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What did I start? What did I finish? What am I liking? What am I disliking?

I am adding a new thing to this month's post which I will use from now on. I am going to put *ADDICTED* next to the dramas I AM ADDICTED TOO! Just to give EXTRA emphasis to the dramas that I am REALLY enjoying.

The Uncanny Counter


A Man in A Veil - This drama continues to be MAKJANG goodness. You have evil characters that you can't wait to see their downfall. You have characters that you want to see get together and live happily ever after. You want ALL THE SECRETS TO BE REVEALED because we all know there are SO MANY! I am really enjoying this daily drama and I like that is my first one I am attempting to watch.

Awaken (*ADDICTED*) - I look forward to new episodes of this drama EVERY WEEK! I have SO MANY THEORIES for where this story is going. The cast has AWESOME chemistry. I think there are powers involved WHICH WILL BE FANTASTIC! I just am so excited to watch and talk about this drama EVERY WEEK!

Cheat on Me, If You Can - This drama has an interesting concept. I like it so far. I think the female lead is my favorite because she is eccentric and you never know what she is going to do. I love the type of humor in this drama. I REALLY WANT A NOONA ROMANCE IN THIS DRAMA! I don't think it is going to happen but I am excited to see where this drama is going to go in the future.

Mask - I still haven't watched more episodes but I AM NOT DROPPING IT! I will finish this drama probably in 2021 at this point.

Phoenix 2020 - I am not liking the female lead right now in this drama. She wants to be away from her family and have her own ideas because she finds her family suffocating. The next thing she does though is just like what her rich family would do so I just find that she is two face and a liar. I am ready for her family to fall from grace at this point which I think will happen soon. LET THE CRAZINESS START TO HAPPEN!

The Goddess of Revenge - I am really liking the team in this one. I am a little behind on the episodes for this but THIS IS MY KIND OF DRAMA! I am looking forward to see more revenge happen and for secrets to be revealed.

The Uncanny Counter(*ADDICTED*) - I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS DRAMA! I love the little team of counters. FOUND FAMILY GALORE WITH THIS DRAMA! I love all the fight scenes - the fight choreo is SO GOOD IN THIS DRAMA! I am so excited every week to watch more episodes and to see what happens next.

True Beauty - This one has surprised me so far. It definitely has some cringey moments that are not for me. The concept is something that shouldn't be working for me AND YET...I am liking this one so far. Now I have not read the manga at all so I don't know how accurate this kdrama will be to the source material. Side note - BEAUTIFUL LIGHTING AND CAMERA ANGLES!

Wish You - Your Melody in My Heart - This is just a sweet, cute drama. It is nice to be watching with everything else I am watching. I like how the two main leads meet and I am excited to see how their relationship grows and evolves for the rest of the episodes. It is very quick to watch which is nice too.

Psych Hunter


Candle in The Tomb: The Weasel Grave - Still on the back burner - probably will finish it in 2021 at this point.

Hikaru No Go(*ADDICTED*) - I LOVE THIS DRAMA! I am behind on the episodes for ONE REASON and ONE REASON ONLY - I don't want to say goodbye. I just love all the relationships and I have found new actors to follow to more dramas. It is just a nice cozy drama to watch over the holidays and I am going to be VERY SAD when I finally have to say goodbye to this drama.

New Face - I started this drama because it had an interesting concept. I am not that far into it but I like what I have seen so far. I am curious to see how this story unfolds and who becomes allies to figure out the mystery.

Psych Hunter(*ADDICTED*) - You got supernatural elements. You got a badass female cop who can fight. You got mysteries. WELL, I AM IN! I love these types of dramas and man it is just so entertaining to watch. I think the acting is great and the cast has great chemistry. I was excited to see Bambi Zhu and Hou Ming Hao in a new drama. It is a nice, easy watch with unique story elements. I am REALLY enjoying this one.

Noble Aspirations - Another drama that I will probably not finish until 2021 at this point.

Shanai Marriage Honey


Cherry Magic(*ADDICTED*) - I am going to be SO SAD when this drama ends this month. It has been a drama I look forward to every week. I love the 2 relationships in this drama and the growth we have seen in both. I even ordered the Manga for this drama because I am enjoying it so much which is RARE for me. I am curious how this drama is going to end because we only have 2 more episodes.

Shanai Marriage Honey - I am so glad that I was peer pressured into watching this drama. I am a sucker for contract marriage tropes so this drama is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY! There are times that I think the female is TOO cute for my liking but I want to know more about both their backstories. I like the couple together and I am curious to see more of their relationship in future episodes. I am still suspicious of the male lead because we still don't know MUCH about him. I am TOTALLY expecting exes to appear at some point (granted the female lead's ex has already shown up once.)



Wacko at Law - I love the cast of this drama. It is nice to see George Hu again in a drama. I like the team and how they are going to be crusaders in helping people (well so far in what I have seen). I am hoping George Hu's character will find out more about the female lead soon since they seem to have history. I can also see this drama maybe having a sad ending due to some theories that I have BUT WE WILL SEE!

The Devil Punisher - This might not have the highest budget BUT MAN IT IS ENTERTAINING! I love the supernatural/fantasy element of the drama. I think the two leads have great chemistry so this drama is just a good time.

Detention - Don't ask me why I clicked play on this drama HAHA! It is horror and man I definitely got scared a couple of times. I am curious to learn more and watch more but I definitely will be doing it when it is light out or with the lights on. BEAUTIFUL CINEMATOGRAPHY! - This drama has such an interesting concept for a drama and it is a crime drama SO YOU KNOW I WAS GOING TO CLICK PLAY! I like the cast too in this one. This cast has multiple actors and actresses that I have seen in other dramas. The first case was intriguing and I want to watch more! It is one of those dramas that you just never know what is going to come next WHICH YOU KNOW I LOVE!

Tonhon Chonlatee


Tonhon Chonlatee - Tonhon is annoying me in this drama. I am behind but he needs to be clued in on a few things and grow up. I hop his character changes soon. I like the supporting cast and Chonlatee A LOT MORE in this drama so far.

Gen Y(*ADDICTED*) - I can feel the angst coming in this drama because I am enjoying it TOO MUCH! I like all the couples and I think they are great together so I am expecting breakups to happen soon HAHA! One thing I need to happen though is for Padbok to cool it and keep his temper in check. I need the drama to reveal why he has a beef with Thanu because he is INTENSE! ALSO, WHY DOES PHA EXIST!?

Manner of Death(*ADDICTED*) - What can I say about this drama? I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! The chemistry between the leads is AWESOME! I love that you can take out the leads and replace them with anyone (no matter the gender) and it would still be a great story. The mystery and story are intriguing and has me guessing and making theories. The cinematography is beautiful. I am enjoying this drama SO MUCH! EVERYONE IS A SUSPECT!

My Engineer - I will pick this drama back up in 2021 and finish it then.




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