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It is now 2021 - AND I CAN'T BELIEVE ALREADY THE END OF JANUARY! It seems like this month has gone by IN A FLASH! I started this series at the end of 2020 and I liked writing these posts. SO WHY NOT CONTINUE THEM IN 2021! I had fun writing them and I am sure some of you love reading them SO HERE IS THE FIRST WRAP UP POST OF 2021!


I have been good this month. I am trying not to start TOO MANY new dramas because February is going to NEW DRAMA HEAVY! So, I have been focusing on finishing the dramas that I am watching so I have room to watch all the dramas I want to watch next month. I DID PRETTY GOOD TOO THIS MONTH - FINISHED 10 DRAMAS OVERALL!

-Color Rush: I LOVED this kdrama. I loved how unique and inventive the concept for the drama was. I loved the cinematography of the drama. The leads had GREAT chemistry together. They did very well in this drama. I need a 2nd season for this drama because there were some unanswered questions which can be answered with another season. I hope we get a 2nd season! 🤞

-The Uncanny Counter: Another drama that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED! I am excited that we are getting a 2nd season of this one as well. I fell in love with all the characters and found some new actors to love. It had LOTS OF FOUND FAMILY (my favorite trope) in the drama which is always a plus for me. You can tell when the writer changed in the middle of the drama but I did not mind it. It did not affect how much I loved this drama too much.

-Shanai Marriage Honey: As I have said COUNTLESS TIMES, Japanese romance dramas are my favorite. There is just something so special about them. This one is no different. This was an easy and enjoyable watch. If you are a fan of contract marriages - WATCH THIS DRAMA! I did have an issue with how cute the female lead was at times BUT OVERALL, JUST AN ENJOYABLE WATCH!

-Mask: If you like Makjang dramas - CHECK OUT THIS DRAMA! I, for one, am a huge fan of crazy, makjang SO I ENJOYED THIS DRAMA A LOT! I do not think this drama needed 20 episodes and could have been a good drama with just the standard 16 episodes. The acting was phenomenal and tragic. There were TWISTS AND TURNS GALORE! This is just a fun one to watch.

-Gen-Y: What I liked about these types of dramas is that you have lots of couples to choose from and root for. Just like any other drama, I liked some couples over others. You could tell early on that the writers wanted to do a season 2 so naturally WE NEED A SEASON 2! Not everything was resolved by the end but I am ok with this. AMAZING CHEMISTRY WITH A LOT OF THE ACTORS AND BETWEEN MANY OF THE COUPLES!

-My Engineer: Some aspects of this drama I LOVED and others, I wish they had been written differently. I liked and rooted for some couples over others. I definitely will check out season 2 when it airs but I will probably only care for certain couples.

-The Goddess of Revenge: A REALLY SOLID DRAMA! The concept and story for the drama was refreshing and new with elements that were also familiar to long time drama watchers. It was a little slow in the middle and some of the plot points in the end weren't wrapped up how I wanted them to be. OVERALL, a very satisfying and entertaining watch. The cast had great chemistry and had some impactful OSTs.

-Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave: I am a HUGE fan of the tomb raiding cdramas so it is no surprise that I enjoyed this drama a lot. I would have liked more episodes in this drama BUT SUCH A FUN RIDE! It had lots of action and suspense. The cinematography was a pleasant surprise because I was not expecting such good cinematography in this drama. I loved the sweeping nature shots we got.

-Awaken: THIS DRAMA WAS A HUGE MESS!! It started out AMAZING and then just took a nosedive. The plot did not meet the potential that it could have ESPECIALLY with the cast that it had at its disposal. This was a HUGE let down for me because I was enjoying this drama SO MUCH for the first half of it. SUCH A WASTE! I will say though - SOME FANTASTIC OSTS AND INSTRUMENTAL SCORE!

-Tonhon Chonlatee: I will say one thing and one thing only about this drama - DO NOT WATCH THIS DRAMA!! JUST DON'T!


Given that January was slow when it came to new dramas premiering that I wanted to see, February has decided to give me ALL THE DRAMAS! As per usual, if I know where the dramas will be airing, I will add the site into this post.

L.U.C.A.: The Beginning (KOREAN)(VIKI): The posters look fantastic for this drama. The teasers look amazing for this drama. I am excited for the chemistry we are going to get between the 2 leads. I am excited for the action and power scenes. It just seems like fun drama and I hope it doesn't let me down.

Miss Montecristo (KOREAN): One of my favorite stories ever so I was excited when I saw the title of this drama. I just love a good revenge story so with Montecristo in the title, YOU KNOW THIS DRAMA WILL BE ALL ABOUT REVENGE!

Sisyphus: The Myth(KOREAN)(NETFLIX): I am a huge fan of Jo Seung Woo and it will be great to see him take on another role other than his role in the Stranger dramas. It looks high budget and JUST ALL ACTION! The teasers look SO GOOD for this drama so I have HIGH expectations.

Beyond Evil (KOREAN): As you probably know by now, I AM A SUCKER FOR CRIME DRAMAS! So, you throw a crime drama in the mix about a serial killer and I AM IN! I am also a HUGE fan of Yeo Jin Goo so I am curious to see him in a crime drama because I have yet to see him in one.

Times (KOREAN): Time travel makes me say YES to this drama. The political aspect of this drama, I am skeptical about. The cast is great for this drama so I am definitely going to check it out to see what it is all about. Times being an OCN drama also makes me think it will be GREAT because I have loved a lot of OCN network dramas.

Vincenzo (KOREAN)(NETFLIX): Another action drama that I am excited to watch. The plot sort of does give me pause I will admit because I am having a hard time wrapping my head around it. The teasers look SO GOOD for this drama though so I HAVE TO CHECK IT OUT FOR SURE!

You Make Me Dance (KOREAN)(VIKI): I am really enjoying all the Korean BL dramas that they have been making recently SO OF COURSE I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS ONE! The posters look beautiful so I am excited to see what the cinematography looks like in this drama.

Lovely Writer (THAI): My only reason I am excited for this drama is because KAO! I have been waiting for him to be in another drama AND FINALLY WE ARE GETTING ONE!



-NCT 127 (Japanese Release)

-Purple Kiss



-Kang Daniel

-Kingdom (Debut)

-Super Junior




-Mark (GOT7)

-TRI.BE (Debut)


-MonstaX I.M



Did you complete any dramas in January? What did you like that you completed? What are you looking forward to in February for dramas? What about KPOP - anything you are excited for?




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