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Another month is coming to a close. I can't believe we are about to be 3 months away from 2022 ending. THIS YEAR MAN! September has been a REALLY slow month for me with watching dramas. I just got distracted and have been interested in other things. That SURE didn't stop me from starting new dramas. I just didn't finish a lot of dramas. So, now my current watchlist is PACKED!


I only completed 3 dramas in September. I think that is my lowest number of dramas finished in a month ever. I am not positive on that but I think it is. It was a combination of a lot of things. Everything from life and what has come up in my life, distractions of other things I like doing but also just what dramas I was watching and their schedule on when they end. I have a TON of dramas that end in October. Dramas just seemed to skip September and all end in October. Was September slow for all of you guys?

Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist (Kdrama) (VIKI): I ABSOLUTELY ADORED THIS DRAMA! I can't wait for Season 2 which is supposed to air in January 2023. Yes, this drama will have a season 2. I loved the found family. I loved the healing messages it had. I like the chemistry of the lead couple but I do with their relationship moved farther along in this season. It is a slow burn romance FOR SURE! Hopefully we will get more progress in Season 2. I also wanted the female lead to have more scenes as a coroner. I am bias towards female coroners in dramas though.

Narco-Saints (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): I was very cautious going into this drama. Shows in general no matter the country, don't always have the best track record when entering other countries or having other cultures and races in their shows. I thought Narco-Saints handled it well overall. It was fast-paced and the story was tight. It did not drag. It did start out a little slow but only for episode 1. I still can't believe this drama is based off a real person!

Good Job (Kdrama) (VIKI): This was an okay drama. It was good but could have been great. The highlight of this drama and why I watched it was the lead couple's chemistry. THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT! I also loved the friend group they both had with their best friends and how that became a friend group with all four of them and all of them dating. Some parts of the ending did not make sense to me. I also felt the ending was a little rushed. I also thought that if you have SUPERVISION in your drama, you should USE IT MORE! It was underutilized in my opinion.


There is going to be A LOT of movement on my watchlist in October. A lot of the dramas I am currently watching end in October. October is also PACKED with new Kdramas premiering. I am sure the other countries have lots of dramas planned for October as well. I am sure as October progresses, more dramas will be announced and premiere. OUR PLATES WILL BE FULL IN OCTOBER!! Are we ready for all of this? This is what I will be potentially adding to my current watchlist in October as it stands right now.

Bad Prosecutor (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): [PREMIERES OCTOBER 5TH, 2022]

THE AMOUNT OF LAW KDRAMAS COMING OUT THIS YEAR makes me laugh. D.O. being back in dramaland is a HUGE draw for me to watch this drama. I love his as an actor. I think this will be a good mix of crime and crime. I also LOVE a lot of the actors in the supporting cast for this drama. I know other people can't believe another law drama is coming out and I understand. It seems like there is a lot this year. I AM READY TO WATCH D.O. BE A CRAZY CHARACTER!

Glitch (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): [PREMIERES OCTOBER 7TH, 2022]

I will be the first to admit, when I first heard the name Glitch, I did NOT expect aliens. 😂 I thought more like a glitch in the system, like more to do with technology. So, the trailer for this threw me off a bit BUT HEY, I AM HERE FOR THE WEIRD ALIEN! This looks like it is going to be a good mix of genres. I am curious what the dynamic of the two lead actresses will be. ALSO WE HAVE A DUO OF LEAD ACTRESSES LEADING A DRAMA WHICH I SUPPORT!

One Hundred Won Butler (Kdrama): [PREMIERES OCTOBER 19TH, 2022]

I REALLY hope this leans more towards the fantasy than comedy. Both of these leads do SO WELL in the comedy department though so, I will not be surprised to see if this has a lot of comedy in it. I love both Lee Hye Ri and Lee Jun Young so, I have been looking forward to this drama for awhile. I am curious what their dynamic will look like. We will have to wait and see what streaming site it lands on.

The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate (Kdrama): [PREMIERES OCTOBER 29TH, 2022]

This is a Kdrama that has been circling around for at least for the second half of 2022. Supposedly it will air at the end of October now. Just on the synopsis ALONE, I am excited for this drama. I love a good revenge story and then you put fantasy into the mix AND I AM IN! I wonder what streaming platform this one will end up on.

Immortality (Cdrama) (TENCENT): [RUMORED FOR OCTOBER, 2022]

I just have one sentence to say about this this. I WILL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT!! If this drama actually airs in October and FINISHES airing, I WILL BELIEVE IT THEN! I think this is like the 4th time I have seen a rumored premiere. I think at this point everyone just wants to see it actually air and complete airing safely.

My Tooth Your Love (Tdrama) (VIKI): [PREMIERES OCTOBER 14TH, 2022]

This one has a weird title and a weird concept for a story BUT that is what caught my eye. I always am down to entertain another BL drama. I haven't seen any of the other WBL series and this one is part of that series BUT I have heard good things about the previous dramas. Who is excited for this one?

THERE IS MY LIST FOR OCTOBER! I am sure there are some dramas that will air in October that aren't on this list. We all know how dramas can sometimes fall out of the sky and just premiere. I just hope I don't get distracted TOO much and actually watch a ton of dramas in October.

What dramas did you start in September? Did you complete any dramas in September? What did you like that you completed? What are you looking forward to in October for dramas? Anything I missed and need to add to my list? Is your list short like mine?



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