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LOTS of new music have come out since my last "MY PLAYLIST" post. I have been listening to a lot of new releases. Some of my old favorites, both songs and groups, have popped back into my regular listening to music sessions due to me watching dramas or getting new music from these groups. CHECK OUT WHAT I HAVE BEEN LISTENING TOO LATELY!


CIX - Cinema - I have loved CIX since debut. They have not put out a bad song. I like the change up that Cinema provided. It diversified their discography. Cinema is upbeat and fun. It is a nice change to what we have been getting recently across Kpop because there have been a lot of dark concepts. It is oddly addictive!

Golden Child - Burn It - THIS VIDEO TO THIS SONG WAS INSANE! It was a WHOLE story in it AND I LOVED IT! You put zombies anywhere in a drama or mv and I WILL LOVE IT! The song is great and catchy too!

NCT 127 - LOVEHOLIC/Gimme Gimme - This is a Japanese release. I have been wanting a NCT 127 release and this satisfies that until we get a Korean comeback. The harmonies in LOVEHOLIC are beautiful! This also has a lot of 90's influence which seems to be the direction that NCT is going for now. I am not mad at this! Their voices in both songs are just great to listen too because the songs are smooth and sexy. I can't wait for the full Japanese album later this month.

Jackson Wang - Alone - It is sad because this is the first song we got after it was announced that GOT7 had decided to disband. I have always enjoyed Jackson Wang's solo work and this song is no different. His husky tone really stands out in this song because it largely doesn't have much instrumental and sounds hollow. This allows his voice and the emotion to stand out. IT IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL SONG! I can't wait to see how he develops as a soloist and what he does in the future.

Hyuna - I'm Not Cool (ENTIRE ALBUM) - I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE NEW MUSIC FROM HYUNA! This entire album has been a godsend! I am so happy to get more variety from her in this album and it shows off different sides of her. I have heard a lot of people say that they didn't know she could sing but due to this album, they were proven wrong. I think it is crazy that people didn't know she could sing because she has been in the industry for so long but maybe these people don't know her from when she was in a Kpop group or have heard her older stuff. I know she has a reputation of being an awesome dancer. I AM JUST GLAD TO HAVE NEW MUSIC FROM HER!


Dreamcatcher - Dystopia: Road to Utopia Album - YOU KNOW WHENEVER DREAMCATCHER RELEASES MUSIC IT WILL BE ON REPEAT FOR ME! Their newest album Dystopia: Road to Utopia is no different. I honestly have no idea how many times I have listened to this entire album at this point. My favorite B-side off the album HAS TO BE Poison Love.

ONEUS - DEVIL Album - This is another album that has been repeat. We got so much variety and new songs on this one! There is not a bad song on the album. I love how we get to see different sides of ONEUS through the music that was put on this album. I think one of my favorite B-sides off the album is Incomplete.

EPIK HIGH - Epik High is Here (Part 1) Album - Another album that is a masterpiece. I got to see EPIK HIGH in concert and IT WAS AMAZING! I have been listening to EPIK HIGH FOREVER so I was very excited to see a new album come out. THIS ALBUM IS SO GOOD! It is indescribable how good it is! I can't pick a favorite B-side because they are ALL SO GOOD!

Cherry Bullet - Cherry Rush Album - Cherry Bullet surprised me with this album. As I was listening to it, I liked every song that came on. I liked every new song that started to play, more than the last. That rarely happens to me when I listen to the albums. I think my favorite B-side has to be Keep Your Head Up.

PURPLE KISS - Can We Talk Again - I still can't believe this group has not officially debuted yet. Their pre-debut releases are amazing which makes me excited for their debut! I am glad that this song gave us a slower, more soulful sound. It really shows off this group's AMAZING vocals!

A Man in a Veil

A Man in a Veil ENTIRE OST - I finished this drama in the last week but that meant listening to these OSTs and getting them stuck in my head all over again. Since this drama had over 100 episodes, I listened to the OST A LOT! That has now spilled into the music I listen to while I work because since I have had these songs stuck in my head, I've turned them on to listen to them in the background now too. I love when you listen to songs and it reminds you of scenes or couples in the drama because THESE SONGS WILL FOR SURE DO THAT FOR ME NOW!

Hikaru No Go ENTIRE OST - I recently picked this drama back up and finished it. This drama HAS AMAZING OSTs and I had forgotten how much I loved them. Naturally, the OSTs have been on repeat for me since I finished the drama because I can't get enough of them. If you have not seen this Cdrama or listened to the OSTs, you need to do yourself a favor and check them out.

What have you been listening too recently? Anything that I should check out or add to my playlists? Did you find any songs/albums from this post that you are going to check out?




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