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I have always been that drama watcher who would look at daily/weekender Korean dramas and want to watch them. I was always curious about how the daily dramas were and if they were different or the same than other Korean dramas. Well, late last year, I took the plunge AND COMPLETED MY FIRST DAILY DRAMA THIS MONTH!

A Man in a Veil

So how did I go from avoiding the daily dramas to finishing my first daily drama this month? Let me tell you IT TOOK YEARS! I have been watching dramas for over 10 years now. I started with Kdramas, added to Cdramas, Tdramas were next and then eventually Jdramas, Thai dramas and everything else. What I still had not tried was a daily Kdrama.

That doesn't mean I didn't try to watch a daily Kdrama. I just wasn't successful in finishing any of the daily Kdramas I started.

What were some reasons why I didn't try a daily Kdrama for many years? The episode count, FOR SURE, intimidated me. I now think that is crazy because I could watch a Cdrama with 50+ episodes just fine but I wouldn't watch a daily drama with just as many episodes or more. I always found that part funny for me because it was stupid for me to avoid them for that reason. I think I also avoided the daily dramas because how the episodes are released. To watch an episode a day, Monday-Friday, seemed like a lot to me. Sort of crazy for me to think like this now looking back.

It was a lot of hit and misses for me. I would start a daily drama, get distracted by other dramas and eventually would end up dropping the daily drama because I got too far behind in episodes. The structure of these daily dramas takes some getting used too. Because the episodes and stories last over months, the story is spread out so some episodes are more exciting than others. When you are a Kdrama watcher, used to 16-episode dramas, this takes some getting used too. I would drop daily dramas when I got bored and didn't stick with them, even though the story might have picked up in a few episodes again.

Miss Montecristo

Another reason why I kept dropping the daily Kdramas I had tried in the past was the subject matter and topics of the drama. I wanted to watch some of the daily dramas because they were popular and loved by a lot of other drama watchers. So, I would start them and just get bored. After a few starts and stops of daily dramas, I've learned that daily dramas with murder/revenge stories keep my interest better than family dramas. I have learned that I need to pick daily Kdramas that will keep my interest and not just the ones that other people are loving. If I don't do this, I will drop them.

Another thing that helped me be successful in FINALLY finishing a daily Kdrama is I HAD WATCH BUDDIES! We all decided to band together, start a group chat and help each other finish a daily Kdrama. LET ME TELL YOU, I don't know if it is just me, BUT IT HELPED A LOT! I don't know why but it just seemed so much easier to finish this daily Kdrama when I knew other people were watching it with me. I had this group to rant and rave about it WHICH MADE IT DO MUCH FUN TO WATCH! 😂

Now it might just be because last year was 2020 and I had a lot more time on my hands. Maybe I was ready to finish my first daily Kdrama. I FINALLY DID IT. I watched A Man in a Veil as it aired AND FINISHED IT THIS MONTH! Because I enjoyed the experience of watching the daily drama and HOW CRAZY OF A RIDE IT WAS, I can tell that I probably will be watching at least 1 daily drama at all times now. 😂 YES, I HAVE BECOME ADDICTED!

My Father is Strange

Do you watch Daily Kdramas? Do you have any favorites that you think I should check out? How long have you been watching daily Kdramas?




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