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Just like last week, I am now going to talk about some of the Non-Korean dramas that I am looking forward to in the second half of 2021. I posted some of my Top Non-Korean dramas from the first half of 2021 already and you can read it here. Right now, these dramas say they are airing by the end of the year but you know drama land, WE NEVER KNOW! Sometimes dramas get pushed back or the schedule gets moved around. At this moment, these dramas are rumored to air by the end of the year. WE WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS! This list is just a few that I am looking forward too. Some don't even have premiere dates, posters or teasers so I will be posting posters for some BUT NOT ALL! I will organize this list by country to make it easier. This list is also in no particular order. LET'S BE HONEST - there will be a lot on this list AND I PROBABLY AM NOT DONE YET! I just look forward TO EVERYTHING! 😂



I am excited for every drama that Ren Jialun is in so NATURALLY this one and Forever and Ever is HIGH on my list. I love when Ren Jialun is in a historical drama because he looks really good in historical costume. I think him and Bai Lu together will be great. They look great together and are both very talented in their own right. I am SUPER curious about this story and the story of Forever and Ever so I CAN'T WAIT!

I am a SUCKER for a good reincarnation story. Whether this is reincarnation, a second life or just another story with the same couple...I AM HERE FOR IT! I have not read the book so I have no idea. I tend to not read the books before the dramas because I don't want to go into the dramas with a bias. I am just happy to see Ren Jialun thriving and try new genres and stories. I am excited to see how this modern drama will relate to Chang'An Memories. Will it have flashbacks or just be a different story. I am glad that they split it into 2 separate dramas because MORE FOR ME!!

I don't know if this will air this year or not but I am excited for this pairing. Of course, as I already said, Ren Jialun is one of my favorite Chinese actors. Dilraba is one of my favorite Chinese actresses so THIS IS A WIN WIN FOR ME! The shark demon/merman concept for this drama intrigues me. You will see that common theme in a lot of the cdramas I am looking forward to in this post. I love to see a female role where Dilraba plays a strong warrior type so I am excited to see her in this role as well. Xianxia dramas are some of my favorite types of cdramas.

Keeping with the theme of Merman stories, I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR MIRROR: TWIN CITIES! The trailer and still photos have blown me away for this drama. Just the sets and the costumes and the CGI look AMAZING! I am also a HUGE fan of Li Yi Feng so I am always excited to see him coming out with another drama. I just think he is super talented as an actor. I have not seen Yukee Chen in anything so I don't have an opinion of her going into this drama. So, I might like her and want to watch her in other dramas. We will have to see. Again, this story intrigues me because of the whole merman concept so I am looking forward to this one.

As I said, it seems that mer-people are the theme for me with the cdramas I am looking forward to in the second half of 2021. I always look forward to another Yang Mi drama after her AMAZING drama Ten Miles of Peace Blossoms. I especially love how she looks in historical costume so this immediately went on my list. I have always liked William Chan so I am happy to see him in a new drama. It seems like forever since he has had a drama come out which I know is not true because He had one come out this year already. Maybe I just miss him in historical costume?

I don't know much about the cast except for the female lead, Liu Yi Fei who I am happy to see coming back to Cdrama land after many years. What intrigues me about this drama is the story. 3 women coming together through hardship and becoming powerful business women in a city. This story in a historical setting with beautiful costumes and food sounds RIGHT UP MY ALLEY!

This drama just looks different to me. The setting and story sound exciting. The setting being in a steampunk themed era just sounds like it will look beautiful on screen. Granted, I could be wrong and it could be bad BUT I am excited to see it none the less. The first photos and stills of this drama make me even more excited because everyone looks great in costume and the costumes look SO GOOD! I don't know anything about the story or the cast but sometimes I like going into dramas like that because you have no expectations.

I would be lying to say I wasn't excited for this drama AT ALL but I definitely am not as excited as other people are. I also don't really know why I am not as excited for this drama as other people are either. There are definitely other BL adapted dramas that I am more excited for. I like the cast, especially the male leads. I like the concept of the story. I like the look of the drama that we have seen through posters and stills. Maybe I am just trying to subconsciously keep myself in check 😂 None the less, I am excited to see how the two male leads will play out in the drama because the stills have shown they have a good rapport on set. I also don't know much about the story so I am excited to see what this story will be like. I do love a good reincarnation story.

I don't know if this will air in 2021 BUT I am still excited for this one. First off, I LOVE THE CAST! There are multiple actors and actresses in this drama that I am excited to see work together. Second, I love a good historical mystery series. There is just something about a criminal investigation series set in historical times that is my favorite. The stills and trailer of this one so far look GREAT! I am just SUPER excited for this one and I hope it does air in 2021.

Last BUT CERTAINLY not least, I am looking forward to A League of Nobleman. I am not quite certain if this will air in 2021 so we will have to see. When the first photos and teasers came out for this drama, I WAS BLOWN AWAY! I love the look of this drama SO MUCH! I hope it sticks with the look when the drama actually premieres. As I just said above, I love a good historical mystery so I was immediately drawn to this drama's story. Historical detective stories ARE MY JAM! I also like the cast a lot so that is always a plus for me.



Season 2 of this drama is rumored to air by the end of 2021. I CAN'T WAIT! Season 1 was great. If you have not read my review of season 1, you can read it here. As I stated in my review, this drama DEFINITELY needed a 2nd season so I hope we get it by the end of 2021.


I don't know much about this drama. All I know that it seems to be an action crime drama and that it has Vic Chou in it who has not been in a Taiwanese drama IN A REALLY LONG TIME! Given how much I loved some of the Taiwanese dramas I watched in 2020, I ALWAYS KEEP A LOOK OUT FOR NEW ONES! This one sounds like a drama that I will LOVE!


I don't know much about this drama or the cast. What drew me to this drama is FOOD! I always love a good food drama. When at least one of your characters is a chef, I ALWAYS want to watch the drama. I love a good drama with good food porn 😂 I don't know anything about the cast but HEY, as I said earlier, I like going into dramas where I don't know anyone. I can be surprised. I have no idea if this will actually air in 2021 or not so we will see.

I loved Win and Team in the drama Until We Meet Again. I have been looking forward to this drama since it was announced. I know it has been pushed back and there are a lot of other factors. I hope it does air in 2021 BUT I am excited for it whenever it airs. I am excited to watch a drama that concentrates on Win and Team's relationship. I am sure I will enjoy this drama as much as I enjoyed Until We Meet Again. It just needs to premiere 😂


I am positive I have left some off and I am sure more dramas will pop up.

What Non-Korean dramas are you excited for in the 2nd half of 2021?

Did you discover any dramas off my list that you are now excited for?




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