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ANOTHER YEAR GONE!! Man, what a year it has been! There have been a lot of ups and downs. There have been highlights FOR SURE but also really low points as well in 2021.

One thing I do know, I do not think I would have coped with 2021 as well as I did without this blog as a creative outlet. Which means I would not have coped with 2021 without all of you reading my blog. Every day I sit here in awe that people ACTUALLY read what I write and interact with my posts either on the blog or social media. This blog was created for me to talk/write about what I love which is dramas and music. It has and will always be a hobby and I am just grateful for all of you guys and glad that I can provide some entertainment and comfort through my blog posts from my tiny blog corner on the internet.

I AM ALSO GRATEFUL THAT WE STILL HAD DRAMAS IN 2021! Dramaland kept threatening that there would be less dramas in the past 2 years and CLEARLY THAT HAS NOT BEEN THE CASE! Dramaland allowed us more escape this year. We got to fight the bad guys and take them down one by one. We got to see friends become found families and get comfort from their happiness. We got to see cute interactions and EPIC romances as couples found each other and fell in love. Dramaland gave the writers and productions creative outlets and we got to witness the fruits of their labor. Dramaland gave us escape from reality and allowed us to expand our horizons and let our imaginations run wild.

As always, we saw more people discover dramas and search for more to watch. I always love seeing people find the thing I have found comfort in and loved for the first time. So, I was so happy to see dramas get awards and take over social media platforms as people gushed about them. Others found their way back to dramaland which we always love to see as well. This caused more people to seek out blogs and podcasts and Youtube channels about dramas OR even create their own which was fun to see people start creative outlets of their own.

It has been ANOTHER YEAR! I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN! I know I have been saying it a lot and I am going to continue saying it. I enjoy writing about dramas and I hope you enjoy reading about them. I hope I can introduce you to dramas or other countries that do dramas and maybe you will discover something new that gives you comfort or that you love. I JUST APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE FOUND MY BLOG OR JUST 1 BLOG POST OVER THE LAST YEAR! I hope you enjoyed what you read and WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY! As long as there are dramas and music, there will be content on this blog!

2022 DRAMALAND HERE WE COME!! What will we get in the coming year? More EPIC adventures and stories? Couples that will tug at our heart strings and root for that happy ending? Villains that will make our blood boil and cheer out loud when we get to see their satisfying demise? New actors/actresses that will show us what new talent to look out for in the future? Creative stories and unique plots that will surprise us and keep us on the edge of our seats? I don't know what we will get for 2022 dramaland BUT I AM EXCITED FOR ALL OF IT!!

BRING ON 2022!!!


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