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Well December 2020 is OVER, WHICH MEANS 2020 IS OVER AS WELL! GOD WHAT A YEAR!! It was the year that I watched the most dramas EVER in a year and MAN DID IT KEEP ME SANE AT TIMES! 2021 IS HERE AND I AM SO EXCITED FOR WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO COME IN DRAMALAND! But, first - LET'S "WRAP UP" DECEMBER and 2020!


As I said in my November 2020 Wrap Up, I need to WATCH A LOT OF DRAMAS IN DECEMBER AND FINISH THEM! I definitely finished more dramas in December than in November but still didn't finish as much as I wanted.

-Cherry Magic (JAPANESE): THIS WAS A FANTASTIC DRAMA AND JUST A JOY TO WATCH! It was my happy place every week and I am so sad it is now over. The relationship between Adachi and Kurosawa was just perfect and everything you wanted in a drama. They supported each other and cared for each other. They were patient with each other and gave each other space if needed. The actors portraying this relationship DID AN OUTSTANDING JOB! I want to binge it immediately again!

-Detention (TAIWANESE): This drama REALLY surprised me. I was even going to skip it because I am not one for horror but gave it a shot. I AM SO HAPPY I DID! This was one of my favorite dramas I binged in December. It was SO MUCH MORE than just a horror drama. It had depth and character and examines so many facets of humanity and life. It really explored its characters. It was a VERY IMPACTFUL drama that I will be thinking about for A LONG TIME!

-Alice in Borderland (JAPANESE): This drama was another binge in December. I love that NETFLIX gives us all the episodes at once for their dramas! I need a second season IMMEDIATELY which now has been announced so I am excited for that. I had a lot of fun with this one and the PRODUCTION VALUE WAS AMAZING WITH THIS DRAMA!

-Tale of The Nine Tailed (KOREAN): I loved the wild ride that this drama gave us. Lee Dong Wook playing mythical creatures just need to happen all the time because he just has an aura about him when he does play this character. I cared about certain relationships over others. I cried SO MUCH! I did have some issues with the ending episodes of this drama BUT WAS STILL VERY ENTERTAINED BY IT!

-Tale of The Nine Tailed: An Unfinished Story (KOREAN): I loved that tvN did special episodes because it allowed us to see more of the side characters. There were just a lot of fun to watch. They are short and sweet and gave a lot of character to the Kdrama.

-Sweet Home (KOREAN): Another Netflix drama THAT JUST KILLED IT! I also was debating not watching this drama because it was labeled as horror but again, I am glad I did. I was proven wrong. It still had horror elements BUT AGAIN had lots of depth and character to it which was my favorite. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON 2! (TAIWANESE): This Taiwanese drama was another one I did not plan to start and binge BUT HERE WE ARE! It was a crime drama and that is all I need to start it. This was a surprise for me because I was not expecting liking it as much as I did. I thought the plot was unique and different. The acting was really good. Downside - DEFINITELY NEEDS A SECOND SEASON!

-Wish You (KOREAN): Korean really stepped up their game with short BL dramas and I am excited to see what is coming in 2021. This drama was short and sweet. I loved the chemistry with the leads and the OSTS WERE SO GOOD! For a drama centered around music, it did not surprise me that the music was AWESOME!

-Oxygen (THAI): This drama was a bit of a letdown for me. It started out SO STRONG but then fell flat. Some of the relationships in the drama WENT BONKERS and you just didn't understand why the writers took it that route. The acting was SO GOOD in this drama but the story and the writers let them down.

-NOBLE BOYS (JAPANESE): This Jdrama was not a bad drama but just not for me. It had to many tropes for my taste and could have used a few extra scenes at the end. I did love the friendships portrayed in the drama. I loved the love interests and their relationships, the growth with their relationships was a joy to watch.

Noble Boys


There is actually not a lot of January dramas that I know about so naturally I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO ALL THE DRAMAS I KNOW OF! 😂 If I know where they are being streamed legally, as always, I will add that information to this post.

She Would Never Know

She Would Never Know (KOREAN)(iQIYI App): All you had to say to me was that this was a Noona romance and I WAS IN! I have not watched a Noona romance in FOREVER! Another one of my guilty pleasure tropes is a good office romance. This one looks like it will have that in SPADES, so naturally I am going to watch this one.

To My Star

To My Star (KOREAN)(VIKI): I have really liked these BL dramas that Korea started making last year SO OF COURSE I am checking out the new one premiering this month! This one has an indie feel to it so I am curious what the cinematography is going to be like with this one.

Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music

Marriage Lyrics and Divorce Music (KOREAN): I had one thing that made me interested in this. All the couples in this drama are older. I love when dramas explore the older relationships. Now I am not married so I won't be able to relate to that aspect but age, MOST DEFINITELY! I am curious what this drama will be like. ALSO, I noticed that the writer for this drama has written a BUNCH of makjangs so that has my intrigued as well.

Kimi to Sekai ga Owaru Hi ni: Season 1

Kimi to Sekai ga Owaru Hi ni: Season 1(JAPANESE): I can always go for some post apocalypse feel drama and this one seems like it will be JUST THAT! The other reason why I am looking at this drama is because Kim Jae Hyun from NFlying is a part of the cast. Who doesn't love the mystery of walking out of a tunnel after a period of time and discovering everything has been destroyed?

Minning Town

Minning Town (CHINESE): The cast is what is drawing me to this drama. IT IS A MONSTER OF A CAST between main cast and guest cameos. A lot of prominent actors who are known to be talented so I hope that this drama comes to a platform where I can watch it. Now with Cdramas, I may hear that it will premiere in January but we won't know until that actually happens.

Being A Hero

Being a Hero (CHINESE): Now I just saw that this drama is supposed to premiere at the end of this month (January). I will believe it when I see it because I just was not expecting it premiere as soon as it seems to be. I love a good crime drama so I would love to get this drama this early in 2021!












-Golden Child

-TVXQ's Yunho


-Super Junior

Did you complete any dramas in December? What did you like that you completed? What are you looking forward to in January for dramas? What about KPOP - anything you are excited for?



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