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I can't believe I am writing this. I feel like July went by so fast. I feel like 2022 is going by SO FAST! A lot happens for me at the end of the year which I am excited for but it is going to be a lot of work. I know I am not going to be watching as many dramas as I usually do during that time of year. My current watchlist is actually quite small because I finished some things and haven't started some other things yet. I am behind in everything I am watching due to LIFE but that is okay.


I had a lot of distractions this past month. Life happened and got in the way. I also love video games and some of the recent video game releases have grabbed a little of my attention. I still finished a fair number of dramas. I think it had some variety as well. I also finished a variety show and watched a couple of movies this month. I know that is rare for me.

Old Fashion Cupcake (Jdrama)(VIKI): This was a charming and sweet drama. The leads had great chemistry together. The acting was PHENOMENAL! I loved the progression of the story. I am a sucker for office romances so that is always a plus for me. The cinematography and lighting added something special to this drama. IT WAS WAY TOO SHORT!

To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories (Kdrama)(VIKI): There were a lot of mixed reviews for this second season. You either were in the boat of hating it or you loved the second season. I personally thought this second season was FANTASTIC! I loved the depth we got with the lead characters. I loved how mature and realistic this second season was. Their acting was AMAZING! I found the story to be quite relatable from my own experiences. I always like relating to dramas that I am watching.

Under the Skin (Cdrama)(VIKI): I know, I am a little late to this one BUT WE ARE HERE NOW! I thought this crime drama was GREAT! I love crime dramas where the partners are opposites. I love when the ones investigating aren't all cops either. The chemistry between the leads was nice. I loved how art was incorporated into the story and shown in the drama. It made the cinematography interesting and unique. I did find some of the cases more interesting than others, especially the last case. I thought the last case was quite boring personally. The ending left it open for a season 2 but that is okay. A very entertaining crime drama nonetheless.

Queendom 2 (KVariety)(VIKI): I had a lot of fun with this one. I loved learning more about all the groups and the girls. I loved the performances and loved watching it every week. I think it created a bunch of unforgettable moments, performances and songs. I always have fun with these types of shows. I LOVE being a multi-fan with these types of shows because I enjoy seeing all the groups perform and interact with each other.

Why Her? (Kdrama)(VIKI): This was another drama where I saw a lot of mixed reviews on social media. I saw a lot of people drop it. I personally enjoyed this drama quite a bit. The acting was PHENOMENAL! It had GREAT twists even though some were quite predictable. I loved the lead couple and their chemistry. The supporting characters were great and lots of fun. I did think that some of the endings that were given to the characters were unsatisfying for me. I mean some of the bad guys didn't get punished for what they did! I also thought that some of the tropes that were present, especially romance tropes, were unnecessary. Still, IT WAS SUCH A GOOD DRAMA!

KinnPorsche (Thai drama) (iQIYI): This was a good and solid drama. I enjoyed it a lot. The acting was GREAT! I loved all the characters and I thought the cast had GREAT chemistry. I loved that it tried something new. It definitely was a success. You could tell that the production cared about what they were creating. I wish the story was better paced out. I wanted more story to be given to side characters and plot. I loved watching the relationships between the various couples and characters develop. I will warn people who are thinking of watching this drama that there are some TRIGGER WARNINGS.

Animal World (CMovie) (NETFLIX): This was an entertaining movie. I am a fan of Li Yi Feng so I always enjoy anything he is in. This movie had been on my radar a LONG time. I wish I had watched it earlier. If you watch it, you will be reminded by other recent popular Korean dramas and Japanese dramas which is fine. I just wish I had watched it before I saw those dramas. The movie was a little confusing at times because it jumped around to show that the main character was a little crazy. Some of the story points didn't make sense but I still had fun with this movie. It is a nice movie to watch when you just need something entertaining to watch.

Giri/Haji (British Show) (NETFLIX): I have had my eye on this show for A LONG TIME and I finally watched it. It was interesting. It was neat that it was split between London and Tokyo. I loved that it had a Yakuza storyline. I wish it had more of that honestly. It was interesting that it became more of a family drama. I loved the creative style of it. The acting was FANTASTIC! I wish it had ended differently because it was sort of left up for interpretation. I also have no idea how you would ideally end this show so maybe that was the best choice at the same time.

Our Father (American Crime Documentary) (NETFLIX): If you are a fan of crime documentaries and you have not watched this one yet, YOU SHOULD! It was RIDICULOUS how crazy this one got! Every time I thought it was done with the reveals and twists, another twist popped up. It just kept going and I could not believe how wild this case unfolded.


Cafe Minamdang (Kdrama): After 4 episodes or so, I just wasn't feeling it. It had the comedy that wasn't my cup of tea. I just didn't care enough to stick around and see what happened.

Rich Family's Son (Kdrama): I was enjoying this drama. I then lost access to this drama because the site I was watching it on, took it off their site.

Check Out (Thai Drama): I loved the leads. I loved their chemistry. The story was a MESS though. I also fell behind on episodes and didn't care to catch up.


There are not a lot of Kdramas that I am excited for in August. That is okay though. I am behind on most of the things I am currently watching. I am also sure I can find other dramas from other countries to fill in the gaps. I am not worried. I am excited to see what I end up watching though. I hope I make good choices and enjoy everything I am watching.

Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist (VIKI): [PREMIERES ON AUGUST 1ST, 2022]

I hope this drama has the same vibes as Secret Royal Inspector. I LOVED that drama! I have been needing a historical medical drama in my life recently. I was happy to this one starting. It seems like it could be a good mix of medical, mystery, comedy and crime. That sounds like a good combo for me. I am hoping the comedy is not too over the top. We will just have to wait and see. I do need a lighter drama in my life because I am watching a lot of dark dramas recently.


This drama is a short drama so, if I get access to it, I plan to watch it. It is a crime drama SO I AM INTERESTED! I always love those crime dramas that take place in villages. I hope I get to watch this one because I am sure it is one of those dramas where there are secrets and it isn't what it seems.

Carter (NETFLIX)(movie): [PREMIERES AUGUST 5TH, 2022]

I have been excited to watch this movie since it was announced. I love a good action movie. This gives me Jason Bourne vibes and I LOVED those movies. It looks intense and action packed! I am also a fan of Joo Won so I am curious to see what he does with this role. I AM READY FOR LOTS OF EXPLOSIONS AND FIGHTS! This reminds me, I still need to watch The Bridal Mask.


If you know me AT ALL, you know how much I ADORE the drama My Roommate is a Detective. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS REUNION AND THIS DRAMA! Now, it is just rumored for August 10th and hasn't been confirmed. It has other dates where it is rumored. I am still including it in this blog post. I AM JUST SO EXCITED FOR THIS DRAMA! I loved the republican era of Cdramas. I love a fun crime drama. I think both male leads have AWESOME chemistry together. I need this drama to premiere this month.

A Model Family (NETFLIX): [PREMIERES AUGUST 12TH, 2022]

A lot of dramas this coming month is giving me vibes of other shows/dramas. A Model Family is giving me Ozark vibes. This drama has been a long time coming. It looks dark. It looks intense. It looks like it has a great cast. We will see how this one turns out.

Good Job (VIKI): [PREMIERES AUGUST 24TH, 2022]

BOSSAM: STEAL THE FATE REUNION AND I AM HERE FOR IT! This sounds chaotic, wacky and fun. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE! It has a little bit of everything: comedy, romance, mystery, thriller, fantasy. I am really curious about the synopsis. I mean what does "super vision" mean? exactly? It makes me want to watch this drama even more. I guess that is a good thing.

Seoul Vibe (NETFLIX)(movie): [PREMIRES AUGUST 26TH, 2022]

Who doesn't love a good heist/fast cars movie? This movie looks exciting and fun. South Korea has done some GREAT heist movies so I am ready to add this to the long list of good heist movies/dramas. It looks like it a mix of thriller, action and comedy. It has a great cast for this type of genre. We got some reunions as well like Chicago Typewriter. That is always nice to see.

THERE IS MY LIST FOR AUGUST! A GOOD MIX OF MOVIES AND DRAMAS! We will see what I finish in August. I am curious what will be added to my current watchlist in the month. WE ALL KNOW MY PLAN TO WATCHLIST IS NEVER ENDING!! I know your plan to watch lists are. What dramas did you start in July? Did you complete any dramas in July? What did you like that you completed? What are you looking forward to in August for dramas? Anything I missed and need to add to my list? Is your list short like mine?



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