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As summer officially comes to an end and fall comes rolling in, I guess this past month I have been saying goodbye to summer because I AM STILL LISTENING TO SONGS/ALBUMS THAT WOULD BE CONSIDERED SUMMER MUSIC! Anyone else's music taste change with the seasons? no, just me 🤣 Here is a sample of what I have been listening too AND OBSESSED WITH over the last month or so. IT JUST HAS SUMMERVIBES TO ME!

ENHYPEN - TAMED-DASHED - THIS SONG!! I HAVE BEEN OBSESSED WITH IT SINCE IT WAS RELEASED!! Literally have listened to it all day, every day. I may not have watched I-Land but man I have fallen in love with Enhypen. Their music is just SO GOOD! I have loved everything I have heard and I like that they are sort of creating their own path. The chorus just HITS YOU SO HARD in this song and I love it! I can totally see why this song was supposed to be released more in the summer but got delayed because it DEFINITELY has that summer sound.

TAICHI MUKAI - BRAVEST - Taichi Mukai is one of my favorite Japanese soloists. He is just always so unique with his songs. His voice really stands out. Bravest is just his most recent song to be released. I love the upbeat sound of it. I like how happy and epic the chorus sounds. The instrumental seems to go crazy as well which also stands out to me. It is just a FUN and HAPPY song. It makes me happy.

OMI - YOU (PROD. SUGA OF BTS) - Another Japanese artist who I have loved for a very long time. His voice is so silky and nice to listen too. This song is different from whatever I have heard from him in the past BUT THAT IS NOT A BAD THING! It gives off this hopeful sound and feeling. I think it is the perfect song to be saying goodbye to summer with. I guess I am in the mood for the music that gives me a happy feeling right now.

JASMINE SOKKO - 25 - Sometimes I just love a good pop song that gives me comfort. THIS SONG IS THAT! It is a pop song with a touch of electronic and I LOVE IT! It may sound a bit cliché with other pop songs to some people but for me, THAT IS OKAY! I am so happy I found Jasmine Sokko and kept an eye on her because I enjoy her music A LOT!

KEY - HELIUM - THE FALLSETTO IN THIS SONG!!! THE SEXINESS OF THIS SONG!! I just am OBSESSED with this song. Key's voice and vibe in this song is EVERYTHING! It is my favorite B-Side off the album. This sound is just SO HIM and I am SO GLAD that he was able to create it.

LAY - FLYING APSARAS - I NEED A FULL MUSIC VIDEO FOR THIS SONG!! Any time Lay releases new music, his music videos ARE MASTERPIECES! The instrumental in this song just SOUNDS EPIC!! I am already addicted to the chorus too. Lay does not release a bad song AT ALL!

ERIC NAM - I DON'T KNOW YOU ANYMORE - WE FINALLY HAVE A NEW SONG FROM ERIC NAM AND IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT! I love the camera angles and cinematography in the music video for this song. The chorus has that classic catchiness that Eric Nam can only give us. We all know when that chorus hits, the instrumental will pick up and Eric Nam will come in with the smooth vocals. You can't help but enjoy anything Eric Nam releases.

LIGHTSUM - VIVACE - THIS WAS SUCH A SWITCH UP FROM THEIR DEBUT SONG! I LOVE IT!! The song gives me strong vibes from other girl groups but I don't think that is a bad thing. It makes me notice the song even more. I love the rap section. The chorus also is just so nice to listen too.

YOUNGJAE - VIBIN - This is the late summer chill song that I didn't know I needed. It just automatically makes me feel happy and relaxed when I listen to it. I love Youngjae's voice in this and I think this song is the PERFECT for him.

AESPA - SAVAGE - Savage is just as crazy as Next Level AND I LOVE IT! I loved how it seems to change to different genres. I love that this song shows off their vocals more BECAUSE THESE GIRLS CAN SING!! I like that the music video sticks with the story/futuristic image Aespa has. THEIR SONGS ARE JUST SO ADDICTING TO ME!

What have you been listening too recently? Anything that I should check out or add to my playlists? Did you find any songs/albums from this post that you are going to check out?



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