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There has been A LOT of changes on "MY WATCHLIST" for the month of March. I FINALLY finished one of the 2 dramas I have needed to finish since 2022. I really need to finish the other one already but that is a discussion for another time. I also added a lot of new things onto my watchlist. So, I have lots of variety on my watchlist currently. Honestly, I probably am watching WAY TOO MUCH right now. I am definitely over my limit that I wanted to stay at in 2023.

Remember if I put *ADDICTED* next to any drama, that means I AM LOVING THE DRAMA!


Unintentional Love Story (*ADDICTED*) - DUDE! I was excited for this drama when it was announced BUT MAN EVEN THIS HAS EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS! I was first excited for this drama because of the leads Cha Seo Won and Gongchan. Both are great actors and deserve more roles in dramas. I also was glad to see Won Tae Min in another drama. CHA SEO WON AND GONGCHAN'S CHEMISTRY IS OFF THE CHARTS!! I think these 2 roles fit them so well and I am excited to see more of this story. I will say I am not a big fan of the trope of a relationship starting off with secrets from the start BUT I am also curious to see some of these secrets and mystery to be revealed. Cha Seo Won's character is shrouded in mystery and I am so curious what his character's story is. This drama also has 30 min long episodes. I think it is the longest BL Kdrama so far but I could be wrong on that.

The Witch's Game - Starting up my daily drama again after putting it on the backburner. I watched more episodes and I still have a long way to go. This is your typical daily drama though. There will be lots of secrets, cheating and makjang moments and I AM HERE FOR IT ALL!

Taxi Driver Season 2 (*ADDICTED*) - I am so happy to be watching another season of Taxi Driver! I am so happy to be back with this group of characters. Lee Je Hoon is just as great in this season as he was in Season 1. I love finding out what character he is going to dress up with next. I will say, a lot of these cases are still hard to watch because of the subject matter just like Season 1. I would not mind if they keep making seasons of this drama. I know I am in the minority for this.

Our Dating Sim - I started multiple of the Korean BL dramas this month. I like some more than others but I am enjoying all of the ones I am watching for various reasons. Our Dating Sim I like because the two leads have great chemistry. I also love that both characters are straight forward. We already have love confessions from both of them and I have only watched 4 episodes. I am also a sucker for the couples made up of the quiet introvert and the loud, outgoing person.

Oasis - I know this is normally not the type of drama I usually watch. Jang Dong Yoon is one of my favorite actors so, I will watch him in anything. Given the time period, I am ready to cry my eyes out by the end of this drama. I am actually surprised I have not cried yet. I am surprised the historical significance of the setting isn't a bigger part of the story so far in the episodes I have seen. You have seen it creep into side characters and small snippets of the main leads but overall, the story has been about the main trio's relationship. How they met to what happens for their relationship to fall apart. Now, this drama will span many years so, I am sure the historical setting will become a more important part coming up. WHAT I NEED THIS DRAMA TO DO THOUGH - to become a revenge drama. I NEED JANG DONG YOON'S CHARACTER TO BECOME THE COUNT OF MONTECRISTO! Like the gangster version of the Count of Monteocristo.

A Shoulder to Cry On - I mainly am watching this one for the actors. I have to support my Omega-X boys. I also watch BL dramas to support the fact that these are love stories about gay love because we always need more representation. I will say I am mixed on this drama. The acting is great. I like that these 2 leads seem to have a comfortable chemistry and are naturally drawn to each other. I don't mind the troublemaker and the strait-laced person getting together as a couple. This is a common trope. What I have a little issue with is the writing. The first episode, the troublemaker is "teasing" the straight laced lead but I think he went too far. The writing seems to take this to the cusp of bullying in my opinion. Now nothing compared to like The Glory bullying but I just thought this was a little more than just teasing. I am intrigued though because it seems like these two characters will have some emotional depth to them. There are deeper reasons and emotions under these 2 leads facades and I am excited to see this relationship explore these deeper emotions and allow the two leads to grow and learn from it.


Boys Planet - I started this Kvariety show. I am only up to episode 4 so, I am not caught up with all of the episodes. There hasn't been an elimination yet and I already know it will be heartbreaking to watch. I have many favorites so; it will be interesting to see how my top choices change and if any are eliminated.


Love Me If You Dare - This is the first drama I picked off my ON-HOLD list to complete or drop. It is part of my "TEA & SOJU ON-HOLD CHALLENGE" which you can read about here. I have one question now that I am watching this drama again. WHY DID I EVER DROP THIS DRAMA!? Maybe it is because I know how it ends...I still am enjoying it a lot and I just keep thinking I should have just finished this drama. As of right now, I do plan on completing this drama for the challenge and get it off my ON-HOLD List.

Love Like the Galaxy Part 1- I restarted this drama and rewatched the episodes I had already seen. I am now all caught up on these episodes and remember what was going on in the drama. Now, I just need to continue watching it and FINALLY finish this first part and continue on watching the second part of this drama. IT IS ABOUT TIME I DID THIS!


INFORMA - I haven't watched a Jdrama in a while. INFORMA came up on my Coming Soon to NETFLIX page so, I thought I would give it a try. I like it so far. It has short episodes and it is a crime drama which I always love. There are multiple mysteries going on which keeps things interesting. I like the dynamic our two leads have. It definitely opens with a dark scene. There are some dark crime scenes in this drama so, trigger warning for that but I have also seen worse. I am curious to finish this drama this weekend and see how it ends.


Midnight Museum (*ADDICTED*) - I SHOULD HAVE WAITED FOR ALL THESE EPISODES TO BE RELEASED BEFORE I STARTED THIS DRAMA! I am OBSESSED with this drama. I can't wait for new episodes every week. I love the fantasy and magic behind each story and episodes. Tor and Gun's chemistry is OFF THE CHARTS and it says it isn't even a BL drama. I am curious what these two relationship is. There is so much mystery with their history and relationship, I JUST NEED TO KNOW MORE! Tor and Gun are acting THEIR BUTTS OFF in this drama. I love Tor and how he acts with so much emotion in his eyes and he is doing the same in this drama. I have never seen Gun in a drama before BUT NOW I need to watch some of his other dramas because HE IS SUCH A GOOD ACTOR!

Chains of Heart - I started this drama and I liked the first couple of episodes. I am a little behind so, I have not seen the newest episodes. I like the leads together but I really need either Ken to get over his love of Din to Be with Talu OR I need Talu to be Din after plastic surgery. Both of the lead actors have great chemistry so, I want more scenes of them together. Talu has a lot of mystery with his backstory so, it will be fun to learn more about his character. I also love that I can't predict anything going on in this story. It keeps it interesting. I will say - KEN IS GETTING ATTACKED A LOT! 😂

That is what I am currently watching in the month of March. Are you watching some of the same dramas I am currently watching? Do you agree with my opinions? Every month seems to bring more dramas that I want to watch which I guess is good for us drama watchers. we always have a drama to watch. I need to get this list down to the number I am trying to keep it at in 2023 so, we will see how this list looks in April.





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