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This is a post that I wanted to start in 2021. One of the things I love about Asian dramas is how they promote their dramas. The posters that these productions make as they announce, celebrate and promote their dramas are ALL SO BEAUTIFUL! So, I am just going to collect the posters I love throughout the month and then do a blog post about the collection I make every month.


I just love the entire look of this poster. I love the colors and how the facial expressions are in this poster. The colors of the sparks give good contrast against the purple and dark colors that are in the clothing of the actors and background. The poster makes me want to watch this drama because I want to know more about the relationship portrayed in this poster. I want to know why Lee Da Hee has a cut on her face. I want to know what made them embrace. I also watched the Behind the Scene Video of the poster filming of this drama so it gave more context for this poster and I LOVED IT!

This is the first poster officially released for this upcoming Chinese drama. Not much else has been released and We don't know much else about this drama except for the 2 leads. I am not even positive that it has completed filming the drama (I don't think it has). The reason why I put it in my "collection" is that the poster is beautiful to look at. The artist who did this drama is quite famous for their drama posters. They have drawn posters for other Chinese dramas such as Legend of Fei.

For some reason, I tend to like character posters and introduction posters for dramas over the official drama poster. I think because the introduction posters tend to be more creative and the character posters give clues to what to expect in the drama (sometimes). In the case of Sisyphus, I like the character posters a lot. I think they create mystery because we want to know why that orange symbol is there. Does the placement of the symbol on the actors mean something? Why, in the third poster, is the actor blurred out? I love how dark and mysterious these 3 posters are because it makes me more excited to watch this drama to get answers to these questions. These are very simple posters but well done.

I am not planning on watching this drama BUT I CAN APPRECIATE SOME BEAUTIFUL CHARACTER POSTERS! My favorite part of these posters is the brush stroke effect that both of them have. It is just SO CREATIVE to me and I would never have thought of that. It adds a beautiful effect to both posters and adds a dramatic effect to these posters. I sort of get the emotion that is going to come in this drama from these posters because that brush stroke effect is so pronounced.

I remember when this first set of posters came out. I loved the colors of these posters first of all. I liked how vibrant the colors were and how the colors were themed for each character. Possibly giving clues to how their characters were going to be in the drama. Obviously, the most noticeable creative part of these posters are the effects that happened with the clothes and hair. I loved it because it created a consistency between all the posters but also made each character poster unique to the character in the poster. The effect of having the hair/clothing flowing behind each character and ultimately turning into colorful smoke JUST LOOKS COOL!

Another set of posters, that were released later after the drama started airing, that I loved. I loved the halos in all the posters and how individualized each halo was. It adds to the magical look of these posters and make the characters look regal. The colors also match the other posters for the most part because they kept the same color palate. Just another set of posters that caught my eye and I saved.

Stay tuned for next month's Collection of Posters - wonder what ones I will have then!

Are you a collector of pretty posters for dramas? What ones have you seen that has caught your eyes recently? Any dramas coming out that you are excited for due to the poster you have seen?




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