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KDRAMA REVIEW: Island Parts 1 & 2 (2023)

Next up on my catch-up on drama reviews is Island. I am going to do both parts in one review. I will specify which part if there was something specific, I wanted to point out that had to do with Part 1 versus Part 2 but overall, I think my review will be a review of both parts as a whole. HERE is my review of the Kdrama Island Parts 1 & 2 and as always not a ton of spoilers because I want you to watch these dramas yourself to see if you agree or disagree with my review. Island Parts 1 & 2 can me watched on AMAZON PRIME.

A QUICK SYNOPSIS OF ISLAND PARTS 1 & 2: A chaebol's daughter, priest and Demon Hunter team up to fight evil on Jeju Island.

OVERALL, I had a lot of fun with this drama. I think I might be in the minority of the drama watching community but I enjoyed this drama quite a bit. Was it perfect? No, in my opinion, it was not BUT I think I enjoyed it more than a lot of other people I saw talking about this drama on social media. I will say, this setup and concept of drama was MADE FOR ME! This genre is one I usually enjoy a lot so, that might be the reason I enjoyed Island so much.


THE ACTING: I thought the acting was quite good in this drama. I think a lot of the cast took on new challenges with their roles in this drama. A lot of them said this was the first drama in the genre for them and I thought they pulled it off well. There were a lot of emotional scenes in this drama and I thought the actors conveyed these emotions quite well. I think the chemistry between the actors were great as well which I think the chemistry worked so well because the acting was very good.

UNIQUE STORY: Now, Island is definitely not the first Kdrama where we had demons and exorcisms and priests but I think Island made its mark on the genre. I think it had some very unique features in its story that made it stand out on its own. I think I also enjoyed Island so much because it was unique in what was also airing around the time that Island was airing. I am glad that I waited to watch part 1 when part 2 came out because I did not have to wait a few months for part 2 to start.

CGI: THE CGI WAS GREAT IN ISLAND!! It needed some good CGI to pull off its story and it did not disappoint. Between the demons/monsters to the CGI with the fight scenes, the CGI made it even more fun to watch the scenes in the drama. I felt that I was more immersed in the drama because the CGI was so believable.

FIGHT/ACTION SCENES: As I said above, the CGI made the fight/action scenes quite believable and exciting. The acting was also just SO GOOD during these scenes. You can tell the actors put a lot of effort to pull off these scenes. They worked hard and it paid off. The fight scenes were shot so well. The fight/action scenes were exciting and acted SO WELL! I just loved watching the fight scenes in Island.


UNDERUTILIZED ACTORS: You had a strong cast in Island. I did feel like some actors or maybe A LOT of the actors were underutilized. ESPECIALLY with part 2 of Island. I just wanted some actors in this cast to have more to do with their characters. For example, you had Lee Da Hee who we have seen do action dramas in the past and for the most part did not do any fighting in this drama. Now, I know that was partly her character but I felt she could have done something. Even with some of the main characters in this drama, I thought the writers could have done more with them.

SOME STORY THREAD LOOSELY TIED: Now, there were no threads left not connected at the end of Island. I will say some of the story threads were loosely tied though. You had the stretch your beliefs a bit to be satisfied with how some storylines were wrapped up. I thought some of the storylines could have ended better and be more convincing.

NEEDS SEASON 3: ISLAND DEFINITELY NEEDS A SEASON 2 (3?). I am not sure what the next season should be called. ANYWAY - IT NEEDS ANOTHER SEASON! Island needing another season might be why I felt some of the story threads were loosely wrapped up but some of the story ended in a way where it was clear the writers clearly want another season to happen.

Rating: 9/10 (Streaming on AMAZON PRIME now)

8.5/10 Part 2 (Streaming on AMAZON PRIME now)

So, have you seen Island Part 1 & 2?

What did you think of the drama?

Is it on your list to watch?

Will you watch this drama now after reading my review?




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