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2023 is here SO, that means I have to present you with my list of TOP 11 DRAMAS OF 2022! Just like I have done in the past, this will be broken into 2 different lists. This blogpost will be my favorite Kdramas of 2022 and the other list is for all of my favorite non-Korean dramas of 2022. That list will come out next week. I had an easy time making this kdrama list this year because I really just took all the dramas I scored 9-10 on MDL and put them in a list. I hope that means I was a little more selective in my ratings which was a goal of mine because I think in the past, I was a little more lenient on my ratings for dramas.

Now my list for the Kdramas of 2022 are in no particular order and the dramas are not ranked. The Kdramas also did not have to air in 2022. I just had to watch them and complete the dramas in 2022. JUST HAVE FUN WITH MY LIST! I make them to suggest some good dramas for you to watch in the future that you might have missed when they aired OR to try out a new genre or type of Kdrama. This list and the list next week will also have a few honorable mentions BECAUSE I can't just pick 11. 😂


*Now, remember these are in NO PARTICULAR order and not ranked*

Episodes: 10 (NETFLIX)

I know people either did not watch this drama or did. I get it - this drama is not an easy watch. There are a lot of trigger warnings BUT MAN IT IS SUCH A GOOD DRAMA! The acting was SUPERB! The cases were interesting but also heartbreaking. This is especially finding out that some of the cases were based on real cases that actually happened. I loved learning about the characters and learning their own personal motivations to doing this job. The drama also had some great twists and I just could not wait to click play on the next episode to find out more about the characters or get to the next case. I know that nothing is confirmed that if this drama will get a second season or not. I HOPE IT DOES!

Episodes: 8 (VIKI)

This should come as NO SURPRISE to anyone. This BL was a HUGE hit in 2022 and for good reason. I loved this drama as I watched it. The cast had great chemistry. It was a lot of fun to watch because you got invested in the lead relationship and wanted to see where it went. I loved watching the progression of the lead relationship and how it developed. I thought it was well acted. The OSTs fit well with the drama and were fantastic. I could have used longer episodes and maybe more episodes. This just tells you how much I loved the drama though. At least I know, it will probably be getting a second season once Park Seoham is out of the military.

Episodes: 12 (VIKI)

I have always had a fascination with profiling and serial killers. I mean I have seen Criminal Minds multiple times. I love crime shows so, OF COURSE, I love crime dramas too. I was very excited when Through the Darkness was announced because it was RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! It did not disappoint. It has a fascinating look into the first profiler in Korea. The Acting is PHENOMENAL for the entire cast. The OSTs are some of my favorites of 2022. I loved that it was a mind game, an INTENSE mind game. I also loved the found family in this drama. Once I read that once of the screenwriters was an actual police officer and profiler and who Kim Nam Gil was portraying in the drama, that was very interesting to me.

Episodes: 12 (NETFLIX)

Another drama that should not be surprised that it is on my list. It was a beloved drama of 2022. It is a witty and very entertaining romcom. I loved that there were tropes in the drama but how the tropes were done was so refreshing and seemed to be new. I liked that the drama was sort of making fun of its genre a little. Normally Romcoms don't work for me but this one did. The acting was good and the main couple had great chemistry. I wish some of the endings were written differently and the last episode seems rushed. This DEFINITELY worth the watch though. I do not regret checking this drama out.

Episodes: 11 (iQIYI)

This BL drama came out of nowhere and was a complete surprise for me. It has such a simple story but it is executed and done so well. THE CINEMATOGRAPHY WAS FANTASTIC! Probably one of the major reasons why I loved this drama so much. It was such a pretty drama to watch. The leads had an easy, comforting chemistry. This is a great drama to watch in the winter, cuddled up on the couch. The last 2 episodes seemed a little rushed but it also is only 8 episodes so, that is probably why. I hope to see this cast in other dramas because I think there is a lot of talent here. I think Blueming might be getting a season 2 as well.

Episodes: 8 (Apple TV)

EASILY one of the best things I watched in 2022. I originally clicked play on this show because of the cast. Since it had a lot of Korean actors/actresses that am familiar with, I was curious what they would do with this story. I stayed because I got invested in the story and the characters' stories. This show is just so rich in story and characters. I have never read the book which I liked that I went into the show not knowing anything. The Cinematography was beautiful. I loved learning about the different generations and their story. It was a little difficult to keep track of the timelines and characters some times. I am SO excited for the second season.

Episodes: 16 (NETFLIX)

I find it very strange that I LOVED this drama because I HATE TO CRY! I cried with every episode in this drama. When I say cry, I mean SOB! I still loved this drama. Every episode had a beautifully tragic story. Some of these stories were about real historical events in Korea which made me go and read more about those events. I love when dramas do that. I did the same with Pachinko too. There are some trigger warnings with this drama FYI. I loved the found family this drama gave us. I loved that we all shipped a certain 2 grim reapers and it became their story. I did need more of their story, not going to lie.

Episodes: 6 (Apple TV)

One of the best dramas I watched in 2022. This drama pushed boundaries with story and creativity. I was pulled into the drama and then it did not let me go the entire time. It is one of those dramas that you have to pay close attention too or you will miss something. I LOVED the production and cinematography. It was a highlight with this drama for me. The acting was AWESOME! The twists were AMAZING and kept me guessing. I literally have nothing bad to say about this drama. I do hope we get a Season 2 one day but even if we don't watching Season 1 is worth your time.

Episodes: 16 (NETFLIX)

Another drama that should not be a surprise to anyone that this is on my list. A lot of people watched this drama and a lot of people liked it. I was actually surprised I watched and loved this one. I wasn't going to watch it at first but it is A LOT more than just another legal drama. The acting was AMAZING! The story was heartwarming. I do with that it didn't have some for the tropes because the really weren't needed. It still was a highlight of the year for me. I also am glad that it gave exposure to some of the lesser-known actors/actresses in the drama especially the support cast.

Episodes: 12 (HULU)

I wish more people had watched this drama. I know 2022 had a lot of lawyer dramas so, many people skipped this one or didn't know it was available on Hulu/Disney Plus. It was one of favorites in 2022. I LOVED the chemistry between the 2 leads even though there was no romance in the drama. The kind of great chemistry where YOU WISHED there was romance because it is just SO GOOD! It has some nice twists. I will say it is a pretty dark crime drama which I wasn't expecting going into the drama. It had some great plot twists. I also liked the different court cases in this drama. Overall, it is just a FANTASTIC drama.

Episodes: 10 (NETFLIX)

I think I liked this drama so much because it was just so different than anything else we got in 2022. I LOVED this drama. If you like sci-fi, you should check this drama out. I loved that it was unpredictable. You thought it would go in one direction but it ended up going in a direction you did not expect. You never knew what was real. The acting was fantastic. I loved the found family in this drama. Some of the threads were not connected for me by the end. I just had a fun time watching this drama because it is just so unique and different than anything I had watched.



Episodes: 8 (HULU)

I could not have a list of my favorite dramas of 2022 without including Shadow Detective so, it is in the Honorable mentions. I have nothing bad to say about this crime drama except that there is a 2nd season. It has SOLID acting and I love that it has an older cast so, it showcases some heavy weights in the Kdrama actor/actresses who might see more in supporting roles. It has some GREAT twists. It had a good pace and was an INTENSE and suspenseful ride. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON 2!

Episodes: 6 (NETFLIX)

Another drama that sort of flew under the radar. It is another drama with an older cast who you might recognize as supporting roles in other dramas with a few bigger names mixed in. The cast and acting are superb. If you are going to click play on this one, GET READY FOR AN INTENSE RIDE! The story was a little far-fetched for me but I still can't believe this drama is based off of a real person. It does start a little slow but after episode 1, I was hooked. It was a fast paced and fun drama to watch.

Episodes: 8 (VIKI)

I will say the ending to this drama might not be liked by many people. Despite the ending, I still loved this drama. The ending made sense to me given what the story was about. I thought the acting was AMAZING in this drama and this drama introduced me to some great actors that I hope to see more of in future dramas. I liked the chemistry with the lead couple. I thought the concept of the story was unique and stood out. It had addictive and emotional OSTs.

What were your favorite Kdramas of 2022? Did some of your favorite Kdramas make my list?





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