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Mondays will not be the only day I post about music BUT Mondays will be designated for music (from ANYWHERE!) It might be just a mini playlist that I made or highlight an artist that I think needs to be talked about OR just what I am enjoying and listening too. WHATEVER I WANT! This also means, you won't get a post EVERY Monday but when I want to talk about music, MONDAYS WILL BE THE FIRST DAY OF CHOICE FOR THE TOPIC OF MUSIC!

I want to provide you with music and something new to check out on Mondays because WE ALL KNOW MONDAYS CAN SUCK A LOT! The day after the weekend can either go really well and you will then have new music or a new artist to dance too OR new music or a new artist to get you through the tough day ahead.


Demian is a fairly recent solo Korean singer/songwriter that I have fallen in love with. He debuted this year in March, 2020 with his single "Cassette" and has since then released the singles "KARMA" in June and recently released the song "YES" last week on August 25th, 2020. I am sure you guys have found him by now, I know his songs have been on some Spotify playlists like "Kpop Rising" BUT if you have not heard of him...GO CHECK HIM OUT! You won't regret it.

I don't even remember how I found him. I think I happened to be subscribed to his label's Youtube channel so when "Cassette" came across my subscription feed, I clicked on the video and I have been a fan ever since! I love his sound and voice. I like that he does an R&B sound but it is mixed with other genres. I think his voice fits the style of his 3 singles perfectly, especially his range. He likes to experiment and his 3 singles could go together but also sound completely different from each other. He expresses himself through music which means his songs have a story and thought behind them but don't sound the same. His sound is just unique to him, a mix between pop and R&B, and I love that. HIS VOCALS STAND OUT TO ME SO MUCH! IT WAS REFRESHING when I found Cassette. Demian sounded like no one else I had heard. I am excited to see how his future songs and sound develops as he experiments.

Another aspect of Demian that I love and it makes him more endearing is that he communicates with fans ALOT! Whether that is through interviews or Instagram lives or small vlogs on his Youtube channel, THERE IS ALWAYS CONTENT! He is very sincere in his Instagram lives and it seems like you are just talking to a regular person. It is a relaxed setting where he answers questions, talks about his day, asks the viewers questions and sometimes bounces ideas off of the audience. I have a lot of fun watching his regular Instagram lives, especially in these COVID filled times.

Here is more info on DEMIAN from his KProfile if you want to know more...including his social media accounts such as Instagram where he does his lives.

His latest single's lyric video (IT IS A BEAUTIFUL LYRIC VIDEO) from last week is below. The song as I said earlier is called "YES".

Here is his SPOTIFY profile if you want to check out his other singles and put his songs on your playlists -

Have you heard of Demian before? Did you find Demian through this post? What do you think of his songs and sound? Do you have a favorite song of his yet?

Let me know what you think in the comments below or on my social media accounts!


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