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Now Eric Chou has been around for awhile but I have only recently found him and his music in the last couple of years. He has been releasing music since 2014, with a total of 5 albums since that year. He has also released many singles and EPs since 2014. He is a very talented singer/songwriter and I am sorry that I didn't find him back when he first started releasing music because I was REALLY missing out! A LOT of his songs have been used in Taiwanese dramas which is how I found him

I was watching a Taiwanese drama a couple of years back and loved the soundtrack. Naturally I looked up the songs AND FOUND HIM! His voice fits so well into the type of the music he does. He has released songs both in the R&B style (which I LOVE) but also ballads and more upbeat songs. He is KNOWN for his ballads because he puts SO MUCH emotion into his voice when he sings and he seems to do it effortlessly. He also has INCREDIBLE range which I think fits well into ballads. I love his lower register but also when he goes into the higher range of his voice.

I HIGHLY recommend any of his music! Once I found him, I went back and listened to all of his music. My favorite song of his is "Nobody But Me" off of his 2019 Freedom album but I am bias towards this song because it is an OST for a Taiwanese drama HAHA. Recently though, I have been OBSESSED with his latest album! I have been listening to it on repeat ever since it was released earlier this year. When We Were Young is such a good album to show the talent of this singer/songwriter because of the variety of the songs on it. There will be at least 1 song on the album that everyone will love.

Here is the Music Video for When We Were Young - One of the songs off this Album

Here is the Spotify link to his profile...CHECK OUT ALL OF HIS MUSIC!! I am sure if you are a watcher of Taiwanese dramas, you will hear some that you recognize:

Have you heard of Eric Chou before? Did you find Eric Chou through this post? What do you think of his songs and sound? Do you have a favorite song of his yet?

Let me know what you think in the comments below or on my social media accounts


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