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I DID IT!! For the most part, I cleared out my current watchlist. I finished dramas that had been sitting in my watchlist since 2021. That is what I did in January and IT WORKED! I now have mostly all new dramas on my current watchlist except for a couple of lingering ones. How are your current watchlists looking? Are you overwhelmed by how much you are watching? Are you underwhelmed where you have nothing to watch? Maybe you can get some new ideas from what I am currently watching.

Remember if I put *ADDICTED* next to any drama, that means I AM LOVING THE DRAMA!


Semantic Error - I just started Semantic Error this past week. I am not that far into it. I am liking it. You can tell that it is a high-quality production. The leads have good chemistry. I am curious to find out more about the 2 leads, especially Chu Sang Woo. I have not read the webtoon that this drama is based off of so, I am just going on what I see in the drama. I think this will be a nice, easy watch.

All of Us Are Dead - THIS DRAMA IS STRESSFUL! I have 2 episodes left. I know more is coming. I love that I can't predict what is going to happen. I also like that while some of the parts of this story is familiar within the zombie genre, other parts are new and refreshing. I think it has found its own little place within the zombie genre for sure. ALSO WHY ARE THE ADULTS SO HORRIBLE IN THIS DRAMA! Not all of the adults of course BUT A LOT ARE HORRIBLE! It clearly is showing how the adults have failed the characters in this drama.

First Love Again - This drama is just so cute. I am not far in it because I have only watched the first episode. One thing I like about these Korean BL dramas is that the stories are sometime so creative. Who would have thought of a reincarnation BL drama but one of the love interests have switched genders with its' 3rd reincarnation? 😂 Or to have like a gumiho fairy godmother. That is just SO CREATIVE and FUN! I am curious to see where this story is going to go, and I am just along for the ride because it is fun.

Forecasting Love and Weather - I wasn't going to watch this and then I was drawn in. I am a sucker for office romances and then I am also a sucker for Noona romances. I HAD TO WATCH THIS ONE! Since the story does take place in the office of the National Weather service, I also find this drama interesting because it shows us a window into that job. I liked the first 2 episodes. I love that we already have drama, and I am excited to see what happens next. I hope we get some dangerous situations with the weather.

Kissable Lips - WHY HAS IT TAKEN SO LONG TO HAVE A VAMPIRE BL!? It isn't the best quality or the best acting ever BUT it is cute and enjoyable. It is a nice and easy watch. I NEED MORE VAMPIRE DRAMAS IN GENERAL!

Moonshine - I am still watching this one because it has been delayed due to the Olympics and New Year. I still am liking it as well. It is nice to have this drama mixed in with what else I am watching. I love the leads and they have great chemistry. I am curious about both the main characters' back stories. We know both of their families had a tragic end, but I have a feeling that they are connected somehow. WE WILL SEE!!

Second Husband (*ADDICTED*) - IM OBSESSED WITH THIS DRAMA!! I love all the twists and turns. THE LEADS HAVE SO MUCH CHEMISTRY!!🔥🔥 I hope they have a happy ending because if they don't, I AM GOING TO BE DO MAD!! I need to watch some of these actors in other dramas after this because I need to have more time with them on my screen. We will see what I can dig up. I have a long way to go to finish this drama because it was extended 30 episodes, but I AM ENJOYING THIS SO MUCH!

Thirty-Nine - I started this one in the past week and it definitely is not what I was expecting. I can tell there is going to be A LOT of emotions with this one. I have only watched the first episode and DAMN; I can already tell from the first episode that this drama is going to put us through the ringer FOR SURE! I was expecting like a lovely 3 couple romance drama but NOPE THE FIRST SCENE WAS A FUNERAL! 😂 I don't know whose funeral, but I was not expecting it. I love the best friends and I am curious how the couples will develop so I am DEFINITELY invested in this one for now.


In Your Heart - I started this one because it is a short and easy watch. I have only watched the first 2 episodes so far. Is it the best drama ever? No, it isn't. Is it the highest quality drama ever? No, it isn't. Is it the best acting ever? No, it isn't. I am enjoying it though. It sort of reminds me of a low budget indie drama. There is something unique about it. I am curious to see how it develops.


Fishbowl Wives (*ADDICTED*) - THIS DRAMA!! I thought I knew what I was getting into when I clicked play. For one part of the story, I got what I was expecting BUT it is so much more than what I was expecting. I LOVE IT!! I love that it explores multiple couples and their issues. I love that there is drama. There are definitely characters that are horrible. It is one of those dramas where you think you have seen everything and then it goes one step further. I love the cinematography, colors and lighting in this drama too. Trigger warning for domestic violence and cheating.

That is what I am currently watching! I am going to be finishing up some of these dramas over the next few days so this list will be different next month WHICH IS FANTASTIC! Did something catch your eye that you added to your plan to watch list?




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