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TDRAMA REVIEW: Someday or One day (2019)

I KNOW! I am very late to this one. I know people have been telling me to watch this drama FOR YEARS! Well, I did it and I can see why people love this drama SO MUCH! Here is my review of Someday or One Day.

*Now as per usual with any review I write, I will not be including any spoilers in this review.*

*I can't really write the synopsis of this drama without revealing spoilers so if you really want to read the synopsis of this drama before you check it out, if you click the title of the drama that I hyperlinked to another website. That website will give you a synopsis of this drama. I am doing this for people who have not seen Someday or One day yet. People who have seen the drama will understand.

Now, I am going to REALLY try and keep this review SPOILER FREE. It will be VERY HARD because spoilers are woven into this drama and it is very hard to express my thoughts on this drama without giving anything away BUT I AM GOING TO TRY! Overall, this is a FANTASTIC drama. As I said above, I can see why people were pushing me to watch it. It was worth all the emotions that you will experience in this drama. I know one of the reasons I was avoiding this drama was because I knew I would cry and I hate to cry. I ABSOLUTELY cried during this drama but it was worth it.



THE CAST OF THIS DRAMA IS A HIGHLIGHT OF THIS DRAMA! The three lead actors/actresses Alice Ke, Greg Hsu and Patrick Shih are all brilliant in the roles that they are given. They really sell their characters' story and personalities throughout the drama. They are just SO TALENTED! I can't really see these characters being played by anyone else.


I have to give props to the writers of this drama. I am just so impressed. The intricacy and the thought process that had to go into this script and story to pull it off just ASTOUNDS ME! It is a complicated story where threads are all laid out and eventually woven together to create this masterpiece of a story. For a writer to lay out plot points in the first couple of episodes to it not to be woven into the story until the last episode takes some SERIOUS planning. This effort pays off with creating this beautiful and impactful story that sticks with its audience DAYS LATER! It is just a story that you don't get often in drama land.


I have ALWAYS loved Tdrama OSTs and Someday or One Day is no exception. OSTs bring back memories from the drama. They make an impact for the audience. If we hear the song months later and still think of a certain scene or character, the OSTs have done their job. I can DEFINITELY see this happening with the OSTs of Someday or One Day. The songs that accompany this drama bring out the emotions of the drama and really compliment the drama as a whole.


As I said above, I was sort of avoiding this drama because I knew I was going to cry while watching this drama. I was not wrong. I cried SO HARD with some scenes. This drama is a roller coaster of emotions. It shows its characters in this raw way where it leaves everything on the table. This drama has some fantasy elements to it but it also has some real emotions attached to it that can be relatable to many of the people who watch this drama.


One thing I have ALWAYS loved about Taiwanese dramas and I know I mention this in some of my other Taiwanese drama reviews is that these dramas take the opportunity to talk about some real issues that we all might face in our lives. Tdramas talk about these subjects and have their characters experience these same issues. Some characters overcoming the issues they face and some being pulled under and weighed down by the issues in their lives. By doing this, Taiwan gives some reality to their dramas that can be relatable to the audience and allow the audience to connect with the characters even more. Someday or One Day is no different. This drama has subjects like bullying, suicide, divorce, death and much more woven into its story and its characters' lives. I just love that this drama has fantasy elements but is rooted in this reality that many of us face in our daily lives. It adds more beauty to an already beautiful story.



THIS IS A COMPLICATED AND CONFUSING STORY STRUCTURE! I am just saying it now. It was VERY hard for me to follow because the story is not told in a linear way. Now I am not saying the drama needed to improve upon the story to make it better. It was brilliant how it was structured because everything was connected in the end. I will say though BE PREPARED TO BE CONFUSED if you are watching this for the first time. I actually wrote a timeline of events for myself to keep track. It was THAT hard for me to follow along. So, everyone should watch this drama if you haven't but be prepared that this is a drama where you will have to concentrate and pay attention. This is not the drama to click play on if you are looking for a drama to have on in the background while you clean or something.


Given how carefully laid out this entire story was laid out, I have to admit, the ending of this drama was not what I was expecting. I thought it would be different or have a higher impact. For me personally, the ending was a bit of a letdown. Even with the extra scene that the production made. I am not saying it was a bad ending. I completely understand why the ending was the way it was. I am not saying I have an idea for a better ending because I do not. I am just saying that I expected the ending to have more of an emotional impact on me due to all of the twists and turns of the entire story leading up to the end. So, the end not having that impact or that emotion for me was a letdown for me.


This is not really a critique of the drama but I watched this drama for 2 reasons. One reason is I just really needed to FINALLY watch this drama because I should have watched it years ago. Second reason is that it is being remade into a Korean drama AND a movie version is coming out. I don't really know how this drama is even going to be in movie form because it is so intricate with its story. I don't see how 2 hours can tell this story very well. I also will reserve judgement on a Korean drama adaption because you never know. I don't know yet if I will check out the Korean drama when it comes out. I am glad I watched this version first though. I am sort of in the boat that dramas don't need to be remade just because they are popular but I see why it happens. I think people should watch the original and if these remakes bring people to the original that is good too. I can see why the Taiwanese drama Someday or One Day is being remade because it is a BRILLIANT and BEAUTIFUL drama. I just am skeptical that the movie and Korean drama will capture the original magic that is this drama.

Rating: 9/10 (Streaming on VIKI now)

If you are curious about my reaction to the drama IN REAL TIME - here is my tweets/watch thread for the drama


Have you seen Someday or One Day?

What did you think of the drama?

Do you agree with my review?

Is it on your list to watch?

Will you watch this drama now after reading my review?




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