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2020 - WOW WHAT A YEAR! No-one ever expected the year to play out like it did, I know I didn't! So much has changed for me this year but also SO MUCH HAS STAYED THE SAME! I didn't commute to work all year. I moved to a new apartment and neighborhood. My social life moved to the internet, even more than it was before. I STARTED THIS BLOG AS A CREATIVE OUTLET!

BUT WE STILL HAD DRAMAS! 2020 gave us a lot of dramas - some we dropped, some we loved, some we want to forget and some we haven't even watched yet. 2020 Dramaland allowed us to escape - to step into worlds from our living rooms and through our televisions because we couldn't leave our houses anyway.

2020 Dramaland allowed us to time travel or travel to parallel worlds. It allowed us to discover love and watch 2 people's relationship blossom into something wonderful even though they faced many obstacles. We got to see long lost lovers reunite and rediscover each other in other dramas. It allowed us to experience some of the darkest corners of humanity and witness horrible crimes, only see the culprits brought to justice in the end. 2020 Dramaland brought us some of the best friendships and relationships of loyalty but also heartbreak. 2020 Dramaland allowed us to travel to other countries and other places in history through dramas. It allowed us to be scared out of our minds because of ghosts and monsters or show us the best of humanity through heartwarming messages.

2020 Dramaland found viewers around the world. Some people experienced dramaland for the first time this year, looking for something new to watch while passing the time at home. Some of us, like me, found comfort in dramas whether it was through rewatching our favorite dramas or finding new favorites. 2020 Dramaland was exciting and entertaining! I know I appreciated it.

I ALSO APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU GUYS! I started this blog to pass the time, feel productive, have creative expression and to talk about the topics that I love to talk about. This blog is still here because all of you read it. SO, I WANT TO THANK ALL OF YOU! I AM HAPPY THAT YOU HAVE JOINED THIS COMMUNITY AND HAVE READ MY POSTS! I just want all of you to know how much I am grateful for all of you, to allow me to have this outlet. I hope you continue to come to this blog and read more as I write more. As long as there are dramas, there will be content.

NOW WHAT WILL 2021 DRAMALAND BRING!? I am sure 2021 will give us more dramas we will obsess over. 2021 will introduce us to new actors/actresses for us to love. 2021 will bring back some of favorite actors/actresses that might not have been in a drama in a while. 2021 will draw us into new worlds through dramas. 2021 will give us new couples to become invested in their story and root for their happy ending in the end. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I am excited to see what 2021 Dramaland has in store for us!



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