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Since I have been spending ALL OF TODAY - which happens to be HALLOWEEN listening to DREAMCATCHER, it is only fair that I do a Music Monday post on one of my FAVORITE GIRL KPOP GROUPS! Also, who else would I choose talk about at the end of October BECAUSE HALLOWEEN IS SO THEIR HOLIDAY! A lot of the group's music videos have horror concepts.

Dreamcatcher debuted in 2017 and I HAVE LOVED THEM SINCE DEBUT! What makes them stand out is that they incorporate rock elements into a lot of their music. Recently they have also experimented with some electronic elements in their music WHICH I LOVE! Electronic music has always been a favorite of mine as well. SO, to have a girl group who goes against the grain and makes music unique to the kpop world - THEY ARE IMMEDIATELY GOING TO BECOME ONE OF MY FAVORITE GIRL GROUPS! A lot of people, when they first listen to a Dreamcatcher song say it reminds them of Jpop/Anime title tracks which is true because it has a rock sound in the songs which is popular in Japanese music.

Since debut, Dreamcatcher has released 2 FULL albums (1 Korean and 1 Japanese), 7 EPs and 6 Singles. These EPs and Singles are both Korean and Japanese EPs and Singles. The count might be a little off but I think this is right. A couple of their singles, including their song 'R.o.S.E BLUE' that was released this year, have been used as OSTs in mobile games. Here is the MV for R.o.S.E BLUE.

If you have never checked out Dreamcatcher out before, I mean you can't really go wrong with listening to any of their music. I would recommend either start out with their most recent comeback 'BOCA' which is AMAZING! I am addicted to this song and EP or their first full Korean Album. Why do I recommend their Full album? I think if you listen to the album, you get a feel of what their sound is and you have a lot of different songs to discover their style.

Here is the MV for 'BOCA' which has more of a fantasy feel than horror to the mv

Here is the MV for 'Scream' which was the title track for Dreamcatcher's Korean Full Album - "Dystopia: The Tree of Language"

Their mv for 'YOU AND I' showcases more of the horror aspect of their mvs just to give you an idea of what I mean when I say they incorporate horror elements into a lot of their mvs. "YOU AND I" incorporates spiders and possession.

Here is the SPOTIFY link for DREAMCATCHER - go check out their ENTIRE discography!

Have you listened to DREAMCATCHER before? Now that you have watched some of their mvs and listened to some of their songs, what do you think?


Let me know that you think in the comments below or on my social media accounts.


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