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Now as I said in my Lost Tomb post - I AM A SUCKER FOR TOMB RAIDING CHINESE DRAMAS! I LOVE THEM! I started The Lost Tomb franchise first and SINCE I LOVED IT SO MUCH, I started the Candle in the Tomb series soon after that. So, if you are already a fan of The Lost Tomb series and haven't watch this drama series yet, CHECK IT OUT!

Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave

Now, this will be a MUCH shorter post than my Lost Tomb post because I really have only seen one of the prequel dramas for the Candle in the Tomb series. Unlike with the Lost Tomb series where I have seen multiple dramas. As I watch more of the Candle in the Tomb series, I will write reviews and posts and add them to my blog content under the name "DIGGING UP THE PAST" just like I said in my Lost Tomb post. Now, same as with The Lost Tomb series, I always knew the Candle in the Tomb series existed. I just had to start The Lost Tomb series first to get my butt into gear. I decided to start with one of the prequels of the entire series first and then watch them in order on how it is suggested (not what order they were made in) This is why I have only seen one of the prequels to this series and nothing more (YET). I also realize that I am STILL WATCHING THEM OUT OF ORDER! 😂.


The Candle in the Tomb franchise is also based off of a series of novels. I have not read these novels either. The Lost Tomb novels originally were more popular than these novels BUT NOW both series are popular in China. Just like the Lost Tomb series, this drama series keeps getting dramas, movies and spin-offs made. Many of the Candle in the Tomb dramas are in the pipeline and have not been made yet. This drama series started being made later than the Lost Tomb series which is one of the reasons why this is. Right now, there have been 4 of dramas made in this series WITH MANY MORE TO COME! I think there has also been at least one movie made as well.

*FUN FACT* - I heard somewhere that The Lost Tomb novels (The Grave Robbers Chronicles) actually started out as a fan fiction of this drama's novel series (Ghost Blows Out the Light).

The Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave


The gist of this series is about a team of tomb raiders/grave robbers who go on tomb raiding adventures AND AGAIN TRY NOT TO DIE IN THE PROCESS! Just like the Lost Tomb series, characters stay the same (for the most part) in the Candle in the Tomb series BUT the faces change. Since a lot of the dramas in this series have not been made yet, there is NOT MUCH overlap when it comes to consistent characters throughout the series.

There are 2 CHARACTERS you must know for this series

Hu Bai Yi - He is the main character in this series. He is a student of Feng Shui and specializes in tomb configuration which comes in handy when you are a tomb raider. He learned these skills from a book he inherited from his family. He is SMART.

Wang Kai Xuan - Hu Bai Yi's partner in crime. This character isn't in every series that has been made (I don't think) and I don't know about the future dramas. He and Hu Bai Yi are loyal to each other and have a great relationship. They went to college together. Wang Kai Xuan is also the comedic relief in this series.

SPECIAL MENTION - Wang Pang Zi - So the nickname that Wang Kai Xuan is Pang Zi because he was fat as a child and it stuck. So, as you are watching (at least Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave), you will hear this name and think they are referring to the character from The Lost Tomb. Now other dramas in this series such as Candle in the Tomb: The Lost Caverns has a character with this name but because I have not seen this drama yet, I do not know if it is the same character from The Lost Tomb series or not. MY GUESS is that he is actually Wang Kai Xuan but they just use the nickname as the character name. SO NOT THE SAME CHARACTER - but I don't know for sure. JUST FYI

The Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave is a prequel of the series and the only one I have seen. It is the story of the Titular Character Hu Bai Yi while he is a college student and goes on his first tomb raiding adventure with Wang Kai Xuan.


Just like in my Lost Tomb series, I will list the dramas in 2 different orders. One list is the order that they premiered. The other list is the suggested order that you may want to watch the dramas in. There are DEFINITELY less dramas to watch in this series so far because not as many have aired yet.



Candle in the Tomb: The Wrath of Time


-More Intense - It might be the drama that I have watched from this series or the ones I have seen from the Lost Tomb but the Candle in the Tomb drama that I have seen just seemed WAY MORE INTENSE than anything I had watched in The Lost Tomb. It seemed a little bit scarier and had a little bit higher stakes involved. It might have just been the characters and their personalities as well. Don't get me wrong, there is still comedy in the Candle in the Tomb series but everything seemed to be pushed to the EXTREME with this franchise.

-Has some BADASS female characters - The female characters in this franchise ARE BADASS! They are awesome and I can't wait to watch more of them. I am specifically thinking of my favorite female character in the Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave and how she could take care of herself. I hope I see more of her in the future. Granted, I am not saying that The Lost Tomb series didn't have badass female characters, for me, the Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave female characters were more memorable.

-Shorter episode count FOR NOW - There is no drama in the Candle in the Tomb series that has 50 episodes. Everything is around 20 or so episodes. So, this series is VERY WATCHABLE! Now I can't say for future dramas in this series and their episode count because we don't know yet BUT the dramas that have been released are short.

-Tomb Raiding - As I have said COUNTLESS time, I love tomb raiding in dramas. So, I am always happy to find a new drama with this theme. Candle in the Tomb series is no different. You get curses, monsters and scares in this series AND I AM HERE FOR IT!

-ENDLESS CONTENT - Candle in the Tomb series is the same as the Lost Tomb series where there are many dramas that have not been made yet. There are plans for all of them to air and I am assuming more spin-offs as well. There are also movies in this series. SO MUCH TO WATCH!

-The OSTs - I am addicted to The Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave OSTs. I love the rock aspect of it and the intense guitar. I can't wait to hear more of the music that comes out of this series.


*HONESTLY - I have the same strategies for this series as I did with The Lost Tomb series SO I WILL REPEAT THEM HERE AGAIN! *

-Dont have expectations - Some of these dramas have higher production quality than others because of budget and they were made years ago. So, don't expect every drama in the franchise to look AMAZING! I think this is the charm of it too. Dont start this drama with any theories or expectations either. You might be disappointed. Just enjoy this drama and let it flow over you.

-Go with the flow - A lot of the drama makes no sense especially with the physics of it all. 😂 Just along for the ride and enjoy it! You don't need to think very hard about this drama. It makes the watching experience more fun if you laugh at how absurd some of the situations these characters get themselves into.

-Be Prepared for Cliffhanger endings - Due to this drama being made as a series DO NOT BE SURPRISED BY CLIFFHANGERS AT THE END OF THE DRAMAS! It will happen - I AM WARNING YOU NOW!

-Just Have Fun! - Watch this drama under a blanket and with a bowl of popcorn. JUST ENJOY IT! TRUST ME - you will fall in love with the characters and series JUST LIKE I DID!

Candle in the Tomb: The Lost Caverns

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Have you seen any of The Candle in the Tomb franchise or any of its Spin-offs? Are you a fan of the tomb raiding genre in Cdramaland? Are you going to start this franchise now?


I plan to make this a consistent theme on my blog!




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