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TDRAMA REVIEW: Rainless Love in a Godless Land (2021)

I get easily distracted OKAY so; this drama took me WAY LONGER to finish than it should have. I started it way back in 2021 and it was one of the dramas I completed in January 2022 before I started any new dramas. I AM SO GLAD I COMPLETED THIS DRAMA!! Have you checked out Rainless Love in a Godless Land? It is on the iQIYI app where I am. Maybe this review will push you to at least click play on episode 1 and see what the drama is all about yourself.

*Now as per usual with any review I write, I will not be including any spoilers in this review.*

A QUICK SYNOPSIS OF RAINLESS LOVE IN A GODLESS LAND - The gods are leaving earth one by one. Humans have destroyed the world to the point where the gods are unwilling to bless the world anymore and are leaving instead. One woman might be able to change all of that. Secrets must be revealed and discovered. A forbidden love story starts to unfold.

Overall, I LOVED THIS DRAMA! I thought it was very creative and thoughtful. I was invested in the story FOR SURE! That is a good sign with a drama for me, when I am invested in what happens to the characters by the end of the drama. When I finished this drama, I was really mad at myself that I waited so long to finish it.


THE ACTING/THE CAST - The acting was PHENOMENAL in this drama. I am not surprised by this at all because there are a lot of talent in this drama. The emotions that these actors evoke in this is something else. This drama was a joy to watch just because the acting was SO GOOD! This drama not only had a GREAT cast but also SO MANY CAMEOS! If you are familiar with any Taiwanese dramas, you will recognize a lot of the actors/actresses in this drama. It was so fun seeing all the cameos in this drama. THE LEAD COUPLE HAD SO MUCH CHEMISTRY!! It OOZED off the screen.

THE MESSAGES - There were multiple morals, life lessons and messages that this drama used their platform to teach about and portray in its story. The big one that stood out to me was, OF COURSE, the message about the environment. This drama was clearly trying to teach its viewers to care about the environment, climate change and to do something about it now before it was too late. I thought it was SO CREATIVE how this drama went about saying this message and teaching the audience a little about the problems that humans are creating for the environment. The messages about life in general that were also portrayed and said in this drama were beautiful to watch play out in the plot and produced some beautiful dialogue as well.

CINEMATOGRAPHY - I mean a drama talking about the environment, OF COURSE THE CINEMATOGRAPHY IS GOING TO BE BEAUTIFUL! I also think since there was fantasy elements in this drama, that added to the cinematography as well. The sweeping landscape shots were gorgeous. The magical scenes, especially having to do with the lead couple, were breathtaking. The cinematography really played a hand into how much I became invested in the story, the messages and the romance of this drama. The production quality of this drama is TOP-NOTCH!

FANTASY ELEMENTS - I am a SUCKER for fantasy dramas. I am a SUCKER for fated fantasy romance stories. IT WAS A GIVEN THAT I WAS GOING TO LOVE THIS DRAMA! It had everything in it that draws me into a drama and keeps me invested. LET ME TELL YOU, THIS DRAMA DID JUST THAT! I loved all the fantasy and lore in this drama. I loved learning about the magic and gods in this drama. I just found it fascinating. This story is just so unique and there really isn't anything like it.

CULTURE - The story and lore in this drama are actually from a group of indigenous people in Taiwan. I loved learning about this culture that I have never heard of. Each episode opened with an animated story. It spoke of what might happen in the episode to follow. The entire story was taken from the stories and culture of this group of people. All of the mythology was from the stories of this group of people. I love learning about new cultures and mythology, so I quite enjoyed being exposed to these peoples' stories and getting that little window into their culture and into a world that I had never heard of before.

OSTS - THE OSTS OF THIS DRAMA ARE SOMETHING ELSE!! They are so beautiful and so memorable. They are beautiful to listen to and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!! I thought they fit the story and the drama quite well. The score is equally fitting and beautiful to listen too. I always like picking out unique instruments or parts of the instrumental that I love listening too. The songs in this OST span various genres but also are compatible together. If you listen to Taiwanese songs or other Tdrama OSTs, you might recognize some of the artists who contributed to this OST.


HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION - Even though the story was FANTASTIC, it was a little confusing at times. I think this played into the fact that it was based off lore and a culture I had no idea about. So, there were a lot of characters and names to keep track of. I eventually figured it out BUT this is a drama you have to pay attention too. This is not a drama that you can just have playing in the background.

SLOW BURN - Maybe one of the reasons why I got distracted and it took me so long to finish this drama is that the beginning is a slow burn. It is a slow burn with the story AND the romance. There are quite a few things to set up in the beginning of this drama so the first couple of episodes may seem slow to some people. If a slow burn romance is not your thing, this may not be the drama for you. The couple has FANTASTIC chemistry so I was okay with the slow burn of the romance, but it doesn't work for everyone. Once this drama gets going though, MAN IT IS A BEAUTIFUL AND CRAZY RIDE!

Rating: 9/10 (Streaming on iQIYI now)

AND THAT IS MY REVIEW OF Rainless Love in a Godless Land!!

Did you watch Rainless Love in a Godless Land?

What did you think of the drama?

Is it on your list to watch?

Will you be checking out this drama after reading my review?




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