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March was BIG month for drama posters. It seems like EVERYONE released new posters. We got a lot posters from Cdramaland like we always do. Kdramaland also released a good number of posters themselves. So, get ready because this post will be a long one because I liked a lot of posters. There might not be a TON of dramas on this list but there are a lot of posters.

I honestly don't know much about this drama except for the cast before these posters were released. Even with the case for this drama, I really only knew about the two leads so, I am glad to learn some of the supporting cast through these posters. I mean we all know I love the actor Zhang Linghe who is the male lead in this drama so, OF COURSE, I would know the leads for all his upcoming dramas. I love the costumes and styling on these posters even for the supporting roles. I love Ryan Cheng's and Joseph Zeng's styling in their posters. These posters do their job and make me interested in this drama.

I have had my eye on this drama since it was announced. I love a good historical crime drama. So, when it was announced to premiere at the end of the month, that got me excited. I find these posters interesting because what does the characters having 2 versions of themselves in the same poster mean? Is it like a past and present thing? Is it that the character is hiding a secret? Is it a prediction of the future? I guess we will find out. Who else plans to watch this drama?

I am VERY excited for this drama to premiere this week. I love the start contrasts of these 2 posters with one being a day scene and other taking place during the night. The emotional contrast between both posters is very apparent as well. Is that a clue for the plot of this drama? Anyone else planning on checking this drama out?

I can't tell you how excited I am for Season 2 of this drama to come out. It premieres in April and Season 2 just released this poster in the past week or so. I love how in the center we have Heo Sung Tae's character. I don't want to give too much away of the plot so, I won't say what theories I have from this poster. I do love that this poster makes me think and think up theories for Season 2. Basically, I am just getting more excited about Season 2 because of this poster.

The upcoming Netflix KMovie Kill Boksoon released some character posters in the past month. I mean the movie is about a female killer so it makes sense that the character posters would have blood. I love both of the female posters. They have a lot of character to them. I love the slogan on the posters "A Life of Lies Can Kill". I am excited to watch this movie and see what it is all about.

Last but not least, we have Stealer: The Treasure Keeper. I just love how fun this drama looks. I love that this is reflected in this poster too. The poster and trailers for this drama gives me a mix between Batman and National Treasure. I hope I get access to this drama because I am sure I am going to have lots of fun with this one.

There is the POSTER COLLECTION for March 2023! I hope you enjoyed this month's Poster Collection. I felt there was a good mix of posters between cdramaland and kdramaland. There were a lot of posters released (especially in cdramaland) released in March that I did not include. What were some of your favorite posters this past month?

Stay tuned for next month's Collection of Posters! Are you a collector of pretty posters for dramas? What ones have you seen that has caught your eyes recently? Any dramas coming out that you are excited for due to the poster you have seen?



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