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It is the beginning of a new year! Music has sort of been slow coming out due to it being the start of 2021. I have been listening A LOT to OSTs of the various dramas I am watching. So, for the most part, this month's "MY PLAYLIST" post will be OST (original soundtrack) heavy BUT HEY, STILL AWESOME MUSIC!


NFLYING - I'LL FIND YOU (Royal Secret Inspector OST)

I knew the minute I heard this OST while watching this drama, I NEEDED IT ON MY PLAYLIST! I have been listening to it ON REPEAT since it was released. I have always been a fan of N.Flying so I pounce on any of their music. I love that this song was released for a historical drama because it is definitely not a song you would picture for that sort of drama. This is just an epic song with some AWESOME vocals and instrumentals.

CHEON SEUNGCHAN - Invincible (The Goddess of Revenge OST)

Somehow Makjang dramas always tend to have some crazy good OSTs and The Goddess of Revenge is no exception. I love the range and depth of vocals this singer has. The intensity of the guitar in the instrumental during the build-up to the chorus and the chorus adds A LOT of emotion to this song. I love when songs do that!

VINCIT - Grow Up (The Goddess of Revenge OST)

VINCIT was a band that I found last year and have fallen in love with. I was so excited to see that they did an OST for this drama. It is really rare to have a female vocal matched with intense guitar/drums. This song has it is SPADES and I just love how hard the instrumentals go in this song. I CAN'T WAIT for new music from this band.

SURAN - O.V.E.R. (Cheat on Me, If You Can OST)

There is something REALLY SAUCY with this song. It fits very well with the vibe of the drama. IT IS JUST A SEXY SONG! I can easily someone dancing the tango to this song. Suran's vocals on this song also fits well with the sound of the song because it gives it an older sounding flare. The tango vibe this song has immediately fits with the Korean drama it is for because the 2 leads are having sort of a tango between each other, finding out each other's secrets.


Ever since I started this drama late last year, I have been obsessed with its OSTs. ALL OF THE DRAMA'S OSTS ARE SO GOOD!! I like when OSTs can surprise you and have a concept that you weren't expecting. This drama having rock instrumentals and intense vocals was something I wasn't expecting. It sort of reminds me of some of the songs in the Tientsin Mystic OST. This drama just reminds me of Tientsin Mystic so much as well so it doesn't surprise me that that music does as well.

FANG WU - Memory of an Elephant (Wacko at Law OST)

I am watching Wacko at Law and this song has gotten stuck in my head FOR SURE! The bridge in this song is my favorite part of the whole song. How it builds up using mostly vocals and then drops almost to just her voice and no background instrumentals as it goes into the last chorus of the song. I think it just creates this lasting impression of emotions.

ISAAC HONG - Close Your Eyes (The Uncanny Counter OST)

This is another song that has unexpected moments. This is the first song I have heard from this singer. I did not know this singer had the range and strength to his song so it is very refreshing when listening to this song. I am also just a sucker for a good guitar instrumental so, obviously I would be obsessed with this song.

HA DONG QN - Set Me Free (Night Version) (Awaken OST)

Another song where it has introduced me to a new artist and voice. What is unique about the Kdrama Awaken is that it has 2 versions of this song. Each version is sung by a different artist and has a completely different sound. I prefer the "Night Version" Again, I am a sucker for a rock sounding song with a good guitar instrumental. I can't wait to get my hands on the Awaken OST as a whole which includes the score/instrumentals of the drama because I LOVE THE SCORE SO MUCH!


VICTON - VOICE: The Future is Now Album

I have been waiting for this album since December because of the delay and IT IS FINALLY HERE! It was definitely worth the wait too. It shows the many colors that VICTON has to offer between ballads, intense songs, solos and more. You can tell the members had a hand in making this album. VICTON has always had amazing vocals so I am glad they can show them off in this album. MY GOD HANSE - HIS RAPPING ABILITY SHINES IN THIS ALBUM!

TREASURE - Going Crazy

I have needed this song on an album since they released a performance video for this song - BEFORE THEIR DEBUT! This song is just so catchy! The dancing to go along with the song showed their potential RIGHT FROM THE START! It is somehow a calming slow song but then the chorus brings up the energy. You can't help but dance along. Always an ear worm of a song (at least for me).

Here is the performance video is you want to check it out yourself (you really should watch the video 😉)

MCND - Crush

The MCND boys NEVER disappoint! They were one of my favorite rookie groups of 2020 so I was excited to see them having a comeback so early on in 2021. I am a sucker for rappers so to have a group that has SO MANY RAPPERS is music to my ears. Having so many rappers make them stand out to me. Crush never lets up. It has a fast and catchy instrumental with fast paced vocals. It is just a fun time and on repeat for me right now. I am excited to see what they will do in 2021.

(G)-IDLE - Dahlia

This song somehow has a crazy catchy instrumental but has some sad sounding vocals attached to it. I love that contrast. It makes the song interesting and fun to listen too. I have always loved the vocal range of (G)-IDLE because I love voices that are altos or have a husky sound to them. (G)-IDLE has both and I think this song really shows that off. Probably why this is my favorite song off the album.

What have you been listening too recently? Anything that I should check out or add to my playlists? Did you find any songs/albums from this post that you are going to check out?




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