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June was the COMPLETE opposite when it came to posters. I feel like I only flagged a couple of posters that caught my eye. I guess this month's poster collection will be fairly short. May's Poster Collection could have just been abnormally long as well. There were even some channel events to promote Chinese dramas this month. I guess I either just missed a ton of posters or nothing caught my eye that was interesting to me. Maybe I just think this isn't a lot of dramas for a blog post? WHO KNOWS!

I may have had my eye on this drama first because I read the synopsis somewhere. Ever since the drama has started releasing posters and trailers, it just got me EVEN more excited for this drama. This poster alone is already OOZING makjang vibes and I am here for it. I am here for the drama and secrets that I am sure this drama will have. Also, Kim Hee Sun is one of my favorite Korean actresses AND she looks BEAUTIFUL in this poster.

I didn't even know this drama existed until the drama released these character posters. I love the colors. I like that each character has a color theme with their posters. The costumes are beautiful as well in the posters. I mean the title alone could have gotten me excited about this drama. I love assassins in Chinese dramas. These posters definitely got my attention and told me to keep an eye out for this drama.

This poster alone gets me interested in this Korean movie. IT JUST LOOKS WACKY! It makes it seem like this movie will be a lot of fun to watch. It combines a futuristic setting with a historical setting. TWO SETTINGS WHICH I LOVE! It just looks like this movie will be COMPLETE chaos and I am here for it. I hope I get access to this movie and can watch it.

Another crime Chinese drama to add to my plan to watch list. The synopsis looks good. I like Qin Jun Jie a lot. The synopsis sounded great to me and then these posters came out. I love the colors. I love the lighting. I love the filter on the poster to make it look like you are looking through a frosted window in some parts of the poster. I wonder if the lighting is in the drama or is any clue to the drama or if it just an aesthetic thing.

Another day, another candle in the tomb drama releases content. I AM HERE FOR IT!! I love both the Candle in the Tomb series and The Lost Tomb series so ANY TIME I see another drama coming from either franchise I get excited. I still have many dramas and movies in both franchises that I have not seen. That doesn't mean I can't get excited for more. It is interesting that the top of this poster has people shining flashlights on the mountain. At first you would think it was a helicopter or something.

This is being advertised as the historic version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I LOVED that movie so I am interested in this drama. That is really all I know about this drama. I like Elvis Han a lot so I am excited to see him in this drama. I am curious how the historical setting will affect the drama. I always like these historical setting dramas for the costumes. If both leads are badass and have great fighting scenes, I will be entertained. This poster is promising but we will have to see.

I was always interested in this drama. You give me any adventure drama with the potential for tomb raiding or something, I AM THERE! THEN the cast was announced and I was EVEN more excited. FINALLY, these posters got released and I just can't WAIT for this drama. I love how close up these posters are to the actors' faces. This sounds like an interesting mix of genres to me so, I am definitely keeping my eye out for this drama.

You give me vampire anything and I am willing to try it out. It is another drama set in historical period which I will always be drawn too. So, fantasy vampire drama that is set during this time, it is like this drama is CALLING to me. I love the color scheme in this poster. I love the costumes. I love the moon in the background. I like Ouyang Nara so I am curious about her in this role. This drama does a good job with selling its drama. THAT IS FOR SURE!

I guess this blog post is just going to be filled with Republic setting Chinese dramas with themes of spies. THIN ICE IS ANOTHER DRAMA ON MY RADAR! I know I have put posters from this drama on another poster collections blog post. These posters were released to announce that they have wrapped filming. I love the color grading on these posters. It definitely adds more to the spy theme of this drama. I definitely am keeping an eye out for this drama in the future.

THATS IT FOR THIS POST! As always, I guess it was more posters than I thought it would be for this blog post.

Stay tuned for next month's Collection of Posters - wonder what ones I will have then! Are you a collector of pretty posters for dramas? What ones have you seen that has caught your eyes recently? Any dramas coming out that you are excited for due to the poster you have seen?



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