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2021 is going to a HUGE drama year! Well, it seems like every year is going to be bigger than the last. I am excited FOR MANY DRAMAS that are supposed to come out this year. Now for this list I am going to limit this list to 20 dramas because if I don't, this post WILL NEVER END! This post will also have A LOT of Korean dramas over other countries because I have heard the most about those dramas BUT I will sprinkle in other country's dramas as well. I just don't know much in terms of if the other country's dramas will air or not in 2021, ESPECIALLY CHINA! One can only hope that we will get ALL THE DRAMAS WE WANT IN 2021!


There are SO MANY Korean dramas that are supposed to be released in 2021 due to delays with the Pandemic. Well, that is across the board in all of Asian drama land.

-L.U.C.A.: The Beginning - The story is what seems interesting to me. I can always go for a sci-fi/action drama mixed with mystery.

-Beyond Evil - Two things: Serial killer and Yeo Jin Goo. That is all you have to have to make me want to watch you and interested 😂.

-Sisyphus: The Myth - I am a big fan of Jo Seung Woo and I haven't seen him in anything recently EXCEPT the Stranger series so I am curious to watch him in another genre.

-Joseon Exorcist - HUGE FAN OF KINGDOM so I am SO EXCITED to watch this drama. This has Kingdom zombie vibes but with demons and exorcism.

-Taxi Driver - I was first curious about this because Lee Je Hoon joined the cast. Now that teasers are out, I AM EVEN MORE EXCITED! It looks dark and violent AND SO UP MY ALLEY!

-Mr. Robin - I have had my eye on this drama since I came across it in 2020. I love coroner dramas. This sounds like it is not quite a coroner drama BUT close enough. I am curious if we will get it in 2021 or not.

-Great Real Estate - 2021 seems to be the year for exorcism dramas. I was watching the KBS 2020 Drama Awards and the show mentioned this one. It intrigued me due to the unique set up of realtors exorcising homes they are trying to sell.

-All of Us Are Dead - I have had my eye on this drama since they started announcing the cast. SO MANY ACTORS/ACTRESSES CAST IN THIS DRAMA I LOVE! Especially the young actors involved on this project, so many are really talented. Then you add a zombie apocalypse to the mix and I AM FOR SURE CHECKING IT OUT!

-Voice 4 - I am a HUGE fan of this drama series so when they announced a SEASON 4, I knew I was watching one.

-Dark Hole - OCN is one of my favorite Korean drama networks so if they come out with a drama, I am ALWAYS going to check them out. Mutants and survivors fighting against ALL ODDS - I AM IN!

-One the Woman - Not going to lie, what intrigued me about this drama was AMNESIA 😂! It is one of my guilty pleasure tropes so when you throw a detective with amnesia into the mix, I have to watch it.

-Link: Eat, Love, Die - This just sounds like such a unique premise for a drama. EMOTIONS, of all things to share...Also, one of the leads is supposedly a chef SO IM DOWN FOR SOME FOOD PORN!


What Chinese drama AM I NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO IN 2021!?😂 The Question is will they actually air in 2021 because NO ONE KNOWS! I will just name a few that could air in 2021 but we will just have to wait and see if they do.

-Eternal Love 3- I loved both of the previous seasons so I CAN'T WAIT for this to air, hopefully 2021 but we will see.

-A League of Nobleman - This is supposed to air in 2021. It looks stunning in terms of trailers and photos that the production has released so far so I am looking forward to this one FOR SURE!

-Light On Series: Wisher - The Bad Kids from 2020 which is part of the Light On Series was SO GOOD! I am looking forward to more dramas from this series. Wisher was one that should have aired in 2020 but got moved to 2021. I am curious about what other stories will be used in 2021's series.

-The World of Fantasy - This drama is rumored to be premiering very soon in 2021 so we will have to see when. The trailer and teaser pictures of this drama look great and I could always use another fantasy drama that will entertain me.

LAST but NOT LEAST - I am excited for ANYTHING Allen Ren puts out in 2021. He is one of my favorite Chinese actors so I am always looking for more dramas from him. There are quite a few that could be released where he is the male lead so I am excited to see him again in another drama. Under the Power in 2020 was one of my favorite Chinese dramas.


-Alice in Borderland S2 - Season 1 is FANTASTIC so I was very excited to see Netflix confirm a Season 2 for 2021.


-Between Us - Due to me FINALLY watching Until We Meet Again last year, I now am looking forward to the spin-off that explores Win and Team's relationship. It is supposed to be out some time in 2021.

-Lovely Writer - Also due to me watching Until We Meet Again last year, I have had my eye on Lovely Writer because Kao is in it. We are supposed to get it next month (February).


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