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ANOTHER MONTH means another collection of posters. This month had a fair number of posters that caught my eye. I tried not to repeat dramas that I already talked about in these posts. I probably missed one. I could have included A TON of posters from The Blue Whisper for example but I controlled myself even though I LOVE ALLEN REN! 🤪


I love how magical these posters look. I love all the little details and colors. I am so intrigued and curious about this drama. I am definitely going to check it out but I am trying to not have any expectations about it. I love trying to find clues about their characters in their character posters and then trying to come up with theories about it. I wonder if these posters are hiding anything. I guess we will know once this drama airs.

I am not watching this drama when it airs. I will admit this post does its job though. A poster is supposed to catch your eye. It is supposed to get you curious about the drama. It is supposed to maybe give you a clue about what the drama is going to be about. THIS POSTER IS DEFINITELY DOING ALL OF THAT! It is a beautiful poster FOR SURE!

I love this poster and all the posters that have come before it to promote this drama. It is playful but there is something sinister about it. I am a total foodie so I am excited to see food plastered all over the posters and teasers for this drama. The use of the color red gives it a sinister look because what is making this pasta and fork red? Sauce or blood? I also like that there is a strong of spaghetti that seems to be connecting the two leads in the poster, BEING THE CONNECTION BETWEEN THEM! It is just clever.

There is just something about this era in cdramas that I always love the posters. I don't know if I will watch this drama but I will definitely appreciate the posters. I love the costumes and setting of this era. I always like looking at the posters whenever a drama with this setting premieres and airs.

I have yet to click play on this drama but I plan too. I love these posters. I love how they are in movement. I think it fits the genre of this drama. Both leads look great in the posters as well.

Another drama that is on my list. These posters are selling me on this drama. I love the color scheme. I love the little hints of red. I love the actors/actresses in their costumes. It gets me curious about this drama and find out more about their characters. The actors/actresses look GREAT in their character posters.

This is just a poster for a guest role in this drama. I STILL HAVE TO APPRECIATE IT! Maybe it is because I miss watching Caesar Wu in a drama. I may have to click play on a drama of his soon. Whatever the reason, HE LOOKS GREAT IN THIS POSTER!! I would love to see him in this type of costume for a main role and not just a guest role in a drama.

Last but not least, we have Thin Ice. Again, I am attracted to this era. It is definitely the costumes and setting for me. This poster again features a lot of things I like. The costumes, the umbrella, the color scheme and more sells this drama to me. I am sure it is about spies so we will have to see if it is good or if I will like it. It makes me think, such as, what are these two characters' relationship? The poster is a plus for me though. I am excited to see the first trailer.

THERE YOU GO, all the posters that caught my eye this past month. Definitely more posters in this post than March. THATS FOR SURE!

Stay tuned for next month's Collection of Posters - wonder what ones I will have then! Are you a collector of pretty posters for dramas? What ones have you seen that has caught your eyes recently? Any dramas coming out that you are excited for due to the poster you have seen?



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