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I was SO HAPPY to see Aaron Lai finally coming back with a new drama with all that happened with him. I knew I was going to check Be Love in House: I Do out when it premiered and HERE WE ARE! I am now writing and posting my FINAL REVIEW of this drama since it ended in the past week.

*Now as per usual with any review I write, I will not be including any spoilers in this review.*

A QUICK SYNOPSIS OF BE LOVED IN HOUSE: I DO - Aaron Lai plays Jin Yu Zhen who takes over Seisei Studio which is in danger of going bankrupt and becomes its new manager. Hank Wang plays Shi Lei, an employee of the studio. On his first day, Jin Yu Zhen makes a rule that prohibits romantic relationships or marriage for the employees of the studio. This results in Shi Lei coming up with a secret plan to get rid of the rule. As Shi Lei starts to get to know Jin Yu Zhen and they get closer, will he be successful in eliminating the rule? What happens when feelings with both parties starts to develop?

Overall, I enjoyed this drama quite a bit. It wasn't perfect but it was an easy watch. This is the type of drama you turn on when you don't have the brain power for an intense drama that causes you to have to pay attention and think. Be Loved in House: I Do was an easy, breezy drama where you could predict where the story was going and you knew the ending you were going to get. That is not always a bad thing either.



I liked both couples in this drama but I definitely preferred the main couple versus the side couple. I tend to not like couples and characters that are "TOO CUTE". The second couple definitely had some cute scenes that were just too cute for me. The second couple was a hit or miss for me and that depended on the episode. Some episodes I enjoyed them a lot, sometimes even stealing the thunder of the main couple in that episode. Other episodes I didn't really care about them. I am not quite sure what I would have needed in their relationship for me to care and I am not quite sure how to describe my feeling for this second couple. Maybe it was the pacing that affected my thoughts on the second couple which I will talk about later in this review.

I loved the main couple but I think I liked the main couple so much was because they had growth and substance in their story. You could see Shi Lei slowly develop feelings for his boss as he was trying to enact his plan. You could see Jin Yu Zhen open up to Shi Lei and try to overcome his own feelings with the relationship. I became much more attached to this couple than I did with the second couple.


I thought all the actors had great chemistry together with their respective partners. Hank Wang and Aaron Lai seemed very comfortable around each other and that showed on screen. Their acting together seemed easy. Same with Liao Wei Po and Jie En Yu, the actors who played the second couple. It didn't seem like work for them and it just seemed like everyday life for them. The dynamic of the second couple together was comforting and warmed your heart. I liked that Liao Wei Po's character supported Jie En Yu's character and caused him to be more confident in himself. The emotions that Hank Wang and Aaron Lai acted out together in scenes was great to watch. I loved the last episode because you got satisfaction with their relationship both emotionally but also got to see that physical chemistry as well FINALLY pay off.


I talked about this a little bit above when I was talking about the chemistry between these actors but I thought all the actors were great in this drama. Hank Wang and Aaron Lai acted out their scenes well and conveyed that emotional and physical connection I always look for in a romance drama. There were a few emotional scenes between the second couple as well, especially at the beginning and middle of the drama. I thought Both Liao Wei Po and Jie En Yu acted out these scenes well too. I came to this drama because I love Aaron Lai as an actor but came away from this drama with a few more actors to look out for in future works.


I have to give a shoutout to Shi Lei's mother in this drama. HIS COMING OUT SCENE WAS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SCENES IN THIS DRAMA! I just love her relationship with her son and even the relationship she developed with Jin Yu Zhen. I love that she was supportive of her son especially after he came out to her. Her response to that coming out scene was beautiful and just everyone a gay person would want to hear when they have to do that themselves. SO, THIS IS MY SHOUTOUT TO HER - ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS IN THIS DRAMA!



I think what harmed this drama overall was the story. It could have been better ESPECIALLY the pacing. I felt that the second couple got their happy ending WAY EARLY and then we were in agony to see the happy ending for the main couple. I think if they had dragged the second couple out a bit more, maybe added in a problem or too and allowed us to have at least 1 episode of the main couple being happy together, I would have enjoyed this drama even more. I mean the main couple never really got together AT ALL until the last episode and it could have happened earlier. The second couple just seem happily "married" for most of the drama and had no angst really. The pacing and timing were just off to me for this drama.


Because the pacing was off, the ending seemed a bit rushed. Yes, we only got short 12 episodes for the story, so, that might have something else to do with this too. I left this drama wanting some more explanation on things. We never got a real deep talk between our main couple which I think needed to happen. You could tell the characters wanted that too. Yes, as an audience we got all the information we needed but I wanted some deeper explanation, ESPECIALLY with Jin Yu Zhen and his past. We got to meet Shi Lei's mother and got to know some of his backstory but I think we could have learned more. Same with Jin Yu Zhen OR ANY OF THESE COUPLES! I just wanted more information about everything.


Lastly, WHY DID THEY HAVE TO BRING THE EX BACK INTO THE PICTURE!? Yes, I understand why he was brought back for the story and how it propelled the story forward. I just thought it was unnecessary. Again, going back to the pacing of this drama and how it was structured. The main couple never gets together until the very end so to have the ex come back and create this obstacle was just unnecessary. It made the audience wait longer for the satisfaction of see the main couple finally get together when they could have gotten together at like episode 8. The writers didn't need to bring the ex back at all and could have had a fine story. There was just no need for it.

Rating: 7.5/10 (Streaming on VIKI now)


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