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TDRAMA REVIEW: Wacko at Law (2020)

Wacko at Law is a recent Taiwanese drama that just wrapped up and finished airing. I think this is a good drama for a binge so if you are looking for a drama to add to your watchlist, maybe consider this Tdrama. It has a good premise and a good set of characters. If you want to know more about this drama, keep scrolling and read my review for Wacko at Law.

*Now as per usual with any review I write, I will not be including any spoilers in this review.*

Here is a short synopsis: This is a romantic crime drama. George Hu plays Mai Da Qi who is a genius lawyer. He grew famous from having a tragedy happen to him in his life due to a plane crash and using his lawyer skills to win the case for the families against the airline. Because he wins this case, he becomes to go-to lawyer for people who don't have any other option and need help to get the justice they deserve. This is when he meets Tian Yu Xin (played by Esther Yeh) who walks into his life with a case and also a mysterious connection to him that he soon discovers.

My overall review of Wacko at Law is that it is a solid law drama. It has likeable characters and a sweet romance. It isn't a perfect drama by any means BUT quite entertaining. I definitely wanted some things out of this drama that I did not end up getting. I don't regret checking this drama out though.


-Strong Female Lead

I LOVED the female lead Tian Yu Xin in this drama. I liked that she was stubborn and caring. I liked that she was spunky and never gave up no matter how tragic her past was. Since her mother made her learn all kinds of martial arts as she grew up, SHE COULD FIGHT TOO! I loved the twist that her character was the person who was running into fights and protecting everyone else. This was refreshing because it wasn't the male lead saving the girl. She spoke her mind and had courage. I loved her growth in this drama from a student lawyer to the lawyer that she became by the end of the drama. She was probably my favorite character in this entire drama.

-The Support Characters

This drama had a good group of support characters. The writer allowed every one of them to have a back story and sort of their own story within the narrative of the drama. Every support character was affected by the overarching event/story in this drama which I liked. Some support characters were there for comedic relief. Some support characters were there to move the plot along and have their own story told. Some support characters were there to be an obstacle to other characters. Everyone had a purpose and you couldn't help but get attached to them as an audience.

-Everything was connected

It always BLOWS MY MIND how writers of these dramas make EVERYTHING and EVERYONE connected by the end of the drama. The writer of Wacko at Law did just that with characters spanning over MANY, MANY YEARS! I got to the end of the drama and just thought how did the writer do this and know where it was headed for 15 episodes. All the cases worked on by these characters throughout the episodes are connected somehow and are all concluded at the end of the drama.


-Sci-Fi plot that went nowhere

Wacko at Law, about half way through the drama, introduced sort of a Sci-Fi element into the plot. I was HEARTBROKEN when it really went NOWHERE by the end of the drama. This would have added an interesting plot twist and element to the story for the rest of the drama. It sort of was explained away by the end and I would have liked the drama to explore this side of the story more. I wish they never had introduced it at all because I was so excited to see it play out in the story and then of course was disappointed at the end.

-Plot was a little slow

This might have been because I was watching it as it aired. I think the slowness of the plot wouldn't have been as bothersome to be if I was binging the drama. Now this may be because everything in the plot and the characters were connected so it took a while to discover everything. The first couple of episodes definitely started out fast and grabbed your attention so in the middle is when I noticed the plot start to drag and become a little slow. The end picked up the pace again so I really just noticed this in the middle. The romance between the 2 leads also WAS VERY SLOW! The romance wasn't a main point in the drama or story. There was also a reason for this in the plot so I can forgive how slow the romance developed because I liked the 2 leads banter back and forth. When the 2 leads finally did get together, it was satisfying because you had waited so long for it.

-Second Female Lead

I had mixed feelings about the second female lead in this. Sometimes I absolutely loved her AND OTHER TIMES I WAS YELLING AT MY SCREEN AT HER! I loved her relationship with the female lead. I did not like that the writer made her like the male lead and thus made her an annoying second female lead in that aspect. ESPECIALLY WHEN THERE WAS ANOTHER MALE LAWYER CHARACTER WHO LIKED HER A LOT AND I SHIPPED THEM TOGETHER SO MUCH! I loved that she was courageous and stubborn but also, she did not make the best decisions either. She also always seemed to run into trouble whether she could help it or not. By the end, I did like her again BUT MAN IT WAS A CRAZY RIDE WITH HER IN THIS DRAMA!

Rating: 8/10


Did you watch this Taiwanese drama? What did you think of the drama? Will you watch this drama now after reading my review?




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