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Well, I said I would keep my list under control and it was working for a while. NOT ANYMORE! I have LITERALLY started multiple dramas this week. So, there is going to be a lot of changes in this month's post compared to the last MY WATCHLIST post I wrote.

Remember if I put *ADDICTED* next to any drama, that means I AM LOVING THE DRAMA!


You Are My Spring (*ADDICTED*) - I am a HUGE fan of Kim Dong Wook so I am REALLY glad people told me to watch this drama. I originally was going to pass on it because I wasn't in a romance mood BUT THEN MURDER BECAME A PART OF THE STORY!! I was all in AFTER THAT! This drama has all the genres covered and I am LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT! I am a little behind by a couple of weeks but still plan on finishing it in the next week or so. The cast is great. The story is engaging. It gives me a little Find Me in Your Memory vibes which I love.

Check Out the Event - If this was a 16-episode drama, I honestly would have passed on it. I love Kwon Hwa Woon but a straight up rom-com just isn't my cup of tea. I am glad it is only 4 episodes because of 2 reasons. One reason, I get to see Kwon Hwa Woon play a different role that I have never seen him do. It is always refreshing to see an actor you like play a new role. The 2nd reason why I like that this drama is only 4 episodes is because I ABSOLUTELY HATE the female lead character. What her character did in episode 1 just annoyed me so much on SO MANY LEVELS! If it was a 16-episode drama, I would FOR SURE have dropped it after episode 1 but I am intrigued to see where the drama will go. I hope I like the female lead character more but we will have to see.

Girls Planet 999 - This is my first time watching any type of kpop group creation competition show as it airs. It is fun because I have a whole group chat on twitter going and everything. It is going to get harder for me as time goes on because I will become more invested and the show will start cutting girls to get to the number of members they want in the final group. I also LOVE the host and judges they have for this show.

Miss Montecristo - THANK GOD I AM ALMOST DONE WITH THIS DRAMA! I am not hating it but the revenge part of the story SURE IS DRAGGING! I have about 15 episodes left so I will be finishing this before the end of the month. I know that I will get my desired couple by the end of the drama so I am happy about that. It just seems like the bad guys always have the upper hand in this drama and people are always switching sides. I needed some balance in the revenge story.

The Road: The Tragedy of One - I am so happy I decided to watch this one. I was on the fence about it. It grabbed me from the very beginning. Everyone is suspicious and I have no idea where the story is going. I always love when I can't predict something in a crime drama. I will say, the episodes are a little long for me. THE CAST IS AMAZING! We have a lot of heavy hitters in this cast AND THEY ARE DOING AN AMAZING JOB! I hope we get a lot of twists in the story as we watch more.


One and Only (*ADDICTED*) - This drama has been one of my MOST anticipated dramas of 2021 AND SO FAR, HAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!! I know I always say that I am never going to watch cdramas as they air...WELL I MADE AN EXCEPTION FOR THIS DRAMA! Granted, I am already behind on episodes BUT I STILL HAVE WATCHED 6 EPISODES! I never pass up watching Ren Jia Lun in historical costume (or any drama for that matter because he is one of my favorites) AND HE IS DOING AMAZING! He has such great chemistry with Bai Lu. This is honestly my first drama with Bai Lu (I KNOW I KNOW - HOW!!?) but I am liking her a lot. I am bracing for the sadness this drama will bring but I am enjoying this drama IMMENSELY! The drama is JUST BEAUTIFUL as well.

Stealth Walker - This drama was another drama that was not on my radar at all. There were a couple of people on twitter who pointed it out to me and said I would enjoy it a lot. SO, I TOOK THEIR ADVICE AND STARTED IT! They were not wrong so far. I don't know most of the actors/actresses in it except for Li Zi Feng but I like that. The female lead seems smart and I like that she has guts. I haven't watched a lot of episodes yet so the 2 main leads who I assume will become a couple eventually have not even met yet BUT I AM INTRIGUED!

Word of Honor (*ADDICTED*) - YES! I KNOW! I am now just starting to watch this drama. I never watched it as it aired. Given what has happened in Cdramaland in the last couple of weeks, I figured I should probably start it and finish it sooner rather than later 😂. I have watched about 5 episodes so far and I can see why so many people loved this drama. It is witty and fun. The leads have great chemistry and work well together on screen. There are a couple of characters I am unsure if I like yet. I LOVE THE FIGHT SCENES! I am enjoying this one a lot so I am glad I started it FINALLY!


Someday or One Day - Another drama that I should have already watched and that has been on my list FOREVER! I have watched the first 2 episodes and like it a lot. I honestly am a bit confused on the story but that is ok. I am told that is not uncommon. There is a lot of talent in this drama so I am excited to watch more and learn more about the plot.

THERE YOU HAVE IT! I took the time and got some dramas off my list that had been there FOREVER! I hope to finish some of these soon and get others on this list. Hopefully none stay on the list for long. WE WILL SEE NEXT MONTH!





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