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This past month was a pretty quiet month for me. Since it was pretty quiet, I got a fair number of dramas watched. I think it was a good mix of genres and countries as well. Sadly, I didn't enjoy everything I finished watching but HEY, you aren't going to love everything you are watching.


April was like the first month I felt that it passed in an average amount of time. It didn't fly by and it didn't crawl either. I also think I finished a fair number of dramas. I also seem to have done a pretty good job with keeping up with what I am watching and not falling behind. I don't know what that means for like my social life or that fact I really don't do much but HEY I ENJOY WATCHING AND TALKING ABOUT DRAMAS. So, that is okay for me.

A Business Proposal (Kdrama)(NETFLIX): I was actually not going to even try and watch this drama at first. Romantic comedies are just not for me BUT I am glad I gave it a shot. It was a joy to watch. It was witty and very entertaining. There were tropes but the tropes were refreshing. The chemistry with both couples was great. I did wish the ending was written differently but I don't regret giving this drama a shot AT ALL!

Blueming (Kdrama)(iQIYI): This BL drama was quite surprising! It was a simple story but was done well. I LOVED THE CINEMATOGRAPHY IN THIS DRAMA! It was just a beautiful drama to watch. The leads had a very comforting chemistry and I loved them as a couple. The last 2 episodes seemed rushed but I would still recommend this drama to BL drama lovers.

He's Expecting (Jdrama)(NETFLIX): Another drama that surprised me this month. I thought I knew what I was getting when I clicked play from the teasers but really the teasers were just showing the surface level of what this drama was really going to talk about. Yes, the drama is about a man getting pregnant and going through all the things that have to do with that. This drama is also one big social commentary AND I LOVE WHEN DRAMAS DO THIS!! I loved how this drama brought up these issues and showed how these characters reacted to them. The pregnant man would react to a situation, go an complain about it to women and the women would say "yeah, that is what we have to deal with every day..." IT WAS SO REFRESHING! This drama also was just a heartwarming and well-acted drama and I REALLY recommend it to everyone. You can check out my review of it in more detail right here.

Cherry Blossoms After Winter (Kdrama)(VIKI): Another BL drama that I was surprised about. It is always to quiet ones that I seem to like a lot. I did not see this one or Blueming being talked about a lot on social media which is a shame because both dramas ARE GREAT! This drama also had beautiful cinematography. It was a low angst drama. While I did like this one a lot, I did not agree with some plot choices throughout the drama and would have done these points differently. I still enjoyed this drama A LOT though.

Mission Possible (KMovie)(VIKI): THIS MOVIE IS A BLAST!! If you are looking for a movie that covers a lot of different genres and will keep you entertained, WATCH THIS MOVIE! It has a little bit of everything: comedy, drama and action. I liked the two leads together. They worked well off each other and balanced each other out. I do wish that there were more action scenes and I thought the female lead was underutilized. This movie is still a funny movie to click play on a Friday night after a long week at work.

Her Royal Highness (CWebdrama)(Youtube): This is a very short drama. It is only 2 minutes an episode. It isn't the best thing I have ever seen but it is still quite entertaining. I was impressed with how much I enjoyed this because the episodes were only 2 minutes long. The person who made this drama made a good story in such a limited amount of time. I thought the main actors had great chemistry and acted well with each other. I loved the costumes in this drama.

The Queen of Attack (CWebdrama)(Youtube): Surprisingly, I LOVED this A LOT! I may be a sucker for this trope because I seem to enjoy it the more dramas, I watch it in. The concept isn't new but there was something about this drama where I loved it. The 2 leads were cute together and had great chemistry. I thought they acted quite well. The pacing was a little off at the beginning and end. Maybe because the episodes were so short and there was a time limit. I binged this one very fast though and enjoyed it overall.

The Queen of Attack 2 (CWebdrama)(Youtube): I liked season 1 more than season 2. I liked that the writers changed up the plot and character roles. The main couple was still cute together and acted pretty well. I just liked their chemistry together. The story was the issue for me in season 2. It was oddly choppy and weirdly paced. I still enjoyed season 2 but it could have been better THATS FOR SURE!

The Killer is Also Romantic (CWebdrama)(Youtube): Overall, this was a cute drama. It was sometimes TOO cute for me. The pacing seemed off to me at times as well. The leads had great chemistry together. I also loved both couples portrayed in this drama. The story was a good idea and overall, well executed with a few hiccups. Some scenes were very pretty to watch and well shot. If you are looking for a quick, cute web drama, maybe try this one.

Crush (Cdrama)(iQIYI): THIS DRAMA WAS A MESS!! I am so upset about this drama. The first half WAS SO GOOD!! The middle just was a frustrating watch. The ending got better but still was messy and rushed. I loved the couple when they were together. I loved how the producers portrayed a blind guy and all the little details they put into the drama. I HATED some other characters. I also thought there were a lot of loose or forgotten threads by the end of the drama. This drama was just a missed opportunity but the lead actors DID A FANTASTIC JOB!! You can read more details about my thoughts about this drama in my review right here.

Pachinko (American Show)(Apple TV+): I LOVED THIS SHOW! It was so rich in story and character. I have not read the book so it was all new to me. I loved learning about all the different generations. I think the cast did so well. The acting blew me away. I am excited to watch future seasons and learn more about the family and their story.


For April 2022, I dropped 2 dramas

Military Prosecutor Doberman (Kdrama): I checked out the first episode. Something just didn't click with me and I had no motivation to click play on episode 2.

Kill Heel (Kdrama): I got about half way through this drama. At some point, I did not care about half the plot lines that were going on. I just didn't see the point to continue with the drama if I only cared for about 2 of the plots going on.


This month is another month that I am not interested in a bunch of Korean dramas. Unless more dramas come to streaming sites that I have or get premiere dates, I will not be watching a lot of Korean dramas in May. For dramas from other countries, there are a few I have my eye on but I also don't know many of the dramas that are coming out in May from other countries. So, this month will be interesting to see what I end up watching.

Love in a Loop (Cdrama) (iQIYI): [PREMIERES MAY 1ST, 2022]

This drama reminds me of a kdrama that I watched a few years ago. I LOVED THAT DRAMA! So, I am excited to see if I like this drama just as much. I am familiar with the lead actress but I am not familiar with anyone else in the cast. I hope it is good because I might be coming in with TOO HIGH of expectations for this drama because I loved the Korean drama from a few years back so much. WE WILL HAVE TO SEE!

My Lovely Bodyguard (Thai Drama):[PREMIERES MAY 2ND, 2022]

I know NOTHING about this drama except for the title. I honestly don't even know if it is a comedy or a romance/action drama. What drew me to this drama was the title though. I LOVE when a drama has a badass female lead. Like give me a drama with a female cop or bodyguard AND I AM HERE FOR IT! I am always on the hunt for more Thai dramas so this one caught my eye.

The Sound of Magic (Kdrama) (NETFLIX): [PREMIERES MAY 6TH, 2022]

I honestly don't know how I will feel about this drama. I like the cast. I like the aspect of having magic in the drama. You put magic/fantasy ANYWHERE in a drama, I will check it out. I am sucker for the fantasy genre. I am not sure about the whole musical concept of this drama. It could REALLY work or could not. I am just cautiously optimistic about it. I think it will be a beautiful drama to watch for sure with its' effects and CGI. I am definitely curious about the story. I am also curious of what a Musical Kdrama will be like because I don't think one has ever been made. So, I am intrigued FOR SURE!

The Witch is Alive (Kdrama): [PREMIERES MAY 7TH, 2022]

I don't know if this Korean drama will actually premiere on May 7th or even in the month of May AT ALL. We have no posters or trailers yet and the premiere date is a week away. I think it will be pushed back but since it says May 7th for now, I will talk about this drama in this blog post. THIS DRAMA SOUNDS LIKE IT IS RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! We got female leads. We got REVENGE! We got what sounds like a makjang plot. I LOVE THE CAST IN THIS DRAMA! I am excited for this drama so WHENEVER it airs, I will be watching it for sure.

Love Class (Kdrama) (VIKI): [PREMIERES MAY 13TH, 2022]

I always make it a point to check out all the BL kdramas. I want the country to keep making more. This is the next one that seems to be coming up. I don't know much about it but I recognize some people in the cast. I wonder how people will like it. There have been a few that surprised me so far this year so I am curious to see what I will think of this one as well.

Rose Mansion (Kdrama): [PREMIERES MAY 13TH, 2022]

PLEASE LET THIS COME TO A STREAMING SITE I HAVE ACCESS TOO! The plot and first trailer look so good. I need to watch this drama. I haven't watched Yoon Kyun Sang in a drama in SO LONG! I miss watching him in a drama, granted I have a lot of his older dramas I still haven't seen too 😂. This is a crime drama so, naturally, I am interested in it and I need to watch it. 🤞 FINGERS CROSSED I CAN!

Dear Adam (Tdrama): [PREMIERES MAY 15TH, 2022]

This is another drama that I don't know much about. I like George Hu as an actor. The one line in the synopsis "Is gene editing a love or a crime" has me intrigued. I need to know more about this drama. If this airs when it says it will and if I get access to it, I will definitely be checking it out. It sounds like it could be a crime or like corporate espionage drama. So, a drama that I could like a lot.

The Giver (Thai Drama): [PREMIERES MAY 19TH, 2022]

Not much is given away in the synopsis but the trailer shows more. We all know how much I LOVE Tor so he is the reason why I have my eye on this drama. I need to branch out and find other Thai dramas to watch of course. The trailer looks good. It has revenge. It has drama. It has romance. Of course, the acting looks GREAT! I am excited for this drama and I hope I can find it with English subs somewhere.

Romance from Far Away (Thai Drama): [PREMIERES MAY 24TH, 2022]

I just found this drama while looking around on MDL. I don't know anything about the cast. The synopsis makes this drama seem like something I will like. We got crime, revenge, rural location, romance. I wonder if I will have access to this drama...we will have to see.

Doctor Lawyer (Kdrama): [PREMIERES MAY 27TH, 2022]

YES, the synopsis sounds WACKY! Who can be a top surgeon and then go and become a lawyer in a short period of time? 😂 I will be checking it out because it is a crime drama, if I get it somewhere on a legal streaming site of course. I am curious to see how this drama turns out. I like the cast so that won't be a problem. I only know who So Ji Sub will be playing so it will be interesting to find out what the other characters will be.

THERE IS MY LIST FOR MAY! What has caught your eye?

There are a lot more cdramas that are all rumored for May that has caught my eye but I can't guarantee they will air in May so they aren't on this blog post.

What dramas did you start in April? Did you complete any dramas in April? What did you like that you completed? What are you looking forward to in May for dramas? Anything I missed and need to add to my list?




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