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May was a slow month for posters for me. Not a lot of interesting posters caught my eye. So, this might be a very short blog post. Due to 520 in Chinese dramaland, we still got some interesting posters though. Maybe I'll just sprinkle in more of my favorite Till The End of the Moon posters at the end because I binged that drama in May. 🤣 We will see what happens at the end.

I love that all of the posters for this movie are made to look like paintings. Even the character posters were the same way. These posters are just beautiful. I love how creative it is! These posters definitely caught my eye.

I will admit these first teaser posters for Heartbeat caught my eye. The posters that have since been released are a lot more comedic and campier than I wanted. These first posters are DEFINITELY my vibe and I wanted the drama to be more this vibe. I do love a good vampire concept though and we have not gotten that for a while in Kdramaland.

I still need to watch The Blood of Youth. This concept poster for the prequel looks cool though. I like that it is a mix of a painting but also reminds me of a comic a little as well. I like that they made the poster have literal brushstrokes in the poster too. I also like that there are only 2 colors used. It really stands out and presents a concept of what this drama might be about.

So many posters released in May were made to look like a painting. This poster for Fox Spirit was the same. The creators made this poster look like it was painted on canvas. They even added that canvas texture to the poster which I thought was cool.

We all know why I am excited for this drama. I love all the colors in this poster that was released in May. Again, we are back with the poster sort of looks like painting especially with what is happening in the streams of color on either side of the two leads.

The only reason why these posters made it to the collection for May was the dragon. I don't know if that is supposed to be a glass or ice dragon. Either way, the dragon is a very nice addition to the poster. It makes the poster unique and stand out. I love how it wraps around both lead's faces and is a little different depending on the poster. Also, to have the title written in the glass/ice on the poster is a nice touch too.

CAN THIS DRAMA JUST PREMIERE ALREADY!! I swear this drama has been trying to premiere for like a month now. That is how it works in cdramaland though - you never know if anything will premiere - let alone finish airing. It is always up in the air until you see it happen with your two eyes. Anyway, Story of Kunning Palace released more posters in May when it was tentatively going to premiere. We again have the theme of May where posters were made to look like paintings.

I LOVE THE LOOK OF THIS POSTER! It fits the trailer and that aesthetic so well. This poster gives off high production value. I love the colors and how dark everything is. I love the fog rolling in from above. I love all the lights. THIS POSTER IS JUST SO GOOD!! I can't wait for this drama!

That is the POSTER COLLECTION for May 2023! I hope you enjoyed this month's Poster Collection. Cdramaland always tends to DOMINATE these posts but mostly because they release so many posters all the time. WHICH I PERSONALLY LOVE! That is why cdrama posters are always in this post because I love the look of a lot of them.

Stay tuned for next month's Collection of Posters! Are you a collector of pretty posters for dramas? What ones have you seen that has caught your eyes recently? Any dramas coming out that you are excited for due to the poster you have seen?




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