read that here.

TODAY - I am going to name some of Romance Japanese dramas that I love and that I recommend you watch. I already know that I have not watched all the romance Japanese dramas and I have a ton on my list I still need to watch. If you like my list, recommend some other romance Japanese dramas I should check out. Let me know which of these romance Japanese dramas on my list you have seen and love as well.

Random thought too - if you are like me and don't like scary stuff (I love crime dramas but can't handle like demons and possession stuff - I am very particular in what I find scary 😂) or Halloween - USE THIS LIST TO FIND A HAPPY PLACE DURING THIS SPOOKY SEASON!

When this Japanese drama aired, it took the drama watching community by storm, MYSELF INCLUDED! If you want a drama with a healthy relationship, WATCH THIS DRAMA! I loved how this drama gave both perspectives of the couple about situations. The male lead loved the female lead for who she was. She did not have to change for him and that was so refreshing. He also did not try to change her. I also loved that he helped her grow and gain confidence in all aspects of her life. They just both supported each other in their relationship. There was communication and no obstacles. It was such an easy romantic drama to watch.

Cherry Magic is another drama that was a phenomenon when it aired. Everyone was talking about it. I mean we were all talking about it for very good reasons. Just do yourself a favor and watch this drama. This is another drama with a healthy relationship. Again, one partner helped the other gain confidence. The lead actors had great chemistry. The relationship helped both characters grow and change with each other. You can relate to these characters. It is just a heartwarming and cute drama. It was a lot of people's happy place when it aired. Here is my Review.

This drama is a quick binge which I am sure you will all love once you start it. It just aired this year in 2022 so, it is fairly new. The two leads are down to earth and have a comfortable chemistry. Their acting was SPOT-ON! Since it is so short, just a warning, you will finish this drama wanting more because you will fall in love with this couple a lot. Also, if you are a foodie like me, this drama has some tasty shots of food throughout so, don't watch this drama hungry.

This was one of the first Japanese dramas I ever watched. It is a sweet, short drama that has a unique twist in it. It sort of made me nostalgic in a way while watching it. I loved the lead couple's chemistry. I loved the comedic parts of this drama because some of those moments are quite wacky.

This romance drama has a different vibe to it. It takes place in a small town and near the ocean. It has a more laid-back relaxed feeling which I think reflects its setting. It was a nice change of pace because a lot of the Japanese dramas I have watched take place in cities like Tokyo. The leads have a slow and comforting chemistry. I also love the cinematography of this drama because it shows off nature and the natural landscape in this town and the beach.

If you are looking for a light, fluffy romance Japanese drama, CHECK THIS ONE OUT! The Female lead is cute and bubbly. The male lead points this out secretly all the time which is hilarious. I love the classic trope of a contract marriage and this does that well. There are no big misunderstandings. The leads have GREAT CHEMISTRY!

This may be a little controversial to have this drama on this list. Let me ask you a question - YOU LIKE KISSING IN YOUR DRAMA? If you do, do yourself a favor AND WATCH THIS DRAMA! There is a lot of physical interaction with the main couple in this drama. I loved how the relationship with the two leads developed. I loved that the female lead was more perceptive that she originally came off in the beginning of the drama. I loved how the male lead grew and opened up more through their relationship. I was very surprised by this drama. Here is my review.

Making this list has just made want to go and click play on some of the romance Japanese dramas that have not watched yet. There are a good amount of romance Japanese dramas that I have seen that are not on this list. Maybe I should make a part two of this least because I could easily do that.


Did some of your favorite Japanese romance dramas make the list?

What are some of your favorites that are not on the list that I should check out?

What on the list have you seen?

What on the list have you not seen but are now going to check out?




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