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Well, we thought Halloween was over back in October, APPARENTLY Netflix has other ideas! Netflix, I guess, is just celebrating Halloween Dramaland style for the rest of 2020.

If you are looking for something scary to watch in December - HERE IS A LIST OF SOME OPTIONS THAT NETFLIX HAS ADDED IN THE LAST MONTH OR SO!


If you like ghosts, revenge and possession, Detention is the drama FOR YOU! Just to give you a short synopsis of the drama, A girl who can see ghosts moves back to Taiwan from abroad in the 90s. She encounters a ghost at her school and helps her uncover secrets and get revenge against the people who wronged her. Six episodes are out now with the last 2 episodes coming out this week. I have watched the first 2 episodes so far. It is a slow burn when it comes to horror but it makes the drama even more creepy. It puts you on edge because you are not quite sure what is going to happen next. I will say one thing - IT IS A BEAUTIFUL DRAMA, CINEMATOGRAPHY WISE! Just some gorgeous shots so far in the first 2 episodes. FUN FACT - This drama is based off a video game.


If your thing is more monsters and fighting for survival, Sweet Home might be more your speed. Just to give you a short synopsis of the drama, A teenager loses his entire family in an accident and moves into an old apartment complex. He soon learns that he and the rest of the residents have to fight against monsters to escape the apartment complex. This kdrama premiered last week on Netflix and all the episodes are available to watch right now. SO, BINGE AWAY! I watched this entire drama. It has a lot psychological metaphors throughout the drama and was a FANTASTIC drama.


Back to possession and throw in some demons, The Guest is another option to watch that Netflix recently added to their site. A short synopsis of this drama is a priest, a shaman and a detective team up to fight demons, ultimately in search of the demon who caused destruction on all 3 of their families. I have yet to see this one because I had no access to it. Maybe now that Netflix has picked it up, it is time for me to sit down and watch it!


Alice in Borderland is not necessarily scary. It is more of a wild ride where you can't predict the ending or what is going to happen next. It is a survival of the fittest type drama where no one is safe. A short synopsis is Arisu suddenly find him in an empty version of Tokyo with his friends. They learn that they must compete in life and death games to survive. They must survive to find the mysteries of why they are in these games. They must survive to escape. All 8 episodes are on Netflix right now and I must say THIS IS A MUST WATCH! It is very violent but such an unpredictable ride! I have this on the Halloween in December list for 2 reasons - the violence/brutality of the games (think The Hunger Games/Saw mixed with a video game) and the unpredictability of the drama because you don't know who will die next and who will be alive by the end.


I have not seen this movie YET but I heard The Call is a really good movie. I don't think it is horror per say BUT DEFINITELY THRILLER! It seems like a good movie to watch for Halloween in December still. A short synopsis is A woman returns home after a long time. She reconnects an old phone and someone on the other end picks up the phone. They soon learn that they are living in the same house but 20 years apart. What will a small choice do to both their lives? I love these kinds of thrillers because who doesn't like when some sort of time travel is involved? A good choice still for a good scare. IT IS ON NETFLIX NOW TOO!


Last, but not least, to keep on the time travel aspect of this post, Netflix has just added I am 5 episodes in AND LOVE IT SO MUCH! This is a straight up murder drama with a little sci-fi/time travel thrown in. It is definitely more thriller than horror for the Halloween in December post but I think it still fits. A short synopsis is After investigating a series of strange cases, a cop comes across a website called This website claims it is from the future and customers can buy anything from the site such as fame and love. Customers have to pay a hefty price for what they buy though. This is just an inventive story with great characters. Who doesn't like a cat and mouse story for the Halloween season!?

This post gets me thinking "Is there a reason why scary dramas seem to come out on December?"🤔 What scary dramas do you like to watch? Any that I should check out?



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